Crystals (Plan)

  • Alternative Appellation
    • Crystal -> Element, Mineral or Essence
    • Crystal Can -> Refiner
  • Monsters in some specific areas drop an Ore.
  • An Ore can contain multiple kinds and various amounts of Chipped Crystals.
    (ex. 3 Chipped Crystal B's, 2 Chipped Crystal C's and 1 Chipped Crystal G.)
    • An Ore contains at least 1 Chipped Crystal.
    • Ores dropped in higher difficulties usually contain more Crystals.
    • The kind of Crystals an Ore contains are mainly determined by the monster but partially random.
  • You can extract Chipped Crystals from an Ore by cubing once, or several times.
    • If you can't extract Chipped Crystals any more it means that ore is empty.
    • A junk (empty) ore can be cubed into a Decipherer point in a Multi Stocker.
  • Only two grades of Crystal exist, Chipped Crystal and Crystal.
    • Chipped Crystals can be stored in a Crystal Can and can be extracted as a Crystal.
    • The rate of Chipped Crystal and Crystal hasn't been determined yet (1:100 or more).
CrystalChippedNormalMainly Dropped byAreaChance
Crystal A
b_oval_s.gifb_oval_l.gifNihlathakNihlathak's Domain
FatalstormNihlathak's Domain
Factory DirectorMoonshine Distillery
Factory DirectorMoonshine Distillery
Dark PlanterPoppy Farm
Crystal B
violet_s.gifviolet_l.gifBaalWordstone Chamber
Baal's BodydoubleWordstone Chamber
Lister the TormentorThrone of Destruction
Lister the RevengerNihlathak's Domain
Crystal C
red_s.gifred_l.gifDiabloChaos Sanctuary
DiabloThrone of Destruction
Diablo CloneRandom Area
King LeoricChaos Sanctuary
Hell SpawnChaos Sanctuary
Warlord of BloodChaos Sanctuary
Crystal D
topa_s.giftopa_l.gifMephistoDurance of Hate Level 3
MephistoThrone of Destruction
Knuckle BallerBill Roper Memorial Ballpark
Named CouncilsDurance of Hate Level 3
Crystal E
blue_s.gifblue_l.gifDurielDuriel's Lair
DurielThrone of Destruction
DurielMarsh of Pain
Crystal F
greens.gifgreenl.gifAndarielCatacomb Level 4
AndarielThrone of Destruction
AndarielAndariel's Dressing Room
Crystal Gopa_s.gifopa_l.gifReporbBill Roper Memorial Ballpark
Hephasto the ArmororRiver of Flame
Dark CloneHarpie's Nest Level 2
Crystal Hmaga_s.gifmaga_l.gifMagmajugglerNihlathak's Domain
SummonerArcane Sanctuary
Dark MagicianDark Magicians Chamber Level 2
Crystal Ig_tear_s.gifg_tear_l.gifReziarfgGFraizer Dome
RadamentAct 2 Sewer Level 2
Sorrow SummonerHarpie's Nest Level 1 & 2
Chaos SummonerDark Magician's Chamber Level 1
Crystal Jwhite_s.gifwhite_l.gifMetalsparkNihlathak's Domain
Dark ClerkFake Note Factory
Dark ClerkPoppy Farm
Crystal Korange_s.giforange_l.gifTreant KingNaraku Level 1
Treehead WoodfistDark Wood
Dark CrasherBlood Raven's Workshop Level 1
Crystal L
tour_s.giftour_l.gifNikartanaNihlathak's Domain
Battlemaid SarinaBookstore Sarina Level 2
Sarina's MaidenBookstore Sarina Level 2
Blood RavenThe Graveyard
Blood RavenBlood Raven's Workshop Level 2

Recipes (Plan)

Blank Rune

  • Blank Rune is a rune which is one upper grade of Wo Rune and can be dropped by monsters.
    • 2 Wo Runes -> Blank Rune

Kanji Runes

  • Crystals work like Ancient Decals to make Kanji Runes.
    • Blank Rune + Crystals -> Kanji Rune
    • Kanji Rune -> Blank Rune + Crystals

Golden Anvil

  • Golden Anvil is an upper version of Anvil Stone, and used for Uber Forging.
    • 2 Maple Leaves + Crystal -> Golden Anvil

Uber Forging

  • Target item + 1-2 Golden Anvils + Chipped Gem

Crafted Charms

  • Magic Charm + Crystal + D-Stone + Magic Jewel -> Crafted Charm

OOPArts Base Items

  • Normal Katana + Crystal + something -> Normal Tachi (Great Katana)
    (Automods: Oskill Iaigiri, Oskill Zeal)
  • Normal Matriarchal Pike + Crystal + something -> Normal Naginata (Samurai Bill)
    (Automods: Oskill Dance of Death, Oskill Killer Scythe)
  • Normal Silvan Chain + Crystal + something -> Normal Kusari Katabira (Ninja Chain Mail)
  • Normal Dwarven Faceplate + Crystal + something -> Normal Kabuto (Samurai Helm)
  • Normal Throwing Dagger + Crystal + something -> Normal Kunai (Ninja Dagger)
  • Normal Hemp Band + Crystal + something -> Normal Blackbelt (Judo Expert's Sash)
    (Automods: +1 To Shadow Disciplines, +1 To Passive Skills)

Random notes for upcomming Crystal Recipes

Crystals are new cube materials which only drop in the special areas like Cow Level, Lost Farm and Marsh of Pain. (Not implemented yet.)
Please add your ideas what they spawn.

