S Series Planning And Development

Phrozen Keep Input Thread

Overall Philosophy and Goals of S Series

Keeping the best of the R Series, throwing out the unattractive/unnecessary parts, and adding new, fresh ideas. That’s what S1 will be in a nutshell. Breaking compatibility with previous patches will probably be easier on Unknown if he doesn't have to worry about how things must gel with the last patch. Polls will be taken for compatibility breaking as well as moving the mod to a Windows-only release.

If it’s decided compatibility will be broken this will obviously impact the many tournament players involved in the current Heptad, as well as the handful of other players in other events. We’ll deal with this issue as it arises, but it should not be too much of a problem — a two or three month notice can be issued once Unknown has a firm idea of when S1 gets the green light for release. And when S1 is finally released, another Heptad can begin.

Target Release Date — January 2012

Let's Begin at the Beginning

Initial recommendations for the S patch revolve around the beginning of a new game and the first hour or so of play — Blood Moor and Den of Evil. Remove all bosspacks and Champion monsters completely from the Blood Moor. It's not balanced for a new character using only starter gear.

Eliminate the Noob Charm and Damage Augmentor. Unknown should be able to work his magic and somehow incorporate the bonuses offered on the Damage Augmentor straight into the game. I do like the idea of socketing Charms and I'd like to see more of it, but starting out with a freebie lvl 1 skill via the Noob Charm is not balanced. If there are no bosspacks and Champions in the Blood Moor, then a player can safely make a few clears to gain some skills before tackling the DOE.

There are plenty of Secret Recipes that probably need to be flushed and replaced with new ones. One possibility is a secret recipe to turn magic rings, amulets, and charms white. The white rings/ammys/charms could then be socketed and used for a whole new crop of runewords and gemwords targeted for those particular items. So, losing the Noob Charm really wouldn't be that bad if a player can be patient and hold out for making a white charm.


The general consensus is that the game is very balanced as is. But, Special Areas could use an increase in bosspacks and Champions. Another solid recommendation is to add new skills to certain groups of monsters to add new challenges to players. In other words, to make monsters tougher, don't just add the obvious life increase and more damage...give them a skill that's threatening like the Defilers, Beholders, and Shriekers — skills that make you think about strategy, not just keeping the finger on mouse to shoot.

Crystals/Null Rune/Kanji Runes

This is one of the few things that Tsuru implemented that really did not hit the mark. One thing that would help is a standardization of tiers.

The existing 6-tier gem structure is obviously proven and balanced, so there's no need to change it. It would be nice if the entire crystal system mirrored the gem tiers with required levels at: 1, 7, 14, 21, 28, and 35. Of course, if certain recipes are going to call for perfect crystals (243 chipped), then two things probably need to take place:

1. The current drop rate of Ores needs to be tripled;
2. Eliminate Stamina Shrines from the game and replace with Crystal Shrines (same effect as Gem Shrines).

Kanji Runewords. Let's just completely eliminate Null runes and expand the breadth of available Kanji runewords to more types of item slots. We can decide what other ingredients may make up Kanji runes besides crystals.

One exciting prospect with crystals is to tie certain crystals to classes, similar to how gems and d-stone types are attached to specific classes. The setup would be like this:
Shadow Quartz - Necromancer
Enigmatic Cinnabar - Assassin
Dark Azurite - Sorceress
Burning Sulphur - Druid
Tainted Tourmaline - Barbarian
Solid Mercury - Paladin
Tomb Jade - Amazon

Various recipes calling for certain grades of crystals, such as improved class crafts, class-based crystalwords, and super-elite (level 80+) sets would be implemented in line with this.


Keeping existing Sets at their current level requirement would be easiest, but adding more +All skills would make Sets more competitive with other equipment. There could be a standardization of Class/All Skill bonuses depending on the tier:

Lvl 1 Sets — +1 to Class skills.
Lvl 16 Sets — +1 to Class skills / +1 to All skills.
Lvl 30 Sets — +2 to Class skills / +1 to All skills.
Lvl 45 Sets — +2 to Class skills / +2 to All skills.
Lvl 55 Sets — +3 to Class skills / +2 to All skills.
Lvl 60 Sets — +3 to Class skills / +3 to All skills.
Lvl 70 Sets — +4 to Class skills / +4 to All skills.

Merc and Generic Sets need to be closely examined.

The S Series should include a new recipe to make Elite Set items (and Uniques). Also, offering a new recipe to base up Excetional Set items to Elite would provide more flexibility in mid-range Sets.

Super-elite sets -
High-level (80-90) sets designed as endgame equipment. These would be crafted in the cube, and would include special base item types with unique base damage/defense (numbers in line with ethereal equipment, in the case of weapons and torso armor, or otherwise distinctive, for most other types of armor) along with other special properties. Cube recipes would revolve around using special items, crafted using crystals, organs, and pgems, to break down and/or combine existing level 70 set items into reagent items. These items would then be used in conjunction with set scrolls (ancient scroll-type items found throughout Hell bonus areas) and a handful of other items (elixirs, pgems, maple leaves, things of this nature) to create the set.

LoD Stuff

The general feeling from players right now is that completely removing Coupons and Decals from ES would be a move in the right direction. It should not be too difficult to include some of the better, more powerful LoD runewords into the existing ES runeword system. Same thing with some of the LoD Uniques — if there are LoD Uniques that some players really want to see integrated, that should not be too difficult.

The one other LoD item that could be eliminated is the World Event. What may be even more challenging is to have a completely player-controlled event — as opposed to the randomness of the World Event. In other words, a player would have to sell the Devil's Food to spawn the ES event. The ES event could be a truly uber battle....something along the lines of Reporb and Reziarfg spawning simultaneously. Or Fatalstorm AND Metalspark. Maybe a good place for this would be the Valley of the Snakes since it has no function anyway.

  • Here you could catch up the Lod idea with those portal from the organs of ubers, to lead you to a special area with some really strong bosses dropping special items you cant find anywhere else. Those items could be some unique charms and/or special crafting materials for the planned high end sets. The items you need for opening a portal to this special area could be dropped by some super uniques that are already forgotten, like the mummy in one of the false tombs, this archer thing from the cave in Cold Plains and so on.
  • Moonie
  • Unfortuantly Red portals & new levels are (semi)hardcoded, work arounds could be done, I've already thought of one using the valley of the snakes & an eth item that has a charge to summon the uber monsters(this would mean each time still uses an item), this is sorta how median works, which I don't want to stray too close to(though I do know a way to much summonings more 'epic').(TheUnknownSoldier)
  • I am all in favour of removing & reworking the LoD stuff(decals + coupons kinda get a bit too much...), maybe coupons could become more coupon like, using x to redeem for items, ie: 1 + any item = a rare item of that type, 80% ilvl 3 = pgem, etc. but PerfectCell has alot of say on this(TheUnknownSoldier)

Specific Character Suggestions...

  • As a general note, I'm not in favor of mixing up the skill trees wholesale. Not because it's nessecarily a bad thing, but mainly because it is IMHO not "Eastern Sun"-ish, it doesn't fit the flavor of the mod. Play a different mod if you want to have completely rearranged skill trees and classes. -- Nameless
  • Of course, as a community we should respect and honor what previous ES modders have established, Nameless. But, where do you draw the line as to what "feels" Eastern Sun-ish? This is a democratic process where all of us are putting our heads together in hopes of moving the mod in a positive new direction. If a lot of players jump up and say, "Wait a minute...renaming the Sorceress trees is not a good idea," then, fine...that idea goes in the crapper and we move on. (Metro)
  • My point is that ES still has the same skill-tree setup as vanilla LoD (ignoring the fact that the Barb trees used to be mixed up, but IMHO that wasn't a shining example of modmanship and I'm glad it was reverted). Skills have been added, replaced or sometimes moved around, but the skill trees are still more or less the same as in vanilla. IMHO radically changing the skill trees of a class only makes sense if you change a lot of skills, which will obviously require a lot of testing and balancing. Even just moving skills around can be kind of unbalancing. If ALL the skills that a cookie-cutter melee Pally (Zeal, Holy Shield, Might, Fanat) needs are in one tree, then that makes him a lot more powerful than if the skills are spread over 2 or 3 trees. - Nameless
  • A general balance issue that has been touched on in the S series suggestions is the number of skills that benefit from +to (class) skills AT THE SAME TIME. I'm not talking about active (damage causing) skills but buffs/summons and utility skills. A class that has a lot of these benefits a lot more from +to skills than others. The relatively easy availiability of oskills in ES levels the playing field a little, but a well-equipped character will still have 10 to 20 more +CLASS skills than +ALL skills (simply because you can, for example, +Class forge unique charms and jewels, but not +All forge them). The Paladin is the absolutely worst class here, he has only 2 buff/summon skills (Holy Shield and Annointed Bear) in addition to the 2 active skills he'll use (skill and an aura). A Necro can have 7 different summons out at the same time, in addition to Bone Armor, a Druid also can have 7 summons as well as 4 buffs (Cyclone Armor, Winter Fury, Shapeshifting skill & mastery) and one chargeup. The barb has 8-9 buffs/passives and a summon. Possibly the worst offender here is the Assassin, since her Shadows benefit from the soft skill bonus to almost all her skills, at least that doesn't directly affect the 'sin herself. I think it would be good to try to close that gap a little. -- Nameless
  • Thats something I have never really thought of, maybe an oskill forging recipe might help this(and repalce AS 43(?) because +75% extra gold is a waste of an AS recipe imo), also certain skills such as aurae can have passive boni as well, but that might lead to problems(TheUnknownSoldier)


Amazon casters are currently very underpowered. A big problem is that she has no native skill that can be used on the LMB. I'd like to give her one or better two skills for LMB. Skills that could be replaced (Petrify, Eagle Eye (as it is, only one specific build can use it without uber gear, simply increase damage/synergies of other skills a bit), Guided or Legendary Arrow (I don't really see a need for both, replace with a less crippled Legendary Arrow), Viper Bite or Shadow Strike (again no need for both).

An idea, I don't know if this is possible: Let a caster use a few of the elemental javlin/bow skills as special oskills (they share skill level/damage) with the base skill. Since they don't actually use a javlin/bow, they wouldn't carry weapon damage, that would be balanced by a caster 'zon having a more caster oriented gear and stat setup.


