Stingray's Diary

My Active Characters

( These are only my active ones, if I start playing one of my others I will add them )
Duel_Death | A level 83 double swing barb
Magical_Elferno | A level 54 flame wave sorc
Ley_Golemancer | A level 26 Golemacner ( Big surprise )
Mega-FotH | A level 24 FotH pally.

My Profile

I'm a diabloholic who has a love for mods. Why are you still here? GO READ THE ENTRY'S!

Trading List (Pm me at phrozen keep to trade)


These are items that are always accepted and can always be bought.
D stones
Maple Leaves
6 packs ( I will only accept on some occasions but these will always be sold )

My Wants

Any 1+ all skill jewels.
2 frozen souls ( 200 frozen soul points)
(For frozen soul we can do a one:one swap since you prob don't have 2 of em)

My Haves

Every unique
Every set (besides cow king's steel)
Every low level rune
Some high level runes
Around 10 +1 to all *enter character class here* skills jewels of various types.

My Diary


I got involved in Heptad tourny so I can't post here for a good while. Go here to see how I'm doing http://phrozenkeep.planetdiablo.gamespy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=420225#420225


Woo! Got Duel_Death to level 77 and act 2. I gambled him all of the level 75 barb jewelry from another char and he pwns! ( All is two rings and one ammy ). I also managed to reroll a couple slayer jewels.


Started playing a FotH pally and got him up to lvl 15 today. I'll add him to the list when he hits level 30.


Well I can't really add pictures now, so picture-less diary ftl =(. Anyway I got to hell at level 60 on Duel Death pretty early. I had no prepared equipment, and somehow I managed to pwn everything. Within ten mins I leveled to 67! I'm having trouble with gargantuan beasts, they seem to drain my mana even if there's no unique. I managed to clear all of stony field and snag the wp. I have a feeling things are just going to breeze by for him in act one.

Edit: Duel_Death takes his (ironically) first death today at level 69, with a total of 11k kills. I got in over my head and tried to do a players 8 nm baal run. Got swarmed by 3 uniques and their minions.


I start my diary, I will try to update frequently.

Assassin Pic.jpg
One of my chars found a Death set so it inspired me to make an assassin. I had to gamble a second katara.


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