OOPArt Base Items

  • OOPArt means an archaeological object found in a very unusual location.
  • OOPArt Base Items are the special weapons and armor with unusual base damage or base defense, which can't be dropped by monsters or gambled.
  • It would be fun to give OOPArt items some drawback, like only 1 socket is allowed.

OOPArt Base Item Examples

  • Kodachi (norm) - Tachi (exc) - Oodachi (eli)
    • Non class specific version of Assassin Katana.
    • Has slightly better dase damage than Katana. Or the same base damage would be OK because Katana already has better base damage than other 2H weapons.
    • Automods: Oskill Iaigiri, Oskill Sword Mastery
  • Naginata (norm) - Serpent Blade (exc) - Dragon Blade (eli)
    (These names had been used for the abolished Assassin Spears.)
    • Non class specific spear or polearm class weapon.
    • Slightly better dase damage than Pike - Lance - Impaler.
    • Automods: Oskill Whirlwind, Oskill Spear Mastery
  • Apprentice Mantle (norm) - Sage Mantle (exc) - Heavenly Mantle (eli)
    • Automods: Oskill Soul Shiver, Oskill Elemental Masteries

Set Stones

Charm rerolling recipes

  • with a bonus mod like absorb, ctc skills, etc.
  • class Crafted charms. EXPENSIVE. Carry one check: +1 class skills and other mods for class; knockback or freeze target for Zon, -%enemy resist for sorc, CtC skills, etc.; plus the potential random mods (logger120)
  • charm (D)stoning; life, mana, FHR, FRW, IAS, FCR, DR/MDR, etc. with +level req penalty. only for specific charms (not all), odd charm or crafted charm? (logger120)

Crafted Charms


  • Oskill Teleport Forging
  • Oskill Conviction Forging (to add alternatives for ArchDimeron; -Jodwin)
  • Other Oskill forging. Maybe one or two 'power' skills from each class. BO, Summon Elemental, Fade, Zon passives, etc. all come to mind. (logger120)
  • CtC on Striking Forging for both weapon (inluding bows) and non-weapon items to allow for a greater diversity of builds. Such things as Amp Dmg, Decrepify, Lower Resist, Frost Nova, Charged Bolt, and Immolation come to mind.(angiras)
  • lvls for oskills and %chance and lvl for CtC determined by number and quality of crystals

Kanji Runes

  • Kanji is Chinese characters also used in Japanese mixed with Hiragana.
  • Kanji (uber) runes make new runewords combined with Hiragana (conventional) runes.
  • Kanji rune names are written in small letters to distinguish from Hiragana runes.
    • Hiragana rune names, especially Ka and Shi should always be capitalized to avoid the confusion.
    • Ka (か) is the 4th Hiragana rune. ka (火) is the 2nd Kanji rune.
    • Shi (し) is the 3rd Hiragana rune. shi (死) is the 12th Kanji rune.
MeaningKanjiRune NameBonus (Plan)Recipe
MoongetsuAssassin +1Crystal A*2 + Blank Rune
FirekaFire Damage BonusCrystal C*2 + Blank Rune
WatersuiCold Damage BonusCrystal E*2 + Blank Rune
TreemokuAmazon +1Crystal L*2 + Blank Rune
MetalkinBarbarian +1Crystal G*2 + Blank Rune
EarthdoPoison Damage Bonus +1Crystal F*2 + Blank Rune
SunnichiPaladin +1Crystal J*2 + Blank Rune
ThunderraiLightning Damage BonusCrystal D*2 + Blank Rune
WindfuuSorceress +Crystal H*2 + Blank Rune
DragonryuuPhysical Damage BonusCrystal B*2 + Blank Rune
LifeseiDruid +1Crystal K*2 + Blank Rune
DeathshiNecromancer +1Crystal J*2 + Blank Rune
HeaventenAll Skills +1Crystal A, G, H, I, J, K, L + Blank Rune
GodshinExperience BonusCrystal B, C, D, E, F + Blank Rune