Frost Traps: Much like the potions idea for the sorceress below, something needs to be done about the frost bomb's arcing flight path/projectile style. All this does is make things slow, hard to aim, and farking irritating to deal with. When's the last time you saw anyone using anything that uses that mechanic of flight for anything on a regular basis? There's a reason for that ;p
Traps... traps traps traps. Seriously, this needs help BAD. Not so much because the traps suck - they're not awful although some more variety/working on the frost bomb would be good. The REAL problem here is they do not benefit from: mana after kill, - enemy <elemental> resistance, + <elemental> skill damage, life after kill . This really needs to be fixed or traps will remain a completely pointless and neglected niche that no one touches. Anywhere near players 8, without being able to use mods like the above to get the damage to a decent point, traps are a joke. You can't even forge up for them hardly except for +skills, so what's the point? ****Traps need to benefit from anything and everything that spells do - they aren't real minions, you can't game mechanic them like minions and expect things to work**** Fix them, pretty please? I love the idea, I love traps in general - back when the XPac started I loved my trapper - until I realized I was crap on P8 "/

  • Traps do benefit from +% to elemental damage in Eastern Sun as far as I know. -- Hans
  • They appear to on the infamous LCS (lying character screen), however on actual testing they had no effect. Unless something's changed in R from previous versions regarding that it's the usual LCS bullshit and they don't actually gain anything. Maybe look into this to be sure one way or the other? Actually in general this seriously needs looking at - the whole issue of the character screen not reflecting reality at all in more than one situation. Perhaps when you're going through things, have a look when doing each skill to make sure the stats shown on the LCS actually reflect something remotely near the reality of the skill damage? -- Hraefn
    Claws: Just about every build you see is using martial arts or a katana. Just like LoD the claws have been shoved to the back of the bus due to low damage output. This really is not cool for a weapon class that's visually appealing, that has some very nice uniques, and some cool possiblities. Can we get some sort of update that makes dual wielding an actual viable thing to want to do again? -- Hraefn
  • Elemental Sins do use Claws since they depend more on elemental damage then physical damage. It would be nice to have one of the higher tier claws do more damage (greater bonus from Strength or Dexterity and a slightly greater base damage) The claw would be the slowest claw to use. -- Hans
  • Currently claws are ok for kickers, elemental MA builds, trappers and caster sins, because all of them don't care about weapon damage (much) and dual-wielding claws is a good option for them (both for +skills and claw blocking). Suggestions to make claws viable as physical damage weapons: Allow Iaiagiri and Dragon Blade to be used with claws (probably mostly useful if somebody wants to use a claw+shield setup), improve Dragon Claw, since its one of the few (physical damage) melee skills that can't be used with a 2h weapon, it would be ok to give it a bigger damage boost and possibly a small IAS boost as well (like Double Swing). Give a few claws a slow WSM (and corresponding bigger damage) or maybe add another claw type or two like that (using different animations, don't use just the Cestus look). -- Nameless
  • Sounds fine to me, I wasn't very clear in my previous statements. Yes I sort of wanted them to be useful to actually HIT something with, not just look pretty. The greater damage claws etc. would be nice solutions. And no no one likes the cestus look anyway. I'd imagine you could just throw the whole model out and no one would complain. They look clunky and silly. -- Hraefn
  • An issue with the shadows: Most often than not, if you have traps selected, they will use the traps a few times (this includes cold traps!) but decide to go and melee the enemy instead. This is where good claws come in handy; a shadow warrior copies the equipment types you have, so if you're wielding wrist swords, they're wielding wrist swords. Also, Trappers do benefit more using dual Suwayyahs than using a single battle dart in terms of d-stoning elemental damage. The LCS is... lying, though, in terms of the actual traps themselves (Lightning Sentry, Steam, Lava, Death). Was this ever fixed? -- Bastige/psycho2


The Sorceress needs a major overhaul — much more so than any other character. Here are 3 possible new Tabs:

Spells: Low level, mid level, and top elemental spells from the current Cold/Lightning/Fire Tabs. Eliminate the unneeded skills and keep the best ones. One Mastery could cover all elemental bases.

Transference: This tab would include skills such as Teleport, Energy Shield, and Soul Shiver. It would also encompass new natural Sorceress summons, Spirits, that benefit from hard points in certain spells.

The Spirits would also deal elemental damage and lower enemy resistance with hard points. Possible names could be: Snow Spirit (no one really likes the current Snow Spirit anyway), Vulcan Spirit, and Storm Spirit. To keep balance it's probably best that only one elemental Spirit can be summoned at a time. However, additional auxillary spirits could also be put into this tab benefitting the Sorceress in other important ways — mana regeneration, max life%, etc. This would reduce her need for outside oskills and total dependence on mercs.

Alchemy: These would be endgame worthy brews the Sorceress would throw. Important note: these thrown potions hit monsters much faster than the traditional slow, high-arching thrown animation, so a different type of animation is needed for the Alchemy tab skills. The damage of the various skills can cover the whole spectrum — the damage of the lvl 24 and lvl 30 skills need to be spectacular since these would likely be expensive Cube recipes — damage equal or higher to a high level elemental charge up release from Assassins.

In addition to straight AoE thrown potions, melee skills and long-lasting offensive potion buffs can be included in the Alchemy tab. A 3-element Fanatic Swing/Vengeance type skill would be perfect for a melee Sorceress. Other potion ideas would be a burst-of-speed type potion. A Potion of Strength could yield enhanced damage, and a Potion of Dexterity could net IAS and AR. The Sorceress should also boast a few decent defensive buffs, again, long-lasting effects from potions. And just as the Barb's Battle Command, Battle Orders, and Shout all stack, so should a few of the Sorceress' potion buffs. Her 3 current armor skills can be chopped down to one and put in the Alchemy tab.

  • I would prefer to replace a few redundant skills with better ones, rather than give the sorc a complete skill makeover: Skills to replace: Blaze, Fissure (or possibly Flame Wave), possibly Fireball (with 3 missiles Fire Bolt does almost anything Fireball does), Snow Spirit, one of the Armors. New/changed skills: One armor that stuns monsters (Shock Armor) and one that damages them (like Fire Armor), the damage needs to be buffed up a LOT, the damage could possibly have a small AoE (like Winter Fury). I would move the -Enemy resists mod to hard points from Synergy. Another melee skill, Vegeance type sounds good, possibly a throwing skill. One or more deffensive/crowd control skills, turn Snow Spirit into a Snow Golem, Ice Prison, stunning skill like War Cry. -- Nameless
  • A number of skills are basically useful, but let down by being too weak or not properly supported. Telekinesis, Lightninig Inferno, Lightning Hydra and Meteor Shower need better damage (some more, some less). Time Stop has a too short duration (in Hell) and too many monsters are immune to it. A Hydra skill works much better for the Necro, because he has meatshields who pin down monsters while he spams hydra, it doesn't work that well for a sorc.
  • Have to say as well that on the "Maybe too much" side of the fence, Immolation is really just stupidly ridiculously better than any other skill. What makes the immosorc the absolute default for running for any sort of item. I'd think you could make one pretty simple change that would at least chill things out a little bit. Change immo from being a circle of fireballs to just a circle of firebolts. I mean Cold Nova isn't a circle of glacial spikes ffs :) That would help even things out a good deal on that skill at least. -- Hraefn
  • While an Alchemy tab sounds interesting, I see a few problems. First, how is this going to work in practice. There are three possible ways to implement an "Alchemy" skill: 1) Make it a normal skill, that's just supposedly Alchemy. I don't see how replacing the "Fireball" skill with a "Fire Bomb" makes things any better. Same for using a "potion" for a buff. 2) The skill creates a potion (cube recipe), the effect of the potion depends on the user. Not really different from 1, except that it adds a major hassle to the process. 3) The skill creates a potion (cube recipe), the effect of the potion depends on the creator. Really bad, will make players create a "Potion bitch" character, that is a character whose only role is to create potions to be muled off. Even if you make the pots "Sorc only", then you'd still end up with people having a "Potion bitch" to add power to their other sorc characters. So, umm, yeah, draw your own conclusions. -- Nameless
  • I have played a lot of sorc so far and I really cant see, why a Sorc would need a complete overhaul. Sure there are a lot of skills, that are really useless, but if you take all those away and give the sorc new and useful skills, then the sorc wouldn t be much of a sorc anymore and moght become an uber class for having only good skills. My suggestion would be to eliminate some of the bad skills like Frost Nova, Blaze & co and replace those will decent skills but keep the trees.
    Cold could use some kind of Frost summon, so this summon can have an additional mastery or something like this. Fire just needs a replacement for Blaze - Fissue - Flame Wave, you could maybe add some skills based on throwables here. Barb also only got a handful of throwing skills, but you can still play a character based on that skills.
    And for lightning, I think lightning is pretty fine, the only skill, that is really useless is Lightning Hydra, it could be replaced by [crazy idea] some kind of lightning field ( similar to the little trap things the Assa throws on the ground ) which slows the enemy and deals some dmg. The other lightning skills are fine I guess, Charged Bolt and Chain Lightning are the major skills for killing, Inferno is good for Lightning Immunes, Lightning itself, uhm ok... a synergy and the rest are allrounder skills a sorc needs anyways.
    Another thing that might help the sorc, might be to change the "Armor"-skills, they are all the same, only looking different. My suggestion would be to give them different stats, Fire would become the "classic" Armor with Defense, maybe some damage reduction and attacker takes elemental damage, which could actually be improved, so you could feel there is something. Cold could become something similar to Fade, with resistance buff, maybe even some elemental damage boost and lightning would be something increasing Cast and Run Speed. - Moonie


If the Sorceress is needing the most changes of any character, then one could argue that the Barbarian probably needs the fewest tweaks. With so many passives, offensive and defensive buffs, and a truckload of Hell-viable combat skills, the Barb is truly a wonder.

But, the one thing that sticks out with the Barb is the huge number of one-point wonders he has. Other characters have their one-point wonders too, but the Barb has nearly 2 full trees chock full of them — War Cries and Combat Masteries. So, it would be nice to rework some of these one-pointers and make investing in them yield more gain then simply raising the skill level with soft points.

