Changes in ES 3.00 R5G

Bug Fixes

  • Removed the walkable flag from the tiles in Nihlathak's Domain (at Malah's shop), which would prohibit Nihlathak from escaping into the unreachable area.
  • Fixed the typo in the skill descriptions of Dodge, Avoid and Evade (animatin -> animation).
  • (jp) Unified the translation of the word "Enigmatic" in "Enigmatic Cinnabar" and "Chipped Enigmatic Cinnabar".
  • Fixed the bug that no socketable can be inserted into the socket of LoD unique elite gloves, belts and boots.
  • Fixed the bug that the lightning damage of Death Sentry doesn't increase by slvl.
  • Fixed the bug that the corpse explosion radius of Death Sentry doesn't increase by slvl.
  • Removed the unnecessary magenta dots on the gem can graphics in Act 5.
  • Removed the wrong RIP bonus from Motoko Set's full set bonus, which had been changed to the regular mod of the amulet.
  • Fixed the errors in the skill description of Fade (12% seconds -> 12 seconds).
  • Fixed the bug that Sightless Archer (Unique Faceguard), Zan-Esus' Commitment (Unique Coronet) and Lunar Charm (Unique Tiara) can't be rerolled.
  • Fiexd the bug that Life and Mana can be D-Stoned only once per item.
    • This is because of an LoD bug (LoD doesn't report the correct Life and Mana on an item.) The recipe no longer check the cap for Life and Mana. Please check it for yourself.
  • Fixed the bug that Runeword Stone, Void, Forefeel, Gold, Fog, Moon, Sin and Rhino don't accept the extra jewel.
  • Fixed the map tiles in River of Flame, Moonshine Distillery, Fake Note Factory and Poppy Farm, in which monsters are wrongly spawned on lava. (This is a bug of D2 itself.)
  • Fixed the bug that Sacred Piercer's passive pierce bonus doesn't work.
  • Reduced the mana costs of Shock Web, Teeth, Volcano, Poison Slash, Charged Bolt and Ice Bolt as announced in R5F.
  • Fixed the mana cost of Arctic Blast, which was lower than anounced in R5F.

System Changes

  • Generally reduced the experience gain in Normal and NM.
  • Eased the experience penalty between character level 90 and 95.
  • Changed the casting delay of following skills.
    • Fissure: 20 -> 15 frames
    • Flame Wave: 15 -> 10 frames
    • Cold Wave: 0 -> 10 frames
  • CtC mods of following skills spawned in R5G and later use a special version of the skill that has no casting delay. Existing items aren't updated until rerolled.
    • Bone Wave, Hydra
    • Fist of the Heavens
    • Flame Wave, Meteor, Lightning Hydra, Blizzard, Frozen Orb

Skill Changes

  • Made Flame Wave and Cold Wave assignable to the left mouse button.
  • Improved the physical damage of Lightning Inferno.
    (Lightning Inferno is supposed to deal the same physical damage as its lightning damage, but Lightning Mastery hadn't worked for that.)
    • Old: Physical Damage = Lightning Damage before applying Lightning Mastery * (100 + Wind Mastery) / 100
    • New: Physical Damage = Lightning Damage before applying Lightning Mastery * (100 + Wind Mastery + Lightning Mastery) / 100
      (Here "Lightning Mastery" includes "+XX% to Lightning Skill Damage".)
  • Improved the physical damage of Arctic Blast.
    (Arctic Blast is supposed to deal the same physical damage as its cold damage, but Cold Mastery hadn't worked for that.)
    • Old: Physical Damage = Cold Damage before applying Cold Mastery * (100 + Wind Mastery) / 100
    • New: Physical Damage = Cold Damage before applying Cold Mastery * (100 + Wind Mastery + Cold Mastery) / 100
      (Here "Cold Mastery" includes "+XX% to Cold Skill Damage".)
  • Increased the missile ranges of Nerco Vampires (20 -> 26.66 yards).
  • Slightly reduced the additional exlosion radius of Corpse Explosion and Death Sentry per level (+0.44 -> +0.33 yard per slvl).
  • Increased the aura damage of Protection From Evil. This is because PfE pulses only once in 3 seconds while Holy Auras pulse every second.
Aura Magic Damage (Old)2-6+1.5+3+6+12+12
Aura Magic Damage (New)3-10+2.5+5+10+20+20
  • Improved Enchant so that the enchanted units show an overlay animation.
    (Enchant no longer turns the weapon red, because not all weapons can change the color, and changing some and not changing others is confusing.)
(You can always know whether minions, mercs and characters are Enchanted, even if their weapons have the fixed color.)
  • Changed the casting sound of Shade Armor.
  • Added the info to the description of Sacred Piercer that you need to re-equip Damage Augmenter after you assign skill points.
  • Improved Holy Shield.
    • Damage Reduction: +1% per Base Point (New)
    • Block%: Diminishing Return -> 15% + 1% per Base Point (Nerf)
    • Also benefits for 2H melee builds via an free oskill "Holy Parry" (New)
  • Added an free oskill "Holy Parry" for Paladins. (Also see Recipe Changes.)
    • The skill level of Holy Shield is directly reflected. This skill doesn't work if you have no point in Holy Shield.
    • Needs a 2H melee weapon equipped to cast. (Doesn't work with bows and xbows.)
    • Overwrites and is overwritten by Holy Shield.
    • Defense Bonus: 150% of Holy Shield
    • Damage Reduction: +1% per Base Point
    • Chance to Dodge: 15% + 1% per Base Point
    • Blocking is disabled when active. You need to recast Holy Shield when you swap to shield/1H weapon setup.

