The Ranger/Summoner is a build strategy that can be applied to several char classes. It combines the damage output of the ranger builds with the safety of the summoner builds. Central to this build is having a high lvl offensive aura oskill like Might, which helps both the ranged damage and the summons. Since no char class has both good summons and good ranged skills at the same time, its necessary to cover the deficiencies with oskills.


For most ranger/summoner builds, its best to invest all points in dex.

Energy can be an option for elemental ranged attackers (Venom, Enchant, Holy Auras) and also benefits the summons.

Strength can be gained from charms and jewels

Life can be dstoned and tinkered on endgame equip.


Basically all classes with either summons or good ranged skills can be developed into ranger/summoners, but since most good ranged skills are gimped as oskills, its better to use ranger chars. Pros and Cons of the classes:

  • Barb
    Very good ranged skills (phantom hatchets, double throw, throwing mastery), very good passives(Warcries, Passives), few summons. Build suggestion: Double Throw/Phantom Hatchets with 18 points in Battle Commands and dual Skeleton Arm on weapon switch.
  • Zon
    Very good ranged skills (strafe, multishot, pierce), good passives, few summons. Crucial point is to get more summons.
  • Assassin
    Decent ranged skill (Shuriken), good passives (Venom, Shade armor), few but powerful summons(Shadow Masters, Summoning Mastery). As with Amazon its crucial to get more summons.
  • Necro
    No ranged skills, curses, very good summons. Main problem is getting a good ranged attack going, note there is an unique necro head with Phantom Hatchets oskill.
  • Druid
    No ranged skills, spirits, good summons. Biggest problem: cant use ranged attacks in wereform. Not recommended, since a necro has better summons and no wereform problem.
  • Paladin
    Bad ranged skills, mediocre summons, Auras. Build suggestion: Holy Aura with Shuriken and Phantom Hatchets, all Energy, summons only as meatshields.
  • Sorceress
    No ranged skills, no summons. The only viable build seems to be a Shuriken Enchantress.


Use the summons, ranged and passive skills of the class, and make up holes in the build with oskills


  • Ranged:
    Phantom Hatchets (only on uniques)
    Throwing Mastery
  • Passive:
    Battle Orders
    Burst of Speed
  • Summons
    Summon Revive (only on runeword)
    Summon Skeleton
    Shadow Master
    Summon Anointed Bear
    Summon Elemental


Items should be + all skills forged as possible to boost all the oskills.

  • DualMax ranged weapon
    Etheral throwing weapons are only viable for Shuriken, as Double Throw and Phantom Hatchets deplete ammunition too quickly.
  • High lvl Aura oskill
    Might or Fanatism, depending on Merc. From Gloves, Boots, Belt and/or Jewelry
  • Ctc curse
    Amplify Damage or Decrepify, from jewelry or uniques/sets/runewords
  • Pierce
    From oskill or dstoning jewelry
  • Slows target
    From uniques, runewords or topaz melding on gloves
  • lots of Auras on equip
    Mostly on merc gear

Highlight Items

  • Sorrow RW armor
    ctc Decrepify, Slow, Thorns aura on Equip
  • Captive RW odd charm
    oskill Revive
  • Arm of the Skeleton
    high lvl Skeleton, Vampire and Skeleton Mastery oskill. Ideal on switch.


Two options here:

  • A2 Might or Concentration merc
    for even more ranged and summon damage
  • A1 Rogue merc
    for another source of ranged damage

Hirelings should have lots of auras on equip:

  • Aurora Weapon
  • Aurora Circlet
  • Atlastrust or Fox RW or Sorrow RW
  • Hermes Gift
  • Annihilation or Concentration forged Ammy


  • Blade Fury is definitely inferior to Strafe/Shuriken or Multishot/Phantom Hatchets. -- goeido 07-23-2008 (Wed) 22:24:25
  • Regarding Necro: there's Blade Fury, which something like Poison Stream. It is definitely something to consider: a native necro skill, weapon dependent, pretty fast attack (and a fixed chance to hit?). I am wondering if it could work out to use it as a main attack skill in this kind of build. -- Audaces? 06-28-2008 (Sat) 08:05:21

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