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Hello, this is once again that stupid mouse you're all getting sick of, Stingray! This is a summoner build, and is the first character in the druid folder. No vines unfortunately, just wolves and ravens, so yea.... Short descriptions FTW!

Skills and Stats

This is your classic summon energy nut, all energy. As for skills, I honestly think I don't have to explain.


Short Term

  • Get to level 15
  • Get Autocluyse and LoL
  • Get to Dark Woods

Long Term

  • Beat Act 1
  • Get to level 40
  • Get to Lost Farm
  • Get half decent gear.


Level: 4

Progression Chart ( descending )

First Post Yay! ( 11/6/09 )

First log post, I kicked Steven off the ground, and his one raven is useless. * Sigh * Level 6 is soon enough...

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