Vigor of the Ancients and Iron Skin just seem like too much of a good thing. With Shout and Battle Orders as good as they are, does the Barb need 2 more one-point wonders designed to raise his life and defense?


By Malice: The necro needs a complete overhaul personally. I love playing this class but find it rather weak in standing with other character builds. Druids have equal to better summoning early game and well into mid. And with a weaken or amp damage oskill there as good or better. And druid summons dont vanish randomly when they move outta there range. Which needs to be fixed with this new patch. As far as psn/bone skills theres way too many immunes to these for this to be a viable option. The only thing that they have going for them is curses, so with that said... ideas to fix necro.

1) Summon Tree - Remove revive skill: This skill is bad, the AI for the summons are ... dumb. They walk around enemies sometimes with out attacking and generally are bad. The hydra for the necro is ok, as long as your not in hell. The skeletons and vampires are good but need some kinda bump to make them more viable. Golems still suck, there early game is ok. But once you hit about diablo in norm, golems fizz out.

  • MetalShadow Wrote -
    • In my experience, Revives are the best 1 point tanks in the game. You can summon a decent amount of them and don't need a ton of +skills to make them durable enough. I rarely, if ever, see revives get killed by anything other than their timer. For a pure summoner they don't add very much, but Revives are awesome for Melee or Spellslinging Necros who don't care whether or not their summons deal damage and want to add durable some meatshields without having to spend a lot of points. They become especially useful if you can get ahold of a teleport oskill, since it mitigates their main disadvantages (Namely that they are slow-moving and stupid).
    • As for Hydras, they are seriously underrated, imo, especially against single enemies and small crowds. Both the Necros Hydras and the Sorcs Lit variant would be awesome if they had splash damage and either a slightly lower timer or a longer duration.

2) PSN/Bone Tree - Honestly who attacks with a necro? I mean really! They are squishy! It really makes no difference if the necro wears armour from start to finish minus the +skills you loose. Drop these for a sorc like based armour that gives -enemy rst to psn. Maybe even a druid like whirl wind of psn. Acid rain I could see being more of a psn necro skill. Psn nova needs a bigger boost, or something more syn. Which could be given with psn armour skill. Also items need some kind of psn/magic conviction aura, ice/fire/light have there. where the hell is a necros conviction aura?

  • MetalShadow wrote -
    • Killer Scythe is probably a Necromancer's strongest source of offense, not just from the PnB tree but from all three of their trees, so... yeah. Bone Armor owns and does not need replaced, especially not with a crappy sorc armor-type of skill. Necromancers are about as good at melee as any other class, in ES.
    • In terms of spellslinging, the only PnB spells that aren't very good are Frozen Spear and Bone Spirit. Hell's Gate owns, CE and PE own, Bone Wave and Poison Slash are average or a bit above average. Poison Nova is kind of borderline and could maybe do with a bit of a boost to base damage. Not more synergies, though, that'd be awful.
    • The Necro does not need more poison skills, no matter how cool any of them would be to have. If a skill is weak, the solution is to make that skill better, not to add other skills that do the same job.
    • Lastly: you seriously have problems breaking immunities with PnB Necros? How is Pierce Flesh and Bone not good enough for you? With a good bit of +skills it can get -150%, or even -200% (really easy to do if you actually put points in it), to magic and poison, which is really more than enough.

3) Curses - Surprise me. NO literally!! Something new, something that gives the ooh aah factor.

  • Looking impressive doesn't help make bad guys fall down. --- MetalShadow

This is just my idea, I could be wrong but yeah this would make the necro a played class. Instead of when you jump in game and people chuckle because you're playing a necro. I want this class to be feared again damn it!! lol ...


Network Name: Malice Palace
Pass: ES

  • snowy)--- wrote:
    4) Summoning Tree - i totally agree with the dumbness of revive skill. Revived monsters don't attack enemies and just walking around watching you getting beaten, and it's breaking my heart >_< . Maybe replace this skill with Skeleton Archers (shoots from far) that deals physical damage.

Iron Golem improvement idea: Unsummoning the Iron Golem should respawn the item which was used for the golem. This will make players less hesitant to use their valuable unique items and such, it will create more dynamic playing style with the Iron Golem: need a defensive Golem? Just unsummon the current Iron Golem and use an item with defensive stats. Need an offensive Golem? Unsummon the defensive item and use offensive item instead.


It would be nice to move some of the skills around and to rename the trees. I think the trees should be arranged around the following. -- Hans

Holy: The Holy Aura's and Vengeance and the synergies. -- Hans

Cleric: The Holy Bolt and the other casting skills, Prayer and Protection from Evil skills fit in here. -- Hans

Crusader: Zeal, Sacrifice, Holy Shield, Charge, Smite and the Offensive Aura's should be placed here. I am thinking that Redemption be placed here since of the Sacrifice skill. -- Hans

It was suggested by Metro to change the Bear summon into an Archangel. I suggested that the Archangel be named the Spirit of Izual. The backstory for the skill is that the Spirit left Izual when he was turning over to the dark side. The Spirit wandered looking for a worthy hero to assist in the battle against all evil and one day found the Paladin. -- Hans

Bear change sounds spiffy, as a bear never really made much sense as a paladin minion. I'd roll with that without argument. As far as the model though, Izual's is more than a little crazy-flashy, big, and screen-hogging. How about using the model for Hadriel, the angel at the beginning of the path to Diablo's Sanctuary. Still an angel, still fits in with the overall theme, but a little less explosion in an Open-GL crafts store as it were. Shrink him down a bit too perhaps? He's kind of too big compared to most things, and I don't think the powers that be are letting every paladin that runs around have an archangel as a meat-shield ;) More like the heavenly equivalent of a private or a corporal. Something a little smaller might be more in keeping
Regarding real changes/etc. for paladins, how about the abilty for them <and them ONLY> to forge an item or 2 with "X aura while worn" capability. Heck they ARE the aura masters, and half the time you have other characters out aura-ing them with all sorts of O-Skill madness. Key word is "forge" here, they'd have to take up their forge slot on the item with this. Yes, I know you can already do it as a non-paladin with aura stones. That's why I was suggesting paladin-only gear forges that don't take stones, and give stuff stone auras can't.
I was thinking perhaps limit the target items to paladin-only stuff - this easily fixing the "how do we make it paladin only" thing. No one else could wear them even if they did the conversion to make them. Paladins should still be the aura kings, even in the days of crazy gear and OSkills. That'd be an easy way to do it. If it can be done, perhaps also let them have their own skills synergize with the auras on gear to make them even more aura-tacular than any random OSkill junkie? <Note I mean auras that are in line with what's already been put in, no forging items to like +30 defiance or something silly.> -- Hraefn

  • Making a pally only aura forge options is interesting, including pally only items. Offensive auras could be forged on a Holy Blade and deffensive on a pally shield. On-equip auras DO get synergies from the pally's own skills, so no need to change anything here. -- Nameless
  • Ah ok excellent. I'm just starting my first real paladin in ES so I hadn't not yet noticed the synergy deal. Agreed on the auras being perhaps confined to certain types to certain items - another good way to keep things from getting TOO out of hand if more aura-gear is implemented for pallies -- Hraefn
  • Pally needs some passives. --Moonie


In the Summoning tree it would be nice to remove the +wolves bonus from Raven and instead award more Wolves via hard points in the actual skills. The wolves also need to return to their 75% resistance cap instead of the 65% resistance cap implemented with R6.

Spirits — there should be no need to summon multiple spirits via hard points in Cow Balloon. Just make a single spirit much more durable by rewarding hard points in a certain spirit. Spirit of Barbs needs to be flushed. An alternative lvl 30 spirit could be Manic Spirit. The Manic Spirit is essentially a floating Fanaticism aura granting skill IAS and damage to the party. And the Manic Spirit could also benefit casters with Faster Cast Rate. Heart of Wolverine at lvl 18 could then be replaced with a Spirit of Negation — damage reduction and elemental resistance.

  • Spirit of Barbs is relatively useless. The bonus it gives is much more competitive than in LoD, but the simple fact is that damage-return builds don't work well, if for no other reason than that at least half the monsters aren't affected by it (ranged monsters and primarily elemental damage monsters). I would replace it with a spirit that's useful for casters. For example one that gives +% Fire/Light/Cold/Poison damage (like the elemental masteries), it would be especially useful if the aura affected the vines. The effect would have to be relatively small (e.g. +10% for the first level, +1% for each level afterwards with an extra +1% per hard point). I think that Heart of Wolverine is perfectly fine the way it is, no need to change it. Adding skill IAS to its aura is borderline overpowered. The only reason I don't consider it overpowered without qualification is that Shapeshifters don't benefit much from skill IAS, so the bonus would mainly benefit the Druid's summons and merc. It would make HoW MUCH more attractive as an oskill since even a small amount of skill IAS (like 10%) can make a big difference for other characters. -- Nameless

Nameless suggestions/comments

I decided to set up this section for my input, because the comment function is too basic for extensive comments. Unknown, feel free to move comments to other sections or delete them if you decide that is not how things are going to work.

  • General:
    Don't make a new mod with the old name. That is, don't change things just to make changes. If something needs improving, tweak it, but don't shuffle around a lot of things, just to make everything different.
  • Gems: I see no real point in changing the tiers for gems. They work as is, and if you changed them, it would mean a lot of rebalancing. Giving Perfect Gems a level req of 80 would need much higher stats than they have at the moment (since would lose a lot of dstoning room when you socket them anywhere), at least twice the current stats. Which would lead to other propblems, for example you could suddenly add twice the %ED to a weapon for each socket. Not nessecarily bad, but a massive headache to balance.
  • Crystals: I would like to use the same tiers for Crystals as for Gems, (same number of points per grade). The tiers could have different level requirements (e.g. 8 for chipped, 16 flawed, up to 48 for perfect; or possibly 10 per grade) but crystals would have better stats than gems to balance this. Since you would need much more crystals for a perfect one, crystals drops would have to increase, that shouldn't be difficult, just increase the drop rate a bit and increase the number of crystals per ore a lot.
  • Ad Sets:
    Again, I see no point in changing the tiers of existing sets, if we add new sets (like a top-of-the-line set tier with lv 80-90 req), then just add tiers, no need to change the existing tiers.
    Some of the current generic sets are very good, Autocylus is a staple starter set, Achilles is a good mid-level set and even usable as end-game gear, especially for a merc. Waves and Tasselhoff are possible end-game material. Diablo's End, Planet's and Shepherd are less useful because they suffer from some of the general problems of sets, see below. The Cow King's set is probably end-game material, but simply too rare to bother with.

