Set Items

Valid Set Item combinations

  • The attached file fileES_Set_Combine.xls has a list of all sets and the valid combinations.
  • The items slots that make up each set are listed. "X" means the slot is used, "XC" used by a class specific item or by class specific usage (barbarian dual wielding or 2h Sword uses as 1h Sword). "2X" used by a 2h weapon, "2XC" by a 2h class weapon. When a 2h weapon is used the Shield slot is marked with "/". For sets where the weapon can be changed into a different type, both possibilities are shown, as long as they make a difference. The Staff <-> Bow conversion of Raislin's set does not make any difference for combining sets, for example.
  • Sets that can only be used by one class are shown with intense colors. Where the weapons can be converted to a different base type, the most permissive weapon is used. For example, Kain's Set is not considered a Barbarian only set. Normally only a Barbarian can use the Great Sword in one hand, but when it is converted to a Balanced Axe, anybody can use it.
  • Some sets can only be combined by a Barbarian, because both sets include a 1h weapon and a Barbarian can dual-wield the 2 weapons. This is indicated by prefixing the set name with "*B" in the list of valid combinations.
  • The first block lists which sets can be combined in their normal form, but using the "best" weapon type.
  • Next is listed the used/most permissive weapon type.
  • The second block lists which sets can be combined if the Secret Scroll recipes for the Gloves/Belt/Boots conversion are used. For example, the Waves and Tasselhoff sets can't normally be combined since they both have a Belt. But neither has gloves, so if one of the belts is converted to gloves, then they can be combined.
  • Combinations are shown in both ways, except that the Generic Sets don't show with which Class Sets they can be combined. Some of the Generic Sets can be combined with a lot of different sets, particularly the Waves set.
  • The Anduin Set has some additional possibilities, when the Shield is converted into a Ring.

File to attaach: fileES_Set_Combine.xls 522 download [Information]

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