Word List

Runes (jp)Runes (en)RunewordPronunciation
月のめ神Moon No Me GodGoddess of MoonTsuki no Megami
月こうMoon Ko UMoonlightGekkou
月あかりMoon A Ka RiMoonlightTsukiakari
まん月Ma N MoonFull MoonMangetsu
しん月Shi N MoonNew MoonShingetsu
みか月Mi Ka MoonCrescent MoonMikazuki
月しよくMoon Shi Yo KuLunar EclipseGesshoku
月ようMoon Yo UMondayGetsuyou
火えんFire E NFlameKaen
火竜Fire DragonFire DragonKaryuu
しこくの火Shi Ko Ku No FireHellfireJigoku no Hi
きつね火Ki Tsu Ne FireWill o' Wisp (lit. Fox Fire)Kitsunebi
おに火O Ni FireWill o' Wisp (lit. Demon Fire)Onibi
しらぬ火Shi Ra Nu FireWill o' Wisp (lit. Unknown Fire)Shiranui
火のあらしFire No A Ra ShiFirestormHi no Arashi
火せいFire Se IMarsKasei
火ようFire Yo UTuesdayKayou
こう水Ko U WaterFloodKouzui
水雷ていWater Thunder Te ITorpedo BoatSuiraitei
せん水かんSe N Water Ka NSubmarineSensuikan
水しようきWater Shi Yo U KiVaporSuijouki
水天くうWater Heaven Ku UShrine of Water GodSuitenguu
水しふきWater Shi Fu KiSplashMizushibuki
水もんWater Mo NWatergateSuimon
水めんWater Me NWater SurfaceSuimen
水たまりWater Ta Ma RipuddleMizutamari
水せいWater Se IMercurySuisei
水ようWater Yo UWednesdaySuiyou
木こりWood Ko RiLumberjackKikori
まつの木Ma Tsu No WoodPine TreeMatsunoki
やしの木Ya Shi No WoodPalm TreeYashinoki
天ねん木Heaven Ne N WoodNatural WoodTennenboku
木めんWood Me NCottonMomen
とろいの木はTo Ro I No Wood HaTrojan HorseToroi no Mokuba
木のほりWood No Ho RiTree ClimbingKinobori
木せいWood Se IJupiterMokusei
木ようWood Yo UThursdayMokuyou
金そくかこうMetal So Ku Ka Ko UMetal CraftKinzokukakou
し金せきShi Metal Se KiTouchstoneShikinseki
金こうせきMetal Ko U Se KiDiamondKongouseki
金しとうMetal Shi To UPyramidKinjitou
金ほしMetal Ho ShiGold Star (=Unexpected Victory)Kinboshi
おお金もちO O Metal Mo ChiMillionaireOoganemochi
金せいMetal Se IVenusKinsei
金ようひMetal Yo U HiFridayKin'youbi
りよう土Ri Yo U EarthDomainRyoudo
土しやくすれEarth Shi Ya Ku Su ReMudslideDoshakuzure
土竜Earth DragonMaulMogura
土つかすEarth Tsu Ka SuUnbeatenTsuchitsukazu
こきようの土Ko Ki Yo U No EarthHomelandKokyou no Tsuchi
土せいEarth Se ISaturnDosei
土ようEarth Yo USaturdayDoyou
日きSun KiDiaryNikki
日やけSun Ya KeSuntanHiyake
日こうSun Ko USunlightNikkou
きゆう日Ki Yu U SunHolidayKyuujitsu
たん生日Ta N Life SunBirthdayTanjoubi
日のまるSun No Ma RuNational Flag (of Japan)Hinomaru
日しよくSun Shi Yo KuSolar EclipseNisshoku
日ようSun Yo USundayNichiyou
風神Wind GodGod of WindFuujin
たい風Ta I WindTyphoonTaifuu
ほうえき風Ho U E Ki WindTrade WindBouekifuu
風水Wind WaterFeng Shui(Chinese Geomancy)Fuusui
とつ風To Tsu WindGustToppuu
れつ風Re Tsu WindFierce WindReppuu
雷神Thunder GodGod of ThunderRaijin
雷めいThunder Me IClap of ThunderRaimei
えん雷E N ThunderDistant ThunderEnrai
雷かんThunder Ka NDetonatorRaikan
竜神Dragon GodDivine DragonRyuujin
竜きへいDragon Ki He IDragoonRyuu-Kihei
ひ竜Hi DragonDivine DragonHiryuu
そう竜So U DragonBlue DragonSouryuu
たん生Ta N LifeBirthTanjou
生めいLife Me ILifeSeimei
生めいりよくLife Me I Ri Yo KuVitalitySeimei-ryoku
せん生Se N LifeTeacherSensei
生死Life DeathLife and Death, Dead or AliveSeishi
死せんDeath Se NClose CallShisen
死めつDeath Me TsuAnnihilationShimetsu
そく死So Ku DeathInstant DeathSokushi
ふろうふ死Fu Ro U Fu DeathImmortalFurou-Fushi
天たいHeaven Ta IHeavenly BodiesTentai
天しよう天かHeaven Shi Yo U Heaven KaEntire UnverseTenjou-Tenka
天めいHeaven Me IDestiny (The order of Heaven)Tenmei
天さいHeaven Sa IGenius/DisasterTensai
天ちむようHeaven Chi Mu YouRight Side Up With Care (Anime Title)Tenchi-Muyou
神風God WindDivine WindKamikaze
神のてGod No TeGod HandKami no Te
神わGod WaMythShinwa
たいま神Ta I Ma GodGuardian God (lit. Great Fiend)Daimajin

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