This is the workspace for Runetool update.

Runetool Text file from N10B [Link also at the bottom]

Note for Exporting/Importing MDB

This is what I found by trial and error.

  • Directly exporting to and importing from a text file seems not to work correctly.
  • Exporting to and importing from an Excel file seems to work.
  1. Export the MDB to an Excel 2003 file (.xls).
  2. Export the Excel file to a CSV file, and edit it with a text editor.
  3. Open the CSV file by Excel.
  4. Copy and paste all lines but the header to the previous Excel file.
  5. Delete the "RuneWords" table in the MDB.
  6. Import the Excel file to the MDB, as a table "RuneWords".


mdb for R2E (upcoming version) (Sep. 25, 2006. Fixed the description of Nature's Kingdom)

Contains a file "newRuneWords.mdb".
Please test it by replacing with the old "newRuneWords.mdb" in the Runetool folder.

Additional Info to the Readme

(An explanation like following sentences would be added to the readme. Stabby, please edit as you like.)

"runename *" in the list means that runeword accepts (or requires) an extra Jewel.
Runetool can't search the runeword with a jewel by the socket number correctly.
For example, Stone with an extra jewel is for "3 socket", but is only hit when searched by "2 socket".
Most of the runewords with a jewel are for Body Armor and Shields (The only exception is Nature's Kingdom for 2H Weapons).
When you search Body Armor/Shield runewords, please also check the words with one less socket and an asterisk.

"Other" checkbox matches the runewords for Charms and Quivers.


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