Main problems with sets, especially as end-game gear:

  • Most mid level sets have a limited shelf-life. Low level sets are usually easy to gamble, but some level 30 sets already include exceptional items, so you can't chit them until the end of NM. This isn't so much an issue with top-end sets, but getting complete sets is difficult and it would help a lot to bring back a secret recipe to directly cube elite set items.
  • For the "uber" gamer, sets that include a weapon aren't viable for end-game play, simply because the weapon can't be ethereal. For anybody else, if set weapons could be converted to elite, then many mid-level sets would make great low-end end-game gear (enough for Baal, not enough for the Domain on /p8), since the set weapons often have a lot of +max damage.
  • Class sets have only +Class skills, not +All Skills, which hurts when using oskills. In ES almost everybody uses several oskills on his end-game gear, so this is a big problem. It would be good if high-level class sets had both +Class and +All Skill mods.
  • Sets that include weapon/shield lose the important +Skills boni when you use the weapon switch. The Aurion's set would be a LOT more useful if the +All Skills mod was moved from the weapon to the armor. Generally, it would be important to keep any +All Skills mods when you swap weapons, so for sets that include weapon/shield, make those boni partial set boni that don't need the items in the weapon/shield slots.
  • Oskills in general: Sets usually have few oskills (not true for all sets, of course), but they generally make it difficult to get specific oskills if they block specific slots, for example, the helmet gemwords are a prime choice for many oskills, any set that has a helmet will prevent you from using those.

I see no point in making the class sets more "generic". Why make 7 almost identical sets, one for each class, when you could just make one generic set that does the same. It would be fine to add more recipes to change weapon types.

Rather than making 2 different sets in a tier (one caster, one melee), make one set that can be customized. Look at the Tasselhoff set as an example: it has mods that are generally useful (+Str/Dex, Resists, MF/GF) and because it has a lot of sockets, it can be customized. A caster would fill them with +skills jewels, a melee char with +Max Damage jewels or Ni runes for %DR. This idea could be extended even further, for example, give the (proposed) new top-end (lv85) sets average-ish mods, but double strength forgings. This could be extended even further, for example, imagine if you could add 2 %DR to the torso (of that set only) as a special dstoning.


