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I've got a short attention span when it comes to video games,. I also have a tendency to come up with a more developed character background and such for my Diablo 2 characters, typically for re-use in other games (especially Morrowind)or stories.
Current Diablo 2 Projects:

  • The Seven Paladin Project - Lycurgus (Zealot), Zenelly (Avenger), Charon (Ranger), Argus (FotH), Acheron (Shield), Arkadios (Summoner), Melanthios (Assassin/Poison).
  • Elemental Summoner Druid


The Seven Paladins:
Lycurgus Ergalla
Main skills: Zeal, Fanatacism, Holy Shock
Weapons: Sword/Shield
Status: Not started

Zenelly Kufiopo
Main skills: Vengeance, Conviction, Holy Freeze
Weapons: Sword/Shield
Status: Not started

Argus Laenius
Main Skills: Fist of the Heavens, Holy Bolt, Meditation
Weapons: Scepter/Shield
Status: Act 1 Normal

Melanthios Talanian
Main Skills: Poison oskills, Hypno Blast, Conviction (if it works on Poison resist)
Weapons: Daggers, Throwing Knives - got an Etheral Trainee's Shuriken purely by chance when levelling Charon, so that'll be the starting weapon.
Status: Not started

Charon Herennius
Main Skills: Arrow of Confession, Sacred Piercer, Holy Shock, Holy Freeze
Weapons: Bow and Arrow
Status: Act 2 Normal

Acheron Tiragrius
Main Skills: Smite, Charge, Holy Shield, Thorns
Weapons: x/Shield
Status: Not started

Arkadios Catraso
Main Skills: Anointed Bear, oskill summons, Might, Thorns
Weapons: Whatever's available
Status: Not started

Other Characters:
Sylvanus Windseeker, Druid
Main Skills: Winter Fury, Molten Boulder, Vines
Weapons: Whatever's available
Status: Act 2 Normal

Items I Want

  • Poison and Assassin oskill items for Melanthios. Anything else that'd fit the sneaky theme would be nice too.
  • Are there any oskill items with Amazon bow skills? If so, Charon might be able to get use out of them... maybe not, though, and he's already got Arrow of Confession and soon Sacred Piercer, so it's not that urgent.
  • A bow with Fires Explosive Arrows for Charon. Picture it: Pierce, Explosive Arrows, Holy Shock, and Arrow of Confession's life recovery on enemy kills.
  • Oskill summons, preferably golems or Druid summons, for Arkadios.

My Diary

June 9, 2008

Got two pieces of Autolycus' set. Argus has Milabrega's and two pieces of Arcanna's set, +3 to all of his skills.


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