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Naraku Level 1

Naraku Level 2

Naraku Level 3

The Dead End



  • It would be nice if we can make all wall tiles and floor tiles black. (tsuru)
    • you might check and see if Volf is still active on PK. he seemed to specialize in recoloring areas. his actIII purple spider caves were awesome (dawe)
    • hope he wrote a tutorial or made a good post. :) (tsuru)
    • It'll still be important to have some way that players can tell whether they're continuing to explore the map or running into the edge of it...perhaps the star fields from the Arcane Sanctuary could be used? (verbatim)
    • It would still appear the same on the minimap, wouldn't it? also, if you haven't already found it, Volf did make a tutorial on replacing tiles in a Dt1 (tetsumaru)

Nihlathak's Office

  • One boss for each wing? (tsuru)
  • Fill it with the Nihlathaks (Factory Directors, IIRC) in the other Act V dungeons. Lots of them. Can you give them Corpse Explosion? If so, add lots of Enslaved to be popped.(logger120)
  • If you fill with more Nihlathaks, please make Anya's reward more valuable. I understand it may be hard to change the acutal Personalizing reward. However, if the game can recognize personalized items, then you could add cube recipe that improves them personalized item, or converts it into something else, maybe a Maple Leaf? (logger120)

  • To me, when you personalize an item you are saying that you are keeping that item for good. So i think the reward should be something that reflects that. For instance, you D-stone the stuff that you are keeping for good. So maybe when you personalize something it could add D-stoning room or reset the available room while keeping the mods. I also like Hans' idea of binding it to that character and maybe giving it special mods that are not available anywhere else. -- boobers? 04-19-2007 (Thu) 16:09:54
  • @lordbronx2; i was thinking more toward a hell quest reward. I forgot to think about normal and rushing normal to get Maple Leafs. Maybe the normal reward could be one thing(maybe a Pgem), nightmare another (maybe a rune or multiple pgem), and hell a Maple Leaf. -- logger120? 12-06-2006 (Wed) 03:16:49
  • To add on Logger's idea about the personalized item. One idea is to add a mod or two to the item. Second idea is to change the item to a special craft that character can only wear with a mod or two that is not available any where else. These suggestions may be impossible to implement and if it is to be implemented it should be also available for the Mac users. -- Hans? 12-05-2006 (Tue) 22:52:12
  • the idea of a maple leaf from the Personalizing reward is a bad idea cause it is too easy to get maple leafs then. I could get around 21-27 leafs then in short time, and i think they are easy enough to get cause of all the jello drops.(i would say its rarity is more like 5.999/6 -- lordbrox2? 12-05-2006 (Tue) 18:49:00
  • Perhaps Nameless's idea of Mephisto/Diablo/Baal areas fits well with Naraku 1/2/3 levels? This would perhaps force repositioning the areas on the map though. -- aZiRaFeL? 11-29-2006 (Wed) 13:44:48
  • Perhaps Nameless's idea of Mephisto/Diablo/Baal areas fits well with Naraku 1/2/3 levels? This would perhaps force repositioning the areas on the map though. -- aZiRaFeL? 11-29-2006 (Wed) 13:39:17
  • It would be sweet if you could fight with more rogues in act 1 -- JT? 11-22-2006 (Wed) 13:32:36
  • and make the barbs yelling die taunt or over here taunt -- JT? 11-21-2006 (Tue) 02:55:16
  • That would be fun to see 30 barbs beating down creatures on those foothills! -- Valherran? 11-20-2006 (Mon) 02:26:27
  • make more barbs in act 5 -- JT? 11-18-2006 (Sat) 21:16:36
  • have you guys made the these changes to the maps on the game yet? -- Valherran? 11-10-2006 (Fri) 06:37:07
  • lol, i saw someone added some stuff to the R2H plan, i like his ideas. (the purge button on the cube) sounds useful, and the (all Paladin swords Indestructable) i totally agree with that, i think he put something else that i dont remeber... -- Valherran? 11-03-2006 (Fri) 10:13:35
  • oh, my bad... thought of meph as a undead(yes i know some undead can be leeched). i dont think anything will happen with these places for a while cause its a while since this topic came. I just wonder if hells torment work in all mods, cause it doesnt work on RoS, but that mod got some weird bugs anyway. -- lordbrox2? 11-03-2006 (Fri) 09:39:14
  • And call it Hotel Hell! lol -- Valherran? 11-02-2006 (Thu) 12:25:36
  • Also, i would LOVE to see a dungeon full of nothing but random unique monsters with no minions! -- Valherran? 11-02-2006 (Thu) 12:24:31
  • BS Mephisto cant be leeched! I kick his a** all the time! I seem to leech him just fine, i dont know why you cant... -- Valherran? 11-02-2006 (Thu) 12:22:46
  • this cave could be in naruku maybe(changed with a cave, but then needs new tiles/area) the monster with meph could be councils and death lords to make it tougher, cause it must be harder than andy den. -- lordbrox2? 10-15-2006 (Sun) 04:13:44
  • plz remove the spamming!! a mephisto cave would be great and hard, cause they cant be leeched (w/o life tap) and they cast a charged bolt that hurt as hell :P -- lordbrox2? 10-15-2006 (Sun) 04:06:50
  • We have areas with Andariels and Duriels (Dressing Room and Marsh of Pain), I'd like some areas with one of the other bosses as well (Mephisto, Diablo, Baal). -- Nameless? 10-13-2006 (Fri) 05:21:42
  • I think the Steel Lords in general should be incredibly strong, and bigger. -- Valherran? 10-08-2006 (Sun) 02:46:51
  • do yal think u cud do a uber boss in each lvl or just make a new uber place in game -- uber? 10-03-2006 (Tue) 01:17:21
  • better incentive for killing nihlathak. maybe improved drops? -- logger120? 09-10-2006 (Sun) 16:32:57
  • This suggestion of mine was ignored quite some time ago when I suggested it for normal areas, but as the special areas don't care *that* much about difficulty (as long as they are beatable), what about giving some monsters more special abilities instead of just boosting their stats? Fire/frost shields, weak cries, sacrifice (this could be interesting ;-) ), zeal... These skills wouldn't even have to be the monsters' major skills, but they'd be good enough even in rare occasions. -- Jodwin? 08-31-2006 (Thu) 16:11:11
  • I would really like a tougher area for gettin some xp, so hells torment is a good idea. And about nhil's office, no1 ever goes there cause of vipers. -- LordBrox2? 08-30-2006 (Wed) 19:14:03
  • what about putting the 'hells torment levels in. like from other mods? -- 08-26-2006 (Sat) 14:20:03
  • You can post a comment, or instead, edit this page to add a new section to discuss something. -- tsuru? 08-22-2006 (Tue) 03:19:37

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