  • ES is not dead.....stay tuned.... -- namelessass? 04-19-2020 (Sun) 23:09:03
  • Eastern Sun is dead. Modders are gone... -- Mila_Superstar? 06-13-2012 (Wed) 11:57:19
  • With D3 just a couple of days away, is ES going to be going the way of the dinosaurs? (Please say no.) -- Will? 05-13-2012 (Sun) 14:08:37
  • With D3 just a couple of days away, is ES going to be going the way of the dinosaurs? (Please say no.) -- Will? 05-13-2012 (Sun) 14:00:48
  • It would be helpful to have a built-in respect tool for stats, very much like the one we have for skills in R6. -- erdang? 05-10-2012 (Thu) 20:28:52
  • i hope ES will be not discontinued when D3 will be out -- IUIU? 05-01-2012 (Tue) 22:25:19
  • This is a classic game keep this alive plz -- Defcon? 04-30-2012 (Mon) 21:01:03
  • can wait for this to come out keep us informed -- defcon? 04-18-2012 (Wed) 20:50:46
  • 15.05.2012 will be the "real" releasedate! -- MisterGee? 04-12-2012 (Thu) 07:40:11
  • I'm hoping to see at least a preview. Perfect Cell is obviously busy. -- psycho2? 03-21-2012 (Wed) 20:04:55
  • Three months with no news about this project. Is there gonna be a game or not -- Gary? 03-21-2012 (Wed) 19:13:24
  • How about reverting the assassin steam sentry trap again to magic damage it would add a third elemental damage into her arsenal, past patches changed this and i dont know why since it worked well -- Xc0n? 03-11-2012 (Sun) 03:57:11
  • I think it'd be awesome if you made teeth a magic dmg skill again because teeth assassin was my favorite character :( -- jarrod? 03-10-2012 (Sat) 16:40:34
  • according to the forums, Perfect Cell is biting off more he can chew, but a preview is coming soon -- 03-18-2012 I think he said -- psycho2? 03-09-2012 (Fri) 11:58:00
  • Is the new update going to contain Uber Trist? I would really love that! -- kadwin? 03-09-2012 (Fri) 03:50:01
  • What is going on with this series is it coming or not ? -- Grey? 03-08-2012 (Thu) 23:05:57
  • Have enjoyed playing eastern sun since early 2000's. Surely looking forward to your new project! -- Smith? 02-21-2012 (Tue) 14:49:12
  • I want to know the new release date, too. -- Gard? 02-08-2012 (Wed) 12:07:22
  • When will be revealed the new release 02-06-2012 -- Mack? 02-06-2012 (Mon) 21:27:42
  • I know it's past the target date, but please be patient. Perfect Cell has more on his hands since coming back to doing Eastern Sun. I'm sure he'll update us on a more reasonable date. -- psycho2? 02-01-2012 (Wed) 13:27:32
  • When will S series come up -- Dru? 02-01-2012 (Wed) 10:16:04
  • nBLMKRth -- szczmtljh? 01-20-2012 (Fri) 00:41:12
  • How about small story books drops that leads with teleporters to new areas? -- iforgotmylogin? 10-12-2011 (Wed) 06:08:10
  • Why not make couplons require a certain quality of gems of the same type that way we expend precious gems and in exchange we get the item or make it dependant on deciphers* -- bkknightjustis? 07-22-2011 (Fri) 13:19:05
  • you guys really think about empower sorc more? i think sorc - almost no matter what build - is strong enough, what really would be cool is making javs throwweaps and arrows infinite (or skills dont use "charges") -- Raven? 07-01-2011 (Fri) 19:57:54
  • a pally aura chara is possible even now especially lightning, if you increase the power soo much will be too overkill for game since all die with you just walking -- ultimategrayfox? 07-01-2011 (Fri) 14:03:14
  • Also it's so very awesome this mod is still being developd. Thanks! -- Puck? 05-27-2011 (Fri) 03:56:57
  • Also it's so very awesome this mod is still being developd. Thanks! -- Puck? 05-27-2011 (Fri) 03:44:34
  • Also maybe thi is just my poor playing style, but untwinked mana dependant builds are so much more frustrating than melee centric or summon centric builds. More early game mana bonuses would be great. -- Puck? 05-27-2011 (Fri) 03:43:10
  • Fixing the Druid's vines would be great. Their targetting is poor in mid>late game, and they have trouble 'focusing' on bosses leading to extremely slow damage output. The change suggestd from barbs spirit to an elemental bonus, should apply to vines as much as the Elemental Tree skills. That and maybe some more support(?) for the vine druid. Their attack is also buggy with monsters flush to a wall in some cases, they cannot hit it. -- Puck? 05-27-2011 (Fri) 03:40:57
  • @Zanga: barb can wield 2h sword with a shield, or dual 2h swords. any other 2h weapon requires both hands.. -- psycho2? 05-14-2011 (Sat) 13:14:05
  • It would be nice when there is a 6th act with a new boss. -- ownly? 05-10-2011 (Tue) 11:43:38
  • The notes in regards to Eagle eye only being useful for uber builds isn't accurate, I'm currently playing an untwinked dance of death Amazon, she would be a mediocre build to play without teaming dance of death up with eagle eye. Also Milea's majesty is a perfect example of an amazing end game set that includes a weapon, I imagine it was based around the dance of death + eagle eye build itself. -- sectiplave? 05-10-2011 (Tue) 05:40:36
  • I think it would be cool to see wings on tyrael's set when add and let the barb use a weapon and sheild so i can put my kain's set on him. and passwords for our character so my brother doesn't go into my guy and steal my dragon stones. thank you -- Zanga? 03-25-2011 (Fri) 18:00:51
  • Two quick things that come to mind, both for the sorc as it's my fav class. One - can it please be easier to break enemy immunities, maybe change the /5 thing over 100% to be easier or have the armor skills do a 1-1 ratio per base point even over 100%. Two - I've seen a few people mention allow soft point synergies, of course I would love this it might be to strong but my idea on how to do it, possibly having each skill or maybe in the masteries have a bonus gained from hard points that allows soft points to add in synergys (for instance say for every 5 hard points in fire mastery 1 of your soft points in each skill count as a hard point for synergys or something to the like) A possible even better idea is that if you max out a skill(all 30,25,or 20 points) then it gets the soft points. Also an idea not related to the sorc, can we get some set jewels? we have rares and uniques. I think that would be kinda cool, there could be a mf set, a caster set, melee, and ranged. Just some ideas :) -- DrFury? 11-09-2010 (Tue) 23:36:28
  • qsERAlQTibmS -- mrblmyxis? 11-04-2010 (Thu) 09:28:56
  • Non-input comment: that gold izual looks pretty good, I do bet the other conversions would be viable too, and a fresh replacement from the simple old n' boring ;) -- psycho2? 10-29-2010 (Fri) 09:34:59
  • adding the WereBear Skill back to the druid tree and able to put hard points into it makeing Werewolf form more dex str based were bear str and Vit and Elemntal form into a res and spell casting implientation (this would make alot of seonce to me and isntead of a giant fire elemntal it could be a omni elemental) ALso the item colours can we be able to change the colours of items in the prfrence like example change uni to purple etc. in the prefrence so we can change all things manualy (Normal WHite, RUnes Orange,Unis Purple,Rares,Red,Gems Yellow,Socket blackish,eath golden) this is jsut a listed example if even better that it coudl be a ROYGBIV were you select it and cusotmize the shade* another impliment is alternate pics of items to give us choices like example a alternate pic of the gem cans item stocker etc. A good implemnt to also add is to have more than 6 items in a single meld example 12 skulls isntead of 6 in a gem can if you cannot do this thats fine but increasing the number helps -- bkknightjustis? 09-23-2010 (Thu) 09:48:35
  • please change Earth Spikes, they very rarely hit targets, and they always inferior to the fissure of 1hard-pointed volcanic creeper... -- Jamie? 09-10-2010 (Fri) 10:16:17
  • forgot to mention, most ES discussion is done here.. http://phrozenkeep.hugelaser.com/ = phrozen keep -- yurmy? 08-31-2010 (Tue) 21:15:22
  • kabuki, your drops seem normal to me. if you notice in the recipes area "rerolling" is a big deal, just about everything can be rerolled to create or better something or itself. most of your elites will come from coupons. LOD elites that is. The drops are pretty balanced when you factor in that gambling is another huge factor. You can go here for a breakdown of what prefixes suffixes and just what is what armor wise.. http://homepage3.nifty.com/miyoshino/es/es3armo_n.htm click at the top menu for different catigories. -- yurmy? 08-31-2010 (Tue) 21:13:44
  • well, I'm not part of the mod team, but I do think that the drop chances were tweaked a little. I found some impressive rares with good affixes but on weaker equipment :( The only way to make these good is to base-up these items which can get expensive (oh, and I like the #3 posted below *g*) -- psycho2? 08-30-2010 (Mon) 14:52:25
  • That is nice to hear! Pleased to hear that the mod is still active, although the communtiy seems to be little when comparing it with Median and some other active D2 mods communities. Btw, I, as a newbie, have some questions about the mod and since the "official (?)" forum is down I hope that I can ask them here. 1) Did you increase the drop chance of rare items? I mean, I almost found 10 unique items and 7 set items (and a shit load of ancient scrolls) in the first two acts of my first playthrough and made me somehow invulnerale to all normal mobs! Even end bosses were totally easy. Some people would be happy about it, but in my case rare items should stay rare. This somehow killed the atmosphere of finding good items since rare items aren't rare anymore. Would it be possible to decrease the drop chance? 2) Some low lvl yellow items have some cheap prefixes (suffixes). Just found a "normal" golden (not unique) Hunter Bow in Act 1 who had a chance of casting LVL5 Frost Sphere and LVLX Immolation on xx%! That just killed every mob! Are those pre- suffixes normal or a bug? 3) And Any chance of adding a Set to the mod which transforms you into a D1 Succubus (since we already have sets which transform you into Diablo or Hell Knights)? *g* Thanks for reading and keep up the good work! -- Kabuki? 08-12-2010 (Thu) 18:42:02
  • This mod is far from abandoned afaik, to set up drastic changes often requires a LOT of time, and I understand the frustration because I was part of it when 1.10 was being developed.. -- psycho2? 08-12-2010 (Thu) 11:40:59
  • Please, PLEASE do not abandon this mod and keep it up to date, because this definitely is the best mod for D2! And I can't understand why mods like Median XL are so hyped. It was pure shit (Speedhack Diablo 2 where 3/4 of all skills are AoE spells), imo! -- Kabuki? 08-11-2010 (Wed) 20:16:58
  • Please, PLEASE do not abandon this mod! I I love it! Was searching for a D2 mod some weeks ago and I tested a lot of the them! Especially Median was pure shit (Speedhack Diablo 2 where 3/4 of all skills are AoE spells). This mod ho -- Axeman113? 08-11-2010 (Wed) 20:13:08
  • A suggestion on the equipment bit: you do have the idea of +skills and + all skills, but make it so if one class is using another class-specific set, the bonus wouldn't be much but enough for usefulness? -- psycho2? 06-14-2010 (Mon) 11:44:41
  • Not to mention, if I remember the release date says 2012, but my guess is it might be at the end of this year anyway, depending on how everyone's going. Do note that SC2 and D3 (if I remember) are coming out..even if we probably won't be able to mod D3 for a while, depending. That'd be awesome..lol. Can't wait. -- JamesMacleod? 06-13-2010 (Sun) 22:17:02
  • Everyone's probably busy. I know personally I've seen Unknown around, but I'm sure he's already got a pretty busy life. I just hope this comes out during the time I'm still well enough to play, but, cross your toes. Thanks for this mod you guys, it's been an entertaining haul I'll never stop, lol -- JamesMacleod? 06-13-2010 (Sun) 22:15:45
  • So.. are we ever going to see this mod, is there anyplace to dl the betatest? heh probably not but just a thought. two years is a while to wait for a mod unfortunately, hopefully d3 wont kill it. -- Jameson? 05-18-2010 (Tue) 19:02:05
  • ore drops - my suggestion for creating better ore rate would be to create a jackpot for ore like coupons have. also as is boss'es drop them, but add a 1/20 chance of a drop for bosses that are "deep" inside their given areas(that will prevent cow king runs for ores) -- yurmy? 04-08-2010 (Thu) 20:00:40
  • I especialy like it when your external graphic chamges depending on equipment worn -- heromedel? 03-17-2010 (Wed) 22:35:41
  • I would love to see more in game instructions/recipes for already in place options -- heromedel? 03-17-2010 (Wed) 22:32:30
  • I'll probably be having D2X on this computer still even if Diablo3 comes out. This is an impressive mod and even such comes with good time -- psycho2? 02-07-2010 (Sun) 00:24:46
  • Well if we are waiting another two years, I ethier think he needs help or he is giving this mod a complete over haul! Ethier way I wish him the best of luck!! -- Malice? 02-05-2010 (Fri) 08:36:29
