Changes in ES 3.00 R4D

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug that no Fire and Lightning Vampires are summoned.
  • Fixed the but that Skill Tab Froging can't be removed from Crafted Items.

Monster Changes

  • Unique bosses are no longer spawned with Stone Skin property in Hell. Instead, increased the physical resist of monsters in Hell by 0-10%.
  • To avoid the graphic lag, changed Tatarashi as follows:
    • Reduced the number of Tatarashi in a group (1-3 -> 2).
    • Reduced the chance for Tatarashi to appear (1 -> 2).
    • Prohibited reviving Tatarashi.
    • Tweaked the Firestorm of Diablo and Tatarashi.
      • Range: 80 yards -> 50 yards
      • Missile # in Hell: 11 -> 3
      • Missile # in Nightmare: 7 -> 3
      • Missile # in Normal: 4 -> 3
      • Increased the damage by 100-150%.
  • Increased the skill levels of Nihlathak and his clones in Nihlathak's Domain by 3 (Bone Wave, etc.).
  • Slightly increased the life of Nihlathak clones in Nihlathak's Domain.
  • Reduced the skill levels of Nihlathak clones in the factories/farm by 1 (Sandstorm, Hell's Gate).
  • Reduced the skill levels of Nikartana by 3 (Phantom Hatchets, Berserk Fury).
  • Increased the chance for Shriekers to make an interval between casting Warcry.
  • Reduced the chance for Safeties to use Charge.
  • Reduced the AR bonus of monster's Charge. (50% + 15%/lvl -> 50% + 10%/lvl)
  • Capped the effect of monster's BO (Cheerleaders, Beholders and Evil Eyes) at +20% Max Life.
  • Nerfed the effect of Cheerleader's Super Salvation (+40% -> +30% to F/C/L/P/M resist).
  • Recided all resists of Master Thief, Creeping Gold and Golden Scarab (by 10% in Hell, by 5% in NM).
  • Reduced the walk/run speed of Master Theif again.
  • Reduced the chance for Master Thief to appear.

Monster Drop Changes

  • Made the drop of Treant King, Reziarfg, Reporb and 5 super uniques in Nihlathak's Domain as good as Baal's.
  • Made more monsters drop "double drop" (a monster drops as if 2 monsters are killed). Double drop monsters are as follows, and the monsters in red were added in this version.
    • Naraku Level 1: Living Ice
    • Naraku Level 2: Living Ice, Evil Eye
    • Naraku Level 3: Living Ice, Matagi, Namahage
    • GFraizer Dome: Quarterback, Defensive End, Defensive Tackle, Cornerback, Safety
    • Bill Roper Memorial Ballpark: Outfielder, Slugger, Manager, Umpire, Knucleballer
    • Nowhere: Ghastly Horseman, Grimalkin, Treant
    • Nihlathak's Domain: Evil Eye, Grimalkin, Tatarashi, Vile Swordman
  • Increased the amount of gold Creeping Gold and Golden Scarab drop by 33%.
  • Improved the gem drop again. No Chipped Gem in Nightmare. No Flawed Gem and Chipped Gem in Hell.

Skill Changes

  • Reduced the mana cost of following skills:
    • Raise Vampire: 16 + 2/lvl -> 16 + 1.5/lvl
    • Bone Spirit: 16 + 2/lvl -> 16 + 1.5/lvl
    • Bone Wall: 32 + 2/lvl -> 24 + 2/lvl
    • Summon Water Elemental: 40 + 3/lvl -> 40 + 2.5/lvl

Recipe Changes

  • Following Recipes now refund the key.
    • 3 Crafted Rings/Amulets + Key -> Magic Jewel
    • 3 Set Rings/Amulets + Key -> Magic Jewel
    • 6 Rare Rings/Amulets + Key -> Magic Jewel

Misc Changes

  • Made Act 3 Hidden Stashes open faster.
  • Made Aura of Divinity blink slower. Adjusted the offset.

To Do

Monster Changes

  • Adjust the monsters' level in Act 3 special areas in Normal difficulty.
  • Improve the Super Unique in Dark Magician's Chamber.

Monster Drop Changes

  • Implement the Crystals (the name isn't final) and Crystal Can.
    (Most of Crystal recipes will be implemented in R4E or later, but you can start to collect Crystal.)

Skill Changes

  • Merge the states used by passive skills as possible to reduce the total states used, which may reduce the crash in multiplayer games.
  • Improve Inferno Sentry. Replace the skill with Teeth, Hell's Gate or Bone Wave.
  • Change the set morph bonuses to oskills like werefroms?
    • Allow to use wereform skills when morphed.
    • Abolish and refund the morph charms?

Item Changes

  • Try to fix the wrong total damage display with "Damage XXX-XXX" mod.

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