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I've got a short attention span when it comes to video games,. I also have a tendency to come up with a more developed character background and such for my Diablo 2 characters, typically for re-use in other games (especially Morrowind) or stories.
Current Diablo 2 Projects:

  • The Seven Paladin Project - Lycurgus (Zealot), Zenelly (Avenger), Charon (Ranger), Argus (FotH), Acheron (Shield), Arkadios (Summoner), Melanthios (Assassin/Poison).
  • Elemental Summoner Druid


The Seven Paladins:
Build: Zealot
Status: Not started

Build: Avenger
Status: Not started

Build: Fist of the Heavens
Status: Act 1 Normal

Build: Oskill-heavy, Assassin and poison skills.
Status: Not started

Build: Fire Ranger
Status: Act 3 Normal

Build: Shield/defense
Status: Not started

Build: Oskill Summoner
Status: Not started

Sylvanus (Druid)
Build: Vine summoner/elementalist
Status: Act 2 Normal

Daichi (Necromancer)
Build: Golem
Status: Act 2 Nightmare

Items I Want

  • Poison and Assassin oskill items for Melanthios. Anything else that'd fit the sneaky theme would be nice too.
  • Oskill Freezing Arrow for Charon. Not a top priority.
  • Oskill summons, preferably golems or Druid summons, for Arkadios.

My Diary

July 12, 2008

Well, I got a ring with +1 Druid skills, +5 oskill Spirit Wolf and +6 oskill Dire Wolf. Goes nicely with my +6 oskill Fire Golem and +6 oskill Clay Golem ring for Arkadios. Additionally, I got my second unique charm today - Lothar's Will.

July 6, 2008

Got an excellent magic ring for Arkadios today when bringing my Game Face 2 Necromancer through the Normal special areas - +1 to all Paladin skills, +2 to Defensive Auras, +3 oskill Clay Golem, +3 oskill Golem Mastery. Also got a rare Long Bow with Fires Level 7 Explosive Arrows and very nice Fire Damage. Add Holy Fire and Charon's high Pierce percentage and suddenly we've got more damaging explosions than your average action movie.

June 10, 2008, Part 2

Charon's cleared Act 2. His ethereal Evolution Breast Plate was starting to get damaged, so I stuck the runeword into some three-socket Chain Mail for now. Due to mana issues in the longer battles, the Explosive Arrow/Pierce combo proved very useful even without much in the way of Holy Fire bonuses.

Sadly, Duriel's drop sucked.

June 10, 2008

Got a Quiveraiden from Sajberhippien. That'll be helpful for Charon.

June 9, 2008

Got two pieces of Autolycus' set. Argus has Milabrega's and two pieces of Arcanna's set, +3 to all of his skills.


  • I'll consider it, but so far my Necromancer's had great luck with finding scrolls. Just gotta get back to playing; took a short Freelancer/Neverwinter Nights/R-Type break -- Cheveyo? 07-20-2008 (Sun) 06:03:15
  • i have scroll 31 for trading if you want, send me a pm -- ultimategrayfox? 07-18-2008 (Fri) 18:47:18
  • I'm always on the lookout for crystals, even in small quantities. And I've got AS 31, so I could convert them for you if you just repay the cookbook. I'll drop you a PM. -- SajberHippien? 07-13-2008 (Sun) 09:26:57
  • Hm... if I can find AS 31, those would be quite helpful. I checked your item list, don't have anything on it, but I'll keep an eye out for the Strafe gloves for you. -- Cheveyo? 07-09-2008 (Wed) 03:41:56
  • Got two decent rare belts with oskill golems, don't know if you want them. -- SajberHippien? 07-06-2008 (Sun) 22:23:05
  • Ack, I should've checked back here. Thanks for the tip, Dapaba. Got a ring with charges of L16 Clay Golem and the unique Great Helm for earlier in Arkadios' levelling. -- Cheveyo? 07-06-2008 (Sun) 10:27:45
  • I made a HC melee/golemancer sorc based around the Waves of Ascension set, and The Barricade (shield with summon resist oskill). She was a lot of fun to play, but died in late NM. Those two are a good start for a summoner though. -- Dapaba? 06-19-2008 (Thu) 04:29:32
  • Good to know, thanks. -- Cheveyo? 06-09-2008 (Mon) 17:06:24
  • Conviction does not work on Poison and Magic resist.Plz read here -- NSX-R? 06-09-2008 (Mon) 07:19:58

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