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Hello, I've always thought of making a bow paladin, but never really got off my lazy ass to do it. Now I went a step further and am doing it untweaked. Incase you never noticed, I decided to make a folder which only the same char class can go into, and one for old tourney chars. This one is the person going off the ground to supply future paladins and I have high hopes for him. This concept was intentionally due to various things called " The Arrow of Truth " Which I always liked the idea of.

Skills and Stats

I plan to go all dex, as Sacred piercer will be my main skill. I am doing this as an experiment to see how good a bow paladin is with all damage. Now for maxing, I'm going for obvious things - Arrow of Confession - Sacred Piercer - Fanaticism - Anointed Bear - Holy Ward.


Short Term

  • Obtain Bakou's Sharpshooter
  • Get Full Autoclyse
  • Find a decent Leather of Luck
  • Boost Arrow of Confession to 200 magic damage
  • Get to Level 10

Long Term

  • Obtain Eaglehorn
  • Beat Andariel
  • Be able to handle BRW on p4
  • Be able to handle cows on p1
  • Get to level 40 and do decent damage


Level: 4
AoC max damage: 71
SP max damage: 0
Bear Life: 0
Bear Damage: 0
Useful Oskills: None

Progression Chart ( descending )

Started SoT ( 11/1/09 )

Got to level 4 and did DoE, AoC does decent damage and I am doing well. While trying this, I am wondering how far I will be able to get without slacking in Heptad. Well for now, that doesn't matter I'll just play when I can. I hope to get Autoclyse belt before bed.

Edit: I just got an ore and it had 3 gems which gave me 15k. I managed to get Autoclyse boots and belt and have 5k left. I removed get Full Autoclyse since those are the only useful pieces. I hope to get LoL

Edit2: I just found an exploding shrine that gave me about 50k I think I can manage LoL.... Lol ( bad pun intended )

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