Monster Changes

  • Toned down the spell levels of Putrid Defilers.
    • Psychic Slash: slvl 3-5 -> 1-2 (in normal)
    • Thunder Storm / Meteor Shower / Winter Fury: slvl 8-10 -> 4-6 (in normal)
      (The slvls of monsters are automatically increased by 3 in NM and by 7 in Hell.)
  • Toned down the Corpse Explosion damage of Nihlathak by 40%.
    (This is because monsters' life is increased in R5.)
  • Halved the range of Master Thieves' "Gold Steal" aura (20 -> 10 yards.)

Drop Changes

  • Reverted monster's Treasure Class of weapons and armor back to the old version.
    (I had improved the TC, and after a while, had lowered the qlvls of elite items to gamble them easily. But doing both made elite items start to drop in too early areas.)
  • The players number no longer increases junk drop (quivers, pots, keys, etc.) from non-boss monsters.
    (This means less junks, say in 8 ppl Cow Level, but good items drops as before.)
  • Improved the chest drop at /playes1, but the players number increases it more mildly.
    (Now the chest pop cheat makes less sense.)

Recipe Changes

  • Changed the output ilvl of Secret Recipe 28 (Rerolling a rare charm with gems) from "previous ilvl" to "clvl", like other reroll recipes.
  • Rerolling Orb no longer stores Crafted Rings/Amulets as a Magic Jewel Point. This is because a Magic Jewel Point is worth only 1.5 Flawless Gem and you can make 2 Flawless Gems from a Crafted Ring/Amulet.
  • Damage Augmenter + Chipped Diamonds -> Adds +1 To Holy Parry
  • Damage Augmenter + 3 Thawing Potions -> Removes +1 To Holy Parry

Item Changes

  • Optimized the color palettes of several base items.
    • Cloak, Robe, Spiked Armor, Horned Helm, Assault Helm and Avenger Guard show the inherit color on the field graphic.
    • Improved the field graphic color of Full Helm, Great Helm, Mask, Aelin Shield, Preserved Head, Unraveller Head and Gargoile Head.
    • Improved the inventory graphic color of Elven Chain, Kite Shield, Circlet, Hawk Helm and Targe.
  • Changed the description of Magic Eraser (DmgAc -> -MonDf, RedAc -> -TgtDf.)
  • Merc Only Conversion applied in R5G and later shows the string ** Merc Only Conversion ** when you cursor the item.
    • To let the old Merc Conversions show the string, please remove it and apply again.
  • Changed the req str/dex of following items so that elite pieces have more requirement than exceptional ones.
    • Battle Scythe (Exceptional Scythe): 82/82 -> 65/65
    • Shadow Scythe (Elite Scythe): 65/65 -> 82/82
    • Grim Scythe (Exceptional War Scythe): 140/140 -> 95/95
    • Death Reaper (Elite Scythe): 95/90 -> 140/140
  • Changed the oskill description +1 To Carry One Item Check to +1 To Carry One Item.

