• Here fileSynergy.xls is an excel sheet for calculating the damage of spells. This is not intended for weapon damage skills that add to the damage of a weapon, but for skills where the damage comes from the skill itself.
  • The file has two sheets:
  • The first is intended only for Sorceresses, to determine if one skill will benefit more from increasing the relevant Mastery or from putting points into the Synergies. When you have a decent amount of +to skills, then it can be better to put points into the synergy rather than the mastery, even if the synergy is weak (e.g. only 2%). Since the synergy and mastery multiply each other, the more you have of one, the more effect the other one has.
  • The second sheet is to calculate the damage of skills and to determine if it is better to increase the skill itself or put points into the synergies. The sheet can also be used to just calculate the skill damage (e.g. to get the final skill damage values for the Wiki).
  • Fill in the green fields with the relevant information.
  • Generally speaking, the more +to skills you have the more important it is to put points into the synergies. A balanced approach is usually the best (depending on the skill this may mean 1 point into the synergy for each point into the skill, for others a different ratio will be best. Putting all the points into the skill and none into the synergies is rarely the best strategy unless you have very little +to skills)
  • By (Nameless)
  • Update: I added fields for the HitShift and a multiplier field. Poison damage is specified per frame, put the number of frames here (e.g. 50 for 2 sec) to get the total damage. This will not currently handle posion skills when the duration increases with the skill level. Leave HitShift at 8 and Mult at 1 if you want to enter the numbers directly.
  • I used a German Excel, I'm not 100% sure if the formulas will work with the English version or OpenOffice. Can somebody please check this.

Please share your Excel Sheets!

If you input the damage data of a skill into this file, please share it by attaching at the skill page.

  1. Please look at the skill page first. If someone has attached the damage table of the skill already, you can use it and don't have to make a new one.
  2. If no file is attached, download Synergy.xls from this page.
  3. Enter the initial damages (E min & max) and the damage increments per level (E1-E5 min & max).
    (These values of some skills are available at the skill pages. If the skill page is undone and you know how to read the skill.txt, please see it.)
  4. Save as "Skillname.xls". "Immolation.xls" for Immolation, for example.
  5. Attach the xls file to the skill page, by clicking [ Attach ].
  6. Add the link between the skill data table and the synergy lines as follows, by clickng [ Edit ]. If the skill page is undone, or you're unsure how to edit the page, please only attach the xls file. It still helps a lot.
    |Fire Damage (ES)|7-14|+7|+8|+9|+11|+11|
    |Lightning Damage (LoD)|1-20|+7|+8|+9|+10|+11|
    |Missile Range (yards) (ES)|>|>|>|>|>|13.3|
    |Missile Range (yards) (LoD)|>|>|>|>|>|8.6|
    |Mana Cost|15|>|>|>|>|+1|
    :|&ref(Immolation.xls); Damage Table     <- please add this line
    :Synergies|'''Blaze:''' +3% Fire Damage Per Level
    '''Fissure:''' +3% Fire Damage Per Level
    '''Flame Wave:''' +3% Fire Damage Per Level
    '''Fire Bolt:''' +3% Fire Damage Per Level
    '''Fire Ball:''' +3% Fire Damage Per Level
    '''Meteor:''' +3% Fire Damage Per Level

Here is an example. (Immolation)

You can directly open the xls file on a browser if MS Excel or its equivalent is installed. But an xls file can be infected by a virus, so please make sure the latest anti-virus software is installed and the online checking function is enabled.

  • pJyRRCMApBXZz -- hjqdakhck? 01-06-2009 (Tue) 16:24:55
  • vszRfjwoELltjYk -- tmxqcg? 10-18-2008 (Sat) 12:56:02
  • The default values in Synergy.xls are changed to "Hitshift=8" and "Mult=1" because all the data at the wiki skill page is based on "hitshift=8" and non-poison damages are commoner. -- tsuru? 10-11-2006 (Wed) 04:32:52
  • It worked fine on a Japanese Excel, thanks! -- tsuru? 10-11-2006 (Wed) 03:43:42

File to attaach: fileSynergy.xls 1028 download [Information]

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