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I'm a diabloholic who has a love for mods. Why are you still here? GO READ THE ENTRY'S!

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After almost a year ( more than I think ), I decided to give the diary another shot. I moved all my other chars to another folder to probably never be seen again, and I have a clean slate now ( SS went along with the chars )


Today was the start of Trevor the throwing barb, I didn't get much done today, but will update as I continue to play him.


  • ES R6D uses 1.10 - but the installer has a launcher that will use the 1.10 version while also backing up the 1.13 version when you play -- so you'll be playing the mod as 1.10. Give it a go! It's a wonderful diversion if you're looking for one. -- psycho2? 09-23-2010 (Thu) 11:22:56
  • I'm looking at installing ES, but can't find anywhere on here where it mentions if it's compatible with V1.13 of LoD. What's your experience? Can you post here or email me? -- astro_jpc(AT)yahoo? 09-20-2010 (Mon) 20:47:26

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