Set Item Changes

  • Added the base conversion recipes of following items.
    • Crook of the Valley (Set Petrified Staff) -> Ancient Maul
    • Branch of the Ents (Set Mystic Staff / Marksman Bow) -> Urgrosh
    • The Staff of the Magius (Set Rune Staff / Rune Bow) -> Grim Scythe
      (This is because those sets can be used with melee chars, and staves' gem type is "Helm".)

Reported Bugs / Requests

  • Rune Forgings (forged in the latest version) on gloves can't be removed correctly.
  • (Sep 22) Secret Recipe 28 (rare charm gem reroll) would it make sense to change 'previous ilvl' ->'char lvl' as with all other gem rerolls?(done)
  • (Sep 23) Small display bug in Fade, some of the synergies are shown as 12% seconds.(done)
  • (Sep 23) Merc-only forging doesn't seem to get the purple "forged-equipment" description.(applied only to new conversions)
  • (Sep 25) HF/HS pulses every 25 frames (once per second) but PfE only pulses every 75 frames (3 seconds). I realize that the slow puls rate is needed to keep the AoE Knockback from becoming overpowered, but this also means that it does only 1/3 the damage of the other auras. If the AoE damage is supposed to be similar, then the raw damage numbers of PfE have to be 3 times higher than for HF/HS.(done)
  • (Sep 28) While doing an overhaul of the 'Miscellaneous' recipe page on the wiki I noticed these recipes don't look very balanced:(done)
    • Magic Jewel + Blemished Gem = Magic Jewel of the Same Type (ilvl = char lvl)
    • 3 Crafted Rings/Amulets = 1 Rerolled Magic Jewel.
    • A junk Crafted item can be turned into 2 Flawless Gems.
  • (Sep 28) The passive pierce bonus on Sacred Piercer doesn't work (R5E Mac). I made a new a Damage Augmenter, but that didn't help.(done)
  • (Sep 28) Gem reroll doesn't work on circlets. I tried to reroll Sightless Archer (Faceguard) with 2 pgems, and boobers confirmed he couldn't reroll Lunar Charm (Tiara) with 3 pgems.(done)
  • (Oct 02) A map bug in Act 5 lava dungeons: (done)
  • (Oct 05) Spiked armor and robes don't change your character's color ingame.(done)
  • (Oct 05) The barb helmets I mentioned, I've seen them look bright green or bright red etc in Vanilla LoD, but never in Eastern Sun they all look gold.(done)
  • (Oct 18) Multi Stocker (set to an Organ) + Heart/Scroll + ID Scroll: Convert Hearts/Souls point in stocker into organ points of the selected organ.
  • (Oct 19) "Tyranium Ore + key + armor = Same item +16 life" The recipe works only once on the item.(done)
  • (Oct 26) This is not an ES bug but a LoD bug, but could you change the "10% chance to cast Frozen Orb" on the Change Runeword (Henka wo Suru) to something else?(removed the delay from CtC mods.)
  • (Nov 07) I am having problems with the Rhino runeword in a 3-socket Defender [Exceptional Buckler].(done)
  • (Nov 07) A small request for a recipe change: On all other items a Tyrannium Ore dstones +4% Max Life, on Rings/Ammys it gives +2% Life Leech and you have to use a TO with a Key to get the +Max Life.
  • Is it possible to reduce the collision size of Skeletons? (Avoiding the jam)
  • Pally discussion:

Can't Be Fixed Or Changed

  • Portal Shrines sometimes don't work. -> Nothing has been changed about shrines, and I can't confirm the bug (a Portal Shrine worked for me in R5F.)
  • (Sep 23) Is there a particular reason Enchant uses the weak color transform? It looks a bit dinky, the strong red color would look much nicer. -> I wrongly remembered that I had changed the color, but the color hasn't been changed.
  • Move a few more Waypoints into fixed locations. The most important one would be to move the Black Marsh WP to the entrance (like Cold Plains). -> This was much more difficult than I had thought.
  • Move the "Carry One" check line to the next spot (after Forging) and make it red. -> "Carry One" check is an oskill, so making it red makes all other oskills red.
  • The numbers of Skeletons and Vampires that are supposed to be capped at 24 are wrongly capped at 22(?) -> Works fine for me.
  • (jp) WSK 1 shows the entry message of Nowhere. -> This is because of not running old_file_cleaner.
  • (Nov 05) I just Ra forged a Rare jewel to add 2/3 Weapon Mods of the Rune, so yes I used the TP for the recipes, for some reason it remix the jewel into a Magic jewel and totally different. -> Works fine for me.
  • Would it be possible to make a tokenizing recipe that turned unique charms into a token (non-functional as a charm) and removed the carry 1 check? -> The life penalty when equipped (Carry One Item Check) can be removed, and it doesn't work on a token even if not removed. But it's not a mod but a kind of attribute that you can't pick up a carry 1 item if you have one. This attribute will gone if the item is changed to a completely different thing like a coupon, but then the variable stats will gone, too. (Carry One Item Check exists to close the loophole of a certain version of PlugY that allows to pick up multiple carry 1 items.)

To Do

  • Change the state used by curses to see if it makes Blind and Flee not overwrite the current curse.

Rune Stats Changes

  • I Rune Weapon Mod: +15% Enhanced Damage -> +30%
  • I Rune Helm Mod: +30 Defense -> +45
  • I Rune Shield Mod: +30 Defense -> +45
  • Ka Rune Helm Mod: +45 Defense Vs. Missile -> +90
  • Ka Rune Shield Mod: +45 Defense Vs. Missile -> +90

Gem Stats Changes (Per Grade)

  • Amethyst Helm Mod: +4 To Strength -> +5
  • Amethyst Shield Mod: +20 Defense -> +30
  • Diamond Helm Mod: +20 Defense -> +30
  • Emerald Weapon Mod: Adds 15 Poison Damage -> 20
  • Emerald Helm Mod: +4 To Dexterity -> +5
  • Ruby Weapon Mod: Adds 4-7 Fire Damage -> 4-10
  • Ruby Weapon Mod: +1 Life After Kill -> +2
  • Sapphire Weapon Mod: Adds 3-6 Cold Damage -> 3-8
  • Sapphire Helm Mod: +8 To Mana -> +10
  • Skull Shield Mod: Attacker Takes Damage of XX -> Magic Damage Reduced By 1
  • Skull Shield Mod: +20 Defense -> +30
  • Topaz Weapon Mod: Adds 1-12 Cold Damage -> 1-15

To Do (R6)

  • Tokenizing GC and LC.

Crystal Recipes

  • Improve the stats of Kanji Runes.
    (Add auto repair?)
  • Kanji Runewords
  • Kanji Rune Forging
  • Increase the drop chance of Null Rune?
  • Uber Forging
    • Golden Anvils
  • Oopart base items
  • Crafted Charms
  • Crafted Jewels
  • jp_neta
  • Crystal socketable, morph


  • If any of the stored items on following stockers hit the cap, the stocker doesn't accpet that item any more, instead of losing the item point.
    • Rerolling Orb, Multi Stocker
  • Rebalance Unique Weapons.
  • Rebalance Unique Class Specific Armor.
  • Class Skill bonus on weapons needs to be more generic
  • new base armor for eth armor upgrade
  • can opener size change, rerolling orb image change
  • valk attracts meph,duri,council
  • uniquestones -> stocker
  • Map changes?
  • gold storage
    1. The damage augmentor charm does not have any effect with Dragon Talon in the LCS window. I don't know if it doesn't work, or if it's just not displayed. I hope it works, because Dragon Talon could sure use the help.
    2. Elemental damage from equipment is not displayed with Dragon Talon in the LCS window. It does work with the skill though.
    Death sentry seems bugged, i have illustrated in the skill description 1-28k lightning damage and it doesnt do significant damage that justifys its description at all and i use lightning mastery + conviction + lvl 5 ancients call, this tested on players 1 act 5.
    I think you're right that something is wrong with it. I tried it out, comparing it to Lightning Sentry. The skill descriptions were ~1-8800 for Death Sentry and ~1-13k for Lightning Sentry. Stacked Death Sentries barely scratched some skeleton archers, I mean whole volleys were taking out only slivers of life. I then used Lightning Sentries on the same pack of skeleton archers and they took down the boss himself in maybe 2 volleys. This was /players 1 Hell Dark Wood.

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