  • I also do hope PC will give this fantastic mod a new breath -- aniket? 02-05-2010 (Fri) 06:18:59
  • Well another 2 years on target release date..... awesome. -- Malice? 02-04-2010 (Thu) 15:58:37
  • Tsuru is completely out of the loop and has been for nearly 2 years, so you can forget about contacting him. Perfect Cell is the modder who would working on the ES mod in the future. You can contact him via PM at the Phrozen Keep. Nameless is not an official modder, and has simply made a few tweaks to the R6E patch that UnknownSoldier released. -- Metro? 02-03-2010 (Wed) 11:45:10
  • It says game is out how do i messaged tsuaru? I thought... perfect cell and nameless where doing this patch? How how how do i get this ? -- Malice? 02-03-2010 (Wed) 08:59:22
  • It's okay. I'd be lying if I didn't say I was a bit frustrated myself. I wish I were an actual modder, so I could contribute to this massive project. If the S Series ever does see the light of day, I hope to hell it's before D3 is released because if it falls anywhere around the same time then I know which game I'll be playing. -- Metro? 02-02-2010 (Tue) 19:11:21
  • Sorry man but ive been bouncing around for like ... months trying to find out if there is any new news on this and ive gotten no response!! Just trying to find out, thats all sorry :( -- Malice? 02-02-2010 (Tue) 18:49:18
  • There is no news, Malice. And you don't need to shout with all caps. If anything develops, then Perfect Cell, or whoever has made progress on the patch will inform everyone either here or at the Keep. -- Metro? 02-02-2010 (Tue) 17:22:54
  • WHATS THE NEWS ON S PATCH -- Malice? 02-02-2010 (Tue) 08:01:24
  • edit below: Ostone would give a certain oskill bonus like a aura forge, but could be o forging instead -- Yurmy? 02-02-2010 (Tue) 00:51:44
  • To solve alot of the armor issues. an idea would be to include Ostones. similar to a aura stone but drops same as a cookbook? of course this would be a huge list of stones so maybe the drop system would need to be diff -- Yurmy? 02-02-2010 (Tue) 00:50:33
  • So theres no new information on the S series yet to come out!! When can we expect to play the newest version ive been waiting so paitently for this to happen and just want to see it... so any ideas anyone! -- Malice? 02-01-2010 (Mon) 03:38:48
  • Werebear doesn't work in either R6D or the community patch. I guess it's been replaced? I used to enjoy that. :( But the Elemental seems to me a bit cooler in animation and style, but Werebear was on the right track before it broke. -- psycho2? 01-07-2010 (Thu) 12:43:17
  • ops! sorry for that mistake :S -- Catraio? 01-07-2010 (Thu) 11:18:31
  • In the he Druid skill bars there is a Werebear that doesn't work, it would be nice to remove it, and why not make 1 class the "Magic Find (MF) class"? -- Catraio? 01-07-2010 (Thu) 11:17:44
  • Removing coupons and all those extra items are a good idea but removing the organs(IMO) isn't a good idea. I have no clue how many pages I have full of my unused coupons. Most of the time I just sell them now for the quick cash on a new character. I like the organ recipes but make more using ears so the recipes are harder to make, unless you PvP alot. But for gear, it needs nerfed or monsters buffed. Crystals - Needs fixed. Drop rate is too low, even the hardcore grinder whats to blow his brains out. As for high end gear, some needs to be rebalanced. I know my level 99 Sorc can deal over 44k NORMAL melee damage. How I managed that I'll never know. In Hell mode, my gear is elite. Nothing stands in y way so gear needs to be nerfed slightly or monsters need a DMG resist or higher elem. resists. As for Runewords from LoD, I got tired of LoD after awhile. I know of a few good Runewords that should be added. Such as Enigma, Melody, Peace, Holy Thunder, Kings Grace, etc.. Also, I've noticed quite a few MF and Gold modifiers alot, such as from Autolycus and Leather of Luck. Great items, but possibly lower the MF and gold to a slightly lower margin but increase a few of their other bonuses, like AT Rate, or DEF. -- IllFate? 01-04-2010 (Mon) 07:29:55
  • I have a suggestion about the ore drops if you want teh crytal progression similar to that of the gems, is to not change the drops in the outer world but increase (triple?) drops inside caves and special areas, GFrazier dome, cave or fake tal rasha's tomb, and perhaps make the super elites there have a 100% drop rate on ore. Basically you go to caves to "mine" it? saves on haveing a bunch of slots takesn up by ore you havent ID'd yet -- Astynax? 01-01-2010 (Fri) 14:15:10
  • (in regards to LoD image topic) enable securom in daemon tools, as LoD disc uses it -- psycho2? 01-01-2010 (Fri) 14:10:59
  • it's the new year, the progress continues! Good mods come with time guys, and I know this by fact. Take your time and will be there when S1 comes out. :) -- psycho2? 01-01-2010 (Fri) 14:08:54
  • If you want to use a burned copy of LOD to run ES just remember to turn on the emulation for Daemon Tools. i dont remember if it is just SafeDisk or Securom too, just turn them all on. -- Astynax? 12-30-2009 (Wed) 05:48:43
  • Take your time Perfect Cell. -- Hans? 12-29-2009 (Tue) 16:46:31
  • I've got $5 that says it won't be done by January 1. :) Oh, well. Yeah, I haven't heard from Perfect Cell. The ball is basically in his court. He has a ton of stuff to chew on with the enormous quantity of ideas everyone has posted. It just depends on how big his appetite is. -- Metro? 12-28-2009 (Mon) 23:57:50
  • any update on this s series patch? -- aniket? 12-28-2009 (Mon) 12:51:13
  • Been away quite a bit, just to let everyone know, Perfect Cell is actually incharge of this now. Also it is possible to get this working with a nocd for 1.10 based on the 1.12a exe, i'll get something up for that. -- TheUnknownSoldier? 12-26-2009 (Sat) 18:59:17
  • Im not sure if this is where to post. but can anyone please tell me a working method to get ES to work with a disc image i have iso. .ashdisc and bin/cue etc files made of my own disks but a stayover at a friends house and a bit of booze resulted in my playdisk for LOD breaking! i downloaded the mini LOD cd but i can not get ES to see it, can anyone tell me what I need to do to burn an image file for LOD so ES will see it. Ive got burned disks as backups i made that vanilla lod will see, but es cannot, is there any hope of an update that will work with blizzards offical no cd patch? posted in the other patch related thing too. -- Jameson? 12-25-2009 (Fri) 22:31:57
  • So, I didn't notice. Will this one be compatible with the new No CD patch from blizzard's latest? Long story, but I blew one of the ports on my motherboard and kinda can't use my hard drive -and- a cd drive, lmao. XD -- JamesMacleod? 12-06-2009 (Sun) 18:59:00
  • thanks for thinking about making the zon more powerful. im really excited about that :D -- temporalsky? 11-24-2009 (Tue) 21:08:05
  • Incompetent, nice to hear from you. It's been a long time. Once you play under Windows on your Intel Mac you'll never go back to OS X for ES with all of the benefits of PlugY. That's certainly the case with me. -- Metro? 10-13-2009 (Tue) 23:27:23
  • I haven't played ES for a while, but I have a look here and on the forum occasionally to see what's happening. I'd prefer it if ES stayed Mac-compatible, but I suppose I am flexible as I am also on an Intel Mac. When I get a new computer around Christmas, I'll set it up so I can run Mac, Windows and Linux software if need be. -- Incompetent? 10-13-2009 (Tue) 21:41:18
  • On the topic of the Kanji runes, they were indeed nigh impossible to assemble, never mind be lucky enough to make a kanji runeword. I would love to see more versitility as well as power in Kanji runes. Lets be realistic: the "uber" players spend millions gambling for double max rare weapons, rare wepons better than any rune word in pure damage sense. Perfect example is the "DeathGod" runeword. Impossible to get, and yet it is nearly useless. -- Kilora? 10-13-2009 (Tue) 13:56:16
  • Yeah, almost of mac users are moving towards more multi platform computers, like pc or the intel based macs, which makes life easier -- TheUnknownSoldier? 09-29-2009 (Tue) 03:57:13
  • That's good to know you're flexible, 153957. You're one of the more well-known Mac users. Incompetent is another one. It would be nice to hear his feelings, but I haven't seen him at the Keep in months. I -- Metro? 09-28-2009 (Mon) 14:27:16
  • Yea, I switched to an Intel Mac some time ago. I'd prefer not having to use Windows of course.. I have thus far been able to do all that I need to without installing any windows stuff. So yea, if you cant (easily) make the mod work for Macs, or can but only a crippled version, then yea, just focus on making one super duper awesome mod for the windows client... -- 153957? 09-25-2009 (Fri) 22:23:25
  • Just a general comment ( i just started reading this bemounth 10 secs ago ) the blood moor is NOT unbalanced at all. I love it when I face a champ and unique at level 2 depending on the fulmatating pot to kill them. Great exp ^_^ don't think you should change the blood moor. -- stingray? 09-25-2009 (Fri) 02:40:15
  • Unknown since I had to sell the old Mac I recently got due to real live issues. I plan on getting another old Mac when the life issues are taken care off. When I get the Mac I am willing to help with the support of Mac. It may be best with not supporting the Mac since more of the regular Mac users are starting to switch to the new Intel Macs that support dual boot into Windows -- Hans? 09-24-2009 (Thu) 18:11:42
  • Macs are a problem, you can run an emu though, but thats more work.. we'll see how things go, maybe contrail might still be around and could help with the issues... -- TheUnknownSoldier? 09-21-2009 (Mon) 07:44:13
  • That's going to be a tough decision to continue supporting PowerPC chip Macs, 153957. I know Unknown is running into roadblocks with the stability issues and I'm pretty sure some of the code editing ideas he has will not translate well to Mac. I just gave up on waiting for stability myself and finally bought a new Intel Mac so I can boot into Windows. 0 crashes in 3 months. -- Metro? 09-16-2009 (Wed) 20:34:26
  • Mac support? ..please? ...pretty please? ....pretty please with a cherry on top? -- 153957? 09-15-2009 (Tue) 17:03:05
  • dstoning torso is already possible (gem melding p-obs) ;) -- iddqd? 09-14-2009 (Mon) 16:47:21
  • If anything I'd like to see LoD Boot/belt/gloves get the 2 sockets they deserve. As well as a way to make LoD Coupon items Eth. Example: Coupons + P Skull = Eth LoD unique. -- Daishi_GD? 09-13-2009 (Sun) 07:58:41
  • LoD Uniques that lots of players are fond of can always be incorporated into ES. I don't see that as being a big issue. -- Metro? 09-12-2009 (Sat) 16:59:32
  • I think some of the clod items are priceless, HoZ is great and some other elite uniques are usable for endgame. Rings/ammy are nice to for low lvl cause of the socket and 1 all skill. -- tian yihao? 09-11-2009 (Fri) 23:35:11
  • Jacob, I'm guessing that the Coupons will be flushed altogether in the S Series. At least that's the feeling I got a few months ago when Coupons were discussed at the PhrozenKeep — no one really cared if they got axed. -- Metro? 09-11-2009 (Fri) 04:07:36
  • I think that the OLD LoD item coupons and such need to be instead of 3 sentance to 1 and a certain gem grade needed instead of 3 of a kind wich gets hard or add in that 1 coupon and 2 wild cards will make it or 2 coupons and 1 wild card combo Coupons are very hard to work with and hard to even impliment but personaly the old LoD items needs to be easier to grab out since there weaker and also the decails are okay but makeing a multi stacker for the runes them selves instead of just for the decails be nice -- Jacob? 09-06-2009 (Sun) 21:37:59
  • Thats not possible without recoding the way items get thier palette assigned -- TheUnknownSoldier? 08-13-2009 (Thu) 06:56:06
  • It's purely for aesthetic reasons, but would there be any chance we could get gem melding to change an item's color just like the color changes when an item is socketed with a gem? -- Rykker? 08-12-2009 (Wed) 16:24:11
  • its not tiers as in the WoW tiers, its tiers as in levels of "power", like how skills are tiered in power & level req... also, please watch you language an toe, this place is meant to be comstructive -- TheUnknownSoldier? 07-26-2009 (Sun) 08:57:33
  • Straight up. Cut the bullshit about this "Tier" stuff. Get it straight. This isn't World or Warcraft or MedianXL. -- Daishi_GD? 07-25-2009 (Sat) 22:13:32
  • @Nameless: I first need to find time to read all of it :P so this weekend @AdamantineDruid: wrong place for this, rather post on the phrozen keep -- TheUnknownSoldier? 07-24-2009 (Fri) 14:19:08
  • My computer keeps telling me I have an error when trying to get to the fifth act... I installed the full setup from the site and I can't find a reason for the epic computer fail. Am I missing something?? -- AdamantineDruid? 07-22-2009 (Wed) 13:16:28
