You can raise the dead. Now DO IT!!!


SUMMONING: ~100 points

Skellie Mastery - 30
Raise Skellie - 25
Raise Vampire - 20
Revive - 1 (or max)
all golems - 1 (possibly more for extra golems)
golem mastery - 1
summon resist - 1

POISON & BONE: 3 (or 4) points

poison slash - 1 (prereq)
poison explosion - 1 (prereq)
corpse explosion - 1 ESSENTIAL!!!! (You may consider additional points to increase radius)
bone armor - 0 or 1 (as you see fit, essential for hardcore)

CURSES: 5 Points (or more)

Amp Dmg - 1
Iron Maiden - 1
Dim Vision - 1
Decrep - 1
Lower Resist - 1
Blade Fury - 1
add any other curses like Terror or Attract if needed

My suggestion is to get most of your 1 point wonders early (especially Decrep). Max raise skellie, then mastery, then vampire, and save revive for last.

Spending Stat Points

:Strength: Enough for equipment (I usually pump to ~50-75 range)
:Dexterity: Minimum Required for Max Block or None at all
:Vitality: REST
:Energy: NONE


I'm not going to give a list of items you have to have because you don't. I will however point out some nice starter items.

Magic Wand + Flawless Skull + Magic Jewel + Ancient Decipherer = 
Magic Item of the Same Type (ilvl = previous ilvl) with...
  • +1 To Necromancer Skills
  • +1-3 To Summoning Skills (Necromancer Only)
  • +20-40 To Mana
  • +4-6 Mana After Each Kill
  • Gem Socket (1-2)
Magic Necromancer Amulet/Ring + 3 Ancient Decipherers + Magic Jewel + Chipped Skull =
Magic Item of the Same Type (ilvl = char level) with...
  • +1-3 To Summoning (Necromancer Only)

Take the time to make yourself a couple +3 to summoning skills rings and a +3 amulet early on...With these two recipies, you can easily get +1 necro and +12 summoning. If you haven't gotten them by early act 2, you can get more decipherers by doing Halls of the Dead runs (the boss near the gold chest has a 50% chance of dropping a Forging Hammer in norm, 75% chance in NM, and 100% chance in Hell, plus you always get a decipherer from the you can get up to 9 decipherers per run).

As for end game equipment you will want two things:

1) As many +summoning skills as possible
2) As many auras as you can get
3) Oskill teleport (keeps the minions from wandering off, and helps you move much faster)

After that whatever suits your character best. Defensive gear for hardcore characters, MF and gold find for treasure hunters, big hurty weapon CtC and leech for Blade Fury. Options are vast.

Here are a few cheaper end game options;

Weapon: Starter;

  • Try to get one with a good +skill prefix and/or oskill suffix; Dream weapon would be Perfect Starter wand w/ Golemlord's (+3 summoning) and of Auroa (Annhilation) or good oskill

Shield: Magic Necro Shield w/ Golemlord's Prefix and good suffix

  • YOu can shop these at normal vendors. Be patient. Can give this 3 sockets and fill with +1/+1 jewels

Helm: Magic Circlet w/ Golemlord's or Summoners (+1-2/+2) prefix and good suffix

  • You can shop these at normal vendors. Be patient. Can give this 3 sockets and fill with +1/+1 jewels

Belt/Boots/Gloves: Runefusion

  • YOu can wear 3 if you want...

Here is a list of potentially useful items with auras when equipped

Item NameItem TypeAura
Collar of the MinotaurAmuletLvl 1 Might
Chains of BindingHeavy MailLvl 5 Holy Freeze
AtlastrustChest GuardLvl 5-8 Annihilation
StonewallBody ShieldLvl 7 Defiance
Hermes' GiftPlated BootsLvl 3-6 Vigor
The AnnihilatorGiant AxeLvl 1-3 Annihilation
HackerNagaLvl 1 Fanaticism
Undead's BlightRogue BowLvl 6-12 Protection From Evil
Scope of the HawkMarksman CrossbowLvl 2-5 Fanaticism
Butcher's TenderizerSerrated StarLvl 5 Might
Miller's HammerMilitary HammerLvl 5-7 Concentration
Dragon's BreathDragon SpearLvl 5-8 Concentration
The ProtectorPetrified StaffLvl 7-12 Defiance
Mitsurugi's AideLithe BladeLvl 2-4 Annihilation


