ES Unique/Set spreadsheet

I (INFECTiON_ on PhrozenKeep) decided that having a new page on the ES Unique/Set spreadsheet to keep track of Runes, D-Stones, Gem count, etc would be a good idea..

fileES Spreadsheet.xls

Here's a second version thats built more horizontally, easier to read on a computer screen. Other version is more vertical, to make it easier to print.
V2 also includes the info Eleventh gave for his Set Checklist for gambling set items.

fileES Spreadsheet v2 - Blank.ods

(ODS is an Open Office file, not sure about its compatibility with Excel but I assume it would be able to read it.)

Spread V2.png

I (Eleventh) added some more information to the Sets portion.
This is designed more to be a checklist for someone collecting ES sets.
The last column is especially helpful for Exceptional and Elite gambling.

fileSet Checklist.xls 11/28/07

Set Checklist.jpg

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