  • Unknown, it would be good if you started to weight in on some of the points discussed here, since you're the one who's going to (have to) do the work to actually implement the changes. I'm not so much talking about details but about big issues, like completely rearranging the Sorc's skill trees. There's no point in coming up with dozens of ideas for an "Alchemy" tab if you don't want to implement 10+ new skills but would rather replace 3-4 skills with better ones and spend your time on other things. -- Nameless? 07-22-2009 (Wed) 04:35:12
  • WOW this has gotten huge while I was away :O, keep up the suggestions & comments :) -- TheUnkownSoldier? 07-16-2009 (Thu) 08:35:12
  • I'll try to put any further content into one consolidated comment, sorry about the length of things - but the current format is just rough to make any sense with. Will do my best to confine further to one section and hope it doesn't get huge. -- Hraefn? 07-16-2009 (Thu) 04:08:49
  • I will see what I can do when come home after spending some time with my Parents. -- Hans? 07-15-2009 (Wed) 22:45:08
  • Not a bad idea, Hans. And that would greatly reduce the amount of comments per page. But, I'll let someone else tackle that as I'm not the best person when it comes to wiki stuff. -- Metro? 07-15-2009 (Wed) 22:23:02
  • Maybe we can create a page with the different sections and just link them to this page. It will make it easier to sort. -- Hans? 07-15-2009 (Wed) 22:16:11
  • Hraefn, putting 2 lengthy back to back Comments is not helping the size this page is quickly becoming. Go to the top of the page and click "Edit." After you've added your new content to your first Comment, then click Update.
    @Nameless, along the same lines of trying to trim this growing monster, if some of your comments in your stand-alone section no longer apply, then please just delete them. For example, your whole Gem section doesn't apply because I agree with keeping the existing tier structure for gems.-- Metro? 07-15-2009 (Wed) 18:21:30
  • Ah - hmm. Ok that sounds like more trouble than it would be worth Nameless - fair enough. Sorry, not being a programmer etc. I can only come up with ideas, not evaluate the feasibility etc. Apologies if I keep tossing ideas out there that are technically straight from hell. Feel free to reply to any such with just "Not feasible technically sorry, way too much hassle" or something and that'll be fine. I won't try to make you explain the trouble behind each :) -- Hraefn? 07-15-2009 (Wed) 17:53:49
  • Well, stockers and such would certainly be a bonus to carry through - but it seems to me an even bigger one than carrying items a lot of the time. When you have people like me with hundreds of combines available on jewelery rerollers, craptons of gems and decipherer points... heh. As soon as they hit a certain level they'd just explode in power as they rolled up various amazements. Might want to think on that one carefully. Just as examples, my gem stocker has 4500-5000 of every color, my multi-stocker has about 5k decipherer points in it, and my jewelry stocker has approx 900/300 normal/rare in rings, amulets, etc. That's gonna be a pretty crazy thing to have at the start? Course I only use one set of stockers across all characters but still... <The scary part here is I'm damn sure that's nowhere near the biggest totals, some folks out there are liable to have a good deal more ;p> -- Hraefn? 07-15-2009 (Wed) 17:47:27
  • Converter: I see no point in carrying characters with a penalty (like keeping 1/2 the level). Somebody who knows what he's doing can advance a character through the first parts of the game very quickly (I've seen players in tourneys who did all of Normal in one day). Generating random items is easy in-game, just add one line to the cube and you're done. Doing it in my character utility is out of question. What I'm currently doing is to simply copy the items section of the save file. What can be done is to give converted characters a fixed set of items, possibly something like the current starter kit, possibly a different one depending on the character type. To do this, the modder (Unknown) would equip a sample character and I would copy the item section of that character to my utility and store it there and then replace a converted character's inventory with the standard inventory. Randomness (or level-dependant items) could be added by giving cubing ingredients as part of the starter kit, e.g. an item that cubes into a starter weapon. This has downsides, because it would prevent you from bringing any other items with you, for example it's possible to change a lot of stuff but still allow players to carry stockers (gem, rune, rerolling orb, ...) with them. -- Nameless? 07-15-2009 (Wed) 05:05:23
  • As it stands, there's even a way to get into text out of the comments section, and theoretically mess up all the stuff that has been posted on this page, not just the comments and the class stuff. Even precluding malicious people, some might well just make a mistake and delete a block of text or the entirety instead of just what they were aiming for. Seriously suggest reformating this a bit. Perhaps one of the free forum systems would be good as a comment repository? Could put up a forum with some catergories such as class, general, etc. and post suggestions, updates, and comments without anyone being able to access anything they should not. Nameless, if you or one of the people heavily involved in the project want to know the hole that lets you edit the text outside the comments section mail me at d ld evoe23(at)yahoo. com (without the spaces and such, not going to post it here as that's sort of asking for someone to mess with it. -- Hraefn? 07-15-2009 (Wed) 05:02:53
  • Thank you Hans, I hadn't noticed that. Sort of inconspicuous, but the problem is now solved. However we have a bigger issue - I'd assume cause we can all edit each others comments, someone accidentally typed over some of my sorceress comments as they are no longer there. Either that or someone is purposefully deleting stuff and I'd rather think that's not occuring? Is there some way where we can get a forum comment system where we aren't typing in each other's boxes? Not a registration per-se that'd be a bit of a piece of work - but possibly for each "Input" one wishes to make show only any comments by the person who's name is in the user box? -- Hraefn? 07-15-2009 (Wed) 04:57:28
  • You can edit your post by clicking on the main Edit button on the bottom of the page and then find your comment and then edit away. -- Hans? 07-15-2009 (Wed) 00:35:50
  • Sorry to monopolize the board here - but it is possible to let users edit their own comments. So many times I'm posting, then thinking of something else I really shoulda put in 10m later. Would help a lot? -- Hraefn? 07-15-2009 (Wed) 00:22:18
  • For instance, to use an example to make a bit more sense maybe. You might have the game auto-equip a converted sorceress with a certain number of whatever the class-crafted recipes are for sorercesses in the expansion. The higher the level of the converted character, the more of these they get. The other slots could be filled with randomly generated magic crap appropriate to the level. Heck even some yellows, randomly generated are pretty unlikely to rock the house. But they would make a character at least remotely playable walking in at that level. They could then gather upgrades from there. More clear I hope? -- Hraefn? 07-15-2009 (Wed) 00:20:14
  • Re: Converter - Yeah Nameless, I didn't figure you'd be able to bring *Items* forward that was hopeless. What I was trying to say, is that if you let people have a converter, bring forward characters at say half level with their skill point unassigned, and a bit of gold you could then *assign* items to them. Like a starter kit for each class, let's say 1-10 items, 10-20, etc. Whatever you felt was ok-ish starter gear in your conversion. Sort of like the gear WoW hands out to people that have been hacked when they can't restore the items. -- Hraefn? 07-15-2009 (Wed) 00:13:59
  • Hans, great idea for FCR for the top spirit. I was being a little narrow minded in thinking the spirit would only benefit summoners (and melee Druids). So, Faster Cast Rate might be another mod added to the Manic Spirit (or whatever name is decided). But, I don't think Druids should be allowed to summon multiple spirits. To be able to summon an Oak Sage AND a Manic Spirit would be pretty overpowered. -- Metro? 07-14-2009 (Tue) 19:02:02
  • The Suggestion to replace the Spirit of the Barbs is a good one. I would like to be able to summon each spirit and not be limited to one. It may have issues with the 27 states bug. Another suggestion is to add some of the benifits of the Cow Balloon, Oak Sage and Heart of the Wolverine into the Spirit of the Barbs. Change the Thorn damage to Increased IAS and Faster Cast rate. -- Hans? 07-14-2009 (Tue) 18:43:01
  • I like the suggestions about beefing up the monsters with new skills. I would like to see some of the monsters have a Nova or some sort of Cast when killed mod. Have some of the melee monsters have Blade Shield, Cast Enchent when struck. Some of the caster monsters or summoners have Protection from Element. Some Summoners should have some sort of offensive aura to beef up their summons. We may not want to go to overboard since it may make the mod too difficult or it may cause lag issues on older computers. -- Hans? 07-14-2009 (Tue) 18:32:30
  • I'll try and set aside some time in the next week and reorganize all the above sections for Unknown. I'll look at everyone's input both here and in the ES S Series thread and make adjustments to my original sections. And I'll remove the association with my name as well because what ends up in the main sections is the consensus of most players as to what needs to be done. Same goes for your section, Nameless. Many of your ideas are solid and I'll incorporate those. But, after that, your section needs to be eliminated. EDIT: I added a new section for specific character ideas, but can't seem to make the individual classes slightly larger and bold. Could someone help me out with that? EDIT 2: Nevermind. I gave each Class their own box. I'll try and get the ball rolling with a few comments. -- Metro? 07-14-2009 (Tue) 12:22:57
  • A converter isn't very feasible. The main reason for a new patch "level" is to be able to change those things that require breaking compatibility. For example, the +Elemental damage mods on weapons have a rather low cap. To change this, you HAVE to break item compatibility. It would be possible to extend the character utility to update the character (including gold), but it would not be possible to bring any items (except "standard" items like the cube or health pots, possibly others) either in the character or in the stash. -- Nameless? 07-14-2009 (Tue) 04:55:40
  • Oh, and as far as backwards compat... umm please for the love of monkeys at LEAST include a converter to let us bring in old characters of let's say minimum half the level they were in R? That would let us start at least without having to repeat the total nub stuff if we didn't want to, and have a bit of fun with it without totally scrambling to survive. Let us bring some gold forward, and maybe create some "starter sets" to go on converted characters by level range? You could control what sort of gear was being started with that way to a T so people wouldn't come in as gods, but as reasonable middle of the road types. As for gold, maybe like 20k/level tops you can bring forward with you? That's like 800k max, enough to do some gambling but not enough to be crazy disruptive I wouldn't think? Just throwing #'s around here, and only if you decide againt full compat. H. -- Hraefn? 07-14-2009 (Tue) 02:35:50