Set NameAura
Shepherd's DelightLvl 10 Salvation
Ordnance of the Dark BrotherhoodLvl 10 Holy Freeze

ES Runewords:

Runeword NameItem TypeAura
Composure3 Socket Melee WeaponsLvl 1 Annihilation
Winter2 Socket StavesLvl 16-22 Holy Freeze
Envy4 Socket Body ArmorLvl 12-15 Defiance
Fox3 Socket Body ArmorLvl 8 Protection From Cold
Grand Leon4 Socket SwordsLvl 6-8 Annihilation
Dread4 Socket ShieldsLvl 24 Thorns
Admiration4 Socket WeaponsLvl 9 Might
Hound2 Socket WeaponsLvl 9 Concentration
Rage3 Socket WeaponsLvl 6 Fanaticism

LoD Runewords:

Runeword NameItem TypeAura
Bramble4 Socket ArmorLvl 15-21 Thorns
Edge3 Socket Missle WeaponsLvl 15 Thorns
Faith4 Socket Missle WeaponsLvl 12-15 Fantacism
Ice4 Socket Missle WeaponsLvl 18 Holy Freeze
Last Wish6 Socket Sw/Ax/HamLvl17 Might
Lawbringer3 Socket Sw/Ham/SceptLvl 16-18 Sanctuary(PfE)
Pride4 Socket PolearmsLvl16-20 Concentration
Beast5 Socket Ax/Ham/SceptLvl9 Fantacism
Doom4 Socket Ax/Pole/HamLvl12 Holy Freeze


Any merc will benifit a skelliemancer. However most people generally lean towards Act 2 merc b/c of their auras. Here are some pros and cons of each.

Act I:
PROS: Stays away from danger, strong elemental attacks, either Strafe (mobs) or Legendary Arrow (bosses), Inner Sight, good for CtC (especially w/ Strafe)
CONS: Somewhat fragile, no buffs

Act II:
PROS: AURAS!!!! Also lightning strike and vengeance deal good damage to deal with PIs
CONS: Need good gear to stand up in tough areas late game

Act III (specifically lightning):
PROS: Good AoE skills, Great crowd control (timestop), Protection auras that give absorb and damage reduction, and of course Static Field (lightning). Also Cold merc aura give CBF to you army
CONS: Fragile, no leech and poor health regen, no damage boosting aura

Act V (Defensive):
PROS: Great tank, good damage, WAR CRIES!
CONS: No AoE attack (well offensive have war cry which might be nice for the stun), No Damage boosting skills

Strategy & Tips

Early on just be patient. Put you first 5 stat point into dexterity for the AR. Once you get to lvl 12 you'll be fine. After that its is a matter of
1) Amp or Decrep monsters
2) Wait (or help get the first kill with Blade Fury and leech back some life and mana)
3) Spam CE
4) Repeat

  • I have come across this page. I currently have a skelliemancer "Morek" that has primary focus on vampires and skel. mastery - skeletons are the third focus. Apart from only three deaths he is doing well in Hell. -- psycho2? 05-28-2010 (Fri) 13:42:18
  • I am playing a Golemancer in the WB3 tourney. I will likely write a guide when I'm done and have some time. -- logger120? 02-04-2007 (Sun) 17:33:59
  • Thanks, but with the new updates i think I'll try golems. I have a lvl 23 skelliemancer, though, so maybe I'll make both. -- lonelyninsecur? 02-04-2007 (Sun) 12:49:59
  • AFAIK golem do more dmg yes, but u hav much more skellie summons and that makes them dmg more (total). And they get a nice dmg/cb/sias boost if u get a might merc with ton of skills and giv him pride+annihilation aura forged on ammy (lvl 4), or rage and anni for great sias+dmg+cb+ar. on my druid summoner i use a1 cold merc with faith bow+anni forged on ammy(could use atlastrust but she use full tasselset). -- lordbrox2? 02-04-2007 (Sun) 03:11:28
  • This guide is great, but someone told me that golems do better in hell because they deal much more damage. Is this true, and if it is could you make a seperate skills section/a golemancer guide? Nothing would change except the skills, afaik. -- lonelyninsecur? 02-03-2007 (Sat) 23:23:48
  • Nice guide. The list of aura items is especially useful. Should be linked from Playing Tips. -- tsuru? 08-22-2006 (Tue) 04:02:11

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