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I've got a short attention span when it comes to video games,. I also have a tendency to come up with a more developed character background and such for my Diablo 2 characters, typically for re-use in other games (especially Morrowind) or stories.
Current Diablo 2 Projects:

  • The Seven Paladin Project - Lycurgus (Zealot), Zenelly (Avenger), Charon (Ranger), Argus (FotH), Acheron (Shield), Arkadios (Summoner), Melanthios (Assassin/Poison).
  • Elemental Summoner Druid


The Seven Paladins:
Lycurgus Ergalla
Main skills: Zeal, Fanatacism, Holy Shock
Weapons: Sword/Shield
Status: Not started

Zenelly Kufiopo
Main skills: Vengeance, Conviction, Holy Freeze
Weapons: Sword/Shield
Status: Not started

Argus Laenius
Main Skills: Fist of the Heavens, Holy Bolt, Meditation
Weapons: Scepter/Shield
Status: Act 1 Normal

Melanthios Talanian
Main Skills: Poison oskills, Hypno Blast (Out of lack of anything else that fits the theme)
Weapons: Daggers, Throwing Knives - got an Etheral Trainee's Shuriken purely by chance when levelling Charon, so that'll be the starting weapon.
Status: Not started

Charon Herennius
Main Skills: Arrow of Confession, Sacred Piercer, Holy Fire, Holy Freeze
Weapons: Bow and Arrow
Status: Act 2 Normal

Acheron Tiragrius
Main Skills: Smite, Charge, Holy Shield, Thorns
Weapons: x/Shield
Status: Not started

Arkadios Catraso
Main Skills: Anointed Bear, oskill summons, Might, Thorns
Weapons: Whatever's available
Status: Not started

Other Characters:
Sylvanus Windseeker, Druid
Main Skills: Winter Fury, Molten Boulder, Vines
Weapons: Whatever's available
Status: Act 2 Normal

Items I Want

  • Poison and Assassin oskill items for Melanthios. Anything else that'd fit the sneaky theme would be nice too.
  • Oskill Freezing Arrow for Charon. Not a top priority.
  • Oskill summons, preferably golems or Druid summons, for Arkadios.

My Diary

June 10, 2008

Got a Quiveraiden from Sajberhippien. That'll be helpful for Charon.

June 9, 2008

Got two pieces of Autolycus' set. Argus has Milabrega's and two pieces of Arcanna's set, +3 to all of his skills.


  • Good to know, thanks. -- Cheveyo? 06-09-2008 (Mon) 17:06:24
  • Conviction does not work on Poison and Magic resist.Plz read here -- NSX-R? 06-09-2008 (Mon) 07:19:58

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