  • Yeah let's be careful with buffing the hell out of the quest monsters, at least in normal anyway. By Nightmare there's maybe a chance in hell you've got your build semi-straight and you could handle something scary, but in normal ehhh kinda doubt it barring some cooking-cutter types. As far as the sets, I'd say standardizing the +skills bonus would be ok - but let's keep the other skills different. It's nice to see a little variety, my assassin can't be frozen, while other characters have other benefits. I'm cool with that. Regarding boss and champion packs in Normal Act 1: Let's just maybe keep them out of the first area or 2? Sprinkle them in afterward and that would be fine I'd think. Sort of ramp up the challenge. But perhaps not quite as many as you currently see in R, it can get a little silly with too many chiefs and not enough indians. Crystals... yeah as they stand they're just dumb - I mean can anyone really legitimately achieve most of the things involving them, even with tons of play? I haven't. However they might well need an adjustment downward in power as far as the runewords etc. they contribute to if they're quite as easy as 2/tier. Perhaps something in between 2 per and the current? Affirmative on losing the noob charm etc. They were always pretty much a cludge and a workaround. Now that things are getting re-worked I wouldn't think they'd be necessary barring some wierdo coding issue that demands their retention. If so no big deal, honestly yes the +1 skill is an advantage - but it's not game-breaking. Let's not focus on small things that only effect the very beginning of the game for a screen or 4 to the extent that we lose time to fix more critical stuffs? Regarding skill standardization btw... a thought occurs to me. There ARE some builds that really don't give much of a shit about +skills, or about +(insert whatever here.) It's be quite a piece of work, but perhaps for the level 80 sets ONLY, you could consider adding cubing to change each pieces to a version with stats that are geared toward a specific build or type of playing. I don't know that one for each build is possible or desireable, but for instance for paladins perhaps provide cubing of pieces so it could be a melee set, a caster's set, a ranged weapons set, or a support set? Extend that to the other classes. I'd think if you only put that kind of work into the 80 sets, leaving the prior sets fairly geared toward multi-spec/general use the work involved wouldn't be TOOOO nuts. Just a thought to make at least the high end sets more useful. H. -- Hraefn? 07-14-2009 (Tue) 02:28:00
  • I totally disagree with increasing the difficulty of the quests with important rewards (DoE/Radamant/Izual), at least in Normal difficulty. It makes sense from a difficulty/reward perspective (since these are the most important quest rewards in the game), but it's rubbish from a gameplay perspective. The character needs those skill points to be able to beat difficult monsters, forcing him to beat a really difficult monster before he gets them simply forces him to level up first before he beats the monster anyway and it especially hurts casters who need the extra skillpoints very much to dish out decent damage (most casters are difficult to start anyway, because the damage to mana cost/pool ratio is very bad at the beginning). I'm kind of meh about doing it in NM, increasing the strength of those monsters will simply make chars do even more what they do now already, that is level up in Normal to 65 or so before starting NM. Alternatively it will force characters to skip those quests and return later (like most characters do with the book quest in A3). All this will really do is to make things more annoying without really making those quests more interesting. -- Nameless? 07-12-2009 (Sun) 08:04:05
  • The problem with making sets as good as rares in the end game is that sets are so much easier to get. The only way I see to balance this would be to make the last few sets really hard or impossible to gamble/chit/base upgrade-3to1. Then we have sets like the cow king set, which no one ever completes. Otherwise you make rares useless in the end, since it takes so much more work to get a good rare. I'm also not sure if making each of the sets cookie cutter copies of each other is the right way to go. Ok so we have the barb level 1 set that gives attack rating, and the sorc level 1 set also gives attack rating? Sure, standarizing some parts works, but also consider that unless you are going to have them take exactly the same slots (which is somewhat hard if you have any sets with shields and any with 2 handed weapons), that some slots carry a higher oportunity cost (Give me 2 sets with exactly the same mods for a barb, have one take the gloves/belt/boots, and the other use a 2 handed axe, a torso and an amulet, and its clear the first one is better). -- Kjara? 07-12-2009 (Sun) 06:43:38
  • @Krunkcleanup — since the plan at the moment is to completely eliminate the Damage Augmentor that will free up some states. -- Metro? 07-11-2009 (Sat) 18:32:26
  • I'd like to see that dang "27 state" bug fixed so i can use all the same gear in multiplayer games. Or maybe just find a new way to do the Unique charms, or possibly just remove them. -- Krunkcleanup? 07-11-2009 (Sat) 15:00:11
  • Another thing that might need a patch would be the flying range of throwing weapons, I don t know if it's the same for every weapon, but the projectiles at Dual Throw fly less than half the screen diagonal at 800x600 resolution and that is not enough in my opinion. -- Moonie? 07-09-2009 (Thu) 19:14:44
  • Nice thoughts on monster balance, MetalShadow. I've never had a problem with the Beholders either. They're very tough and present a unique challenge. Ditto for the floating thingies in the WSK that do sick damage with their Psychic Slash. And the Shreikers in the Domain can stun melee characters to death. So, in a nutshell — I agree. Rather than just do an across the board bloating of monster life and damage, I would also prefer new challenges thrown at us. -- Metro? 07-09-2009 (Thu) 01:06:22
  • @monster balance; Instead of just ramping up life and damage, it might be more interesting to give certain monsters new skills or abilities to make them tougher from a tactical standpoint. I know everyone complains about those stupid Beholders in the Chaos Sanctuary, but I personally think they're awesome. They present a solid challenge without just dealing wtfpwn damage and having a ton of life. Enemies with stuff like the beholder's slow-curse, knockback novas, stun attacks, etc. would make the game tougher without making it a significantly tougher road to hoe for untwinked players, since beating enemies like that is more about strategy than equipment. -- MetalShadow? 07-09-2009 (Thu) 00:55:50
  • I think the two biggest problems with sets is that they can't be ethereal, which limits how useful set armors and especially set weapons can be, and they aren't very good midgame gear because you're generally too strong for the top-tier sets by the time you're able to find them. Making most of the existing sets easier to find would solve a lot of problems. I worked up a big proposal for elite (level 80-85) sets that'd be crafted in the cube and have special base item types awhile back. If there's interest, I could post what I've worked out so far. -- MetalShadow? 07-09-2009 (Thu) 00:39:03
  • Obviously a 3 piece Set needs lower mods than a 5 piece Set. What I was suggesting is that all of the 3 piece Sets would have a few of the same mods — i.e. +1 to Class or All Skills, +10 to all Resistances, etc. Then, the 4 piece Sets would have their standard mods. Same for the 5 piece Sets. Variety would not be too difficult to achieve simply through the choice of oskills on Sets. But, you make a good point about some of mods being dependent on the type of items in the Set. -- Metro? 07-08-2009 (Wed) 20:13:13
  • I don't see much point in standardizing the sets, it would make them completely bland. Also, standardizing the mods doesn't work. A 3 piece set needs lower mods than a 5 piece set and the mods have to depend on the item slots as well. If a set uses the shield and/or armor slots, then it needs higher resists than a set that leaves those slots open, because these are the prime slots to get resists. If the set has 3 open sockets in the torso, it can have lower resists, because you can easily boost them from socketables. +to skills can't be standardized. A melee set can be good as long as the weapon does good damage (or the set doesn't have a weapon but good other mods), a caster set needs lots of +skills to be good, unless it has KILLER other mods like oskill Conviction/Lower Resist or similarly powerful mods. For me a big reason why I don't use sets much (except for the "standard gear" Autocylus set in Normal) is that sets have very little +All Skills, with all the oskills availiable in ES, this really hurts their viability. The other reason is that you usually lose their full set boni if you use the weapon switch to buff, which hurts especially if the +All Skills the set gives is from the full set bonus. -- Nameless? 07-08-2009 (Wed) 18:17:49
  • I don't agree that monster strength should be ramped up, especially not for quest monsters! The reason is that I want to be able to play odd-ball builds as well as cookie-cutter builds with twinked-on uber gear. It's ok to make monsters of optional quests harder (Grave Yard/Blood Raven, Tower/Countess, ...) It's also ok to rearrange the maps to make room for more special areas. DoE/Radamant shouldn't be too hard, especially in Normal, otherwise it will force players to pass those areas by and do the quests later once they have levelled up. This hurts characters that rely on their skills for damage (casters) a lot more than characters that rely on their weapon (melee). I would probably stop playing the game if I had to, for example, respec a caster barb into a Concentrate barb simply to beat Act Bosses or complete important quests (those that have important rewards). -- Nameless? 07-08-2009 (Wed) 05:17:49
  • Just on the mana burn thing, this is actually a clod bug, which causes all mana burn monsters to burn 256 times more than intended(and yet no blizzard patch has fixed this...) -- TheUnknownSoldier? 07-07-2009 (Tue) 08:19:26
  • Thanks for the input, LordBrox. Sets, monsters, LoD stuff...I'll touch on everything eventually. It's just very time consuming to organize my 5 million thoughts on all this into cohesive sections. Just be patient — there's lots more to come from me in the coming weeks. -- Metro? 07-07-2009 (Tue) 01:43:48
  • sry for my bad english and some typos, its 2:42 here :), but i think most will understand ^^ -- LordBrox? 07-07-2009 (Tue) 00:43:34
  • Clearing blood moor for bosses/champs in normal would be great, but i would love more of the bosses throughout the game to make it a little bit harder. And one thing i really hate with ALL chars which at least i think is bugged, the EVIL EYES!! they 100% mana drain, that also drain mana totally for 1-3 seconds even with insight rw(lvl 17 meditation) AND its freezes u. I've had some bad rounds in chaos sanctuary where its been packed with like 2 bosses of eveil eye spawned in eachother, i guess everyone feels a bit the same of them :). I know u have lots of things to think about, but could u perhaps see into some of the LoD rw and give some more a little boost so they can be more attractive, and the sets in ES could need a minor balance for melee/caster, perhaps make like 2 lvl 16 sets and so on. If u see on paladin sets there arent much to get except skills from the sets, i only found the lvl 16 set useful for a short while for my hammerdin, when i reached lvl 40-45 all i could consider was rw/uniques. I could imagine the barb has the same(i dont play barb) since the lightning skills is added not too long ago in the patches of ES. -- LordBrox? 07-07-2009 (Tue) 00:41:45
  • Yeah, the DA will be totally removed, freeing up some more states and reducing bugs and such. I agree with the starter skill balance, will a pal its kinda ridiculous cause you not only get a active skill, but its one that hurts you -- TheUnknownSoldier? 07-06-2009 (Mon) 15:01:12
  • Why is the "freebie" skill from the Noob charm not balanced? It's almost the same as in LoD (you get a fixed +1 skill on a weapon), but lets you chose your weapon and skill, so that if you want to play a javazon, you don't have to start out as a bowazon because you don't have any other gear/skills. For some characters keeping the +1 skill is a bigger advantage than for others, depending if there are any good (as in generally useful or fitting with your build) lv 1 skills. Barbs or Assassins have it good here, since most builds benefit from +1 to Melee/Throwing Mastery, while a Pally has only active skills at lv 1, so if you don't actually use any of those skills, then the bonus isn't very useful. Doing away with the DA should be easy, the main reason it was added was to avoid having to rebalance spell versus weapon damage, with a big workover, that should be not an issue. Removing bosses/champs from Blood Moor is good, with some map seeds it can be really hard to get started if you always get a bosspack of rogues right outside the camp. -- Nameless? 07-06-2009 (Mon) 07:15:02
  • Looking forward to it, guys. Thanks for all of your hard work keeping ES alive, and fresh. -- Rykker? 07-05-2009 (Sun) 15:38:44
  • Yeah, i did it bright and early this morning, just so any "heavy" S series things can go here -- TheUnknownSoldier? 07-04-2009 (Sat) 20:54:16
  • This new page was nice to see when I woke up this morning on logged online. Unknown, I'm assuming you set this up? :) Keep the ideas coming everyone, but I for now I ask that everyone's ideas for a S patch be limited to the Comments section. That way, Unknown and I (and hopefully PC) can organize and structure the main Planning and Development area. I probably have 3 to 4 pages of random S patch notes and I need to flesh them out and come up with some headers. -- Metro? 07-04-2009 (Sat) 13:30:56

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