Ancient Deciperer

A cubing material to decipher (identify) an Ancient Scroll. Also called Decipherer or AD. 8 Ancient Decipherers makes a Dragon Stone. (Say a dime if a Dragon Stone is a dollar.) Ancient Decipherers are also often used in cheap cube recipes.

Ancient Scroll

A cubing Material used for Secret Recipes. There exist 50 Secret Recipes and 50 Ancient Scrolls, and each recipe requires corresponding scroll. Ancient Scrolls need to be deciphererd before using. (See Ancient Decipherer.)
You need to cube the scroll, but it's refunded after cubing, so you need only one scroll of each number. You can reroll a new scroll from the redundant scrolls. You can also save the redundant ones for trading or convert them into a Dragon Stone.

Anvil Stone

Anvil Stones are cubing materials used for Forging. They are made from "4 Dragon Stones + 1 Perfect Gem", and never dropped by monsters.

Aura Stone

Aura Stones are cubing materials used for Aura Forging. Aura Forging adds an aura to an amulet. There exist 7 kinds of Aura Stones, which are made from the highest Unique Class Amulets of 7 classes.


Automods are the new feature added in D2 Expansion. Similar to staffmods, but adds other properties than individual skill bonus. The all resist bonus on Paladin shields and the bow skilltab bonus on Amazon bows are the automods, for example. Unique items and set items can't have automods.


Cast Delay

Some spells can't be cast for a specific period after you cast that spell. This is a restriction to prohibit spamming that spell, mainly to avoid the graphic lag. Also known as Casting Deley, Cast Timer, Spell Timer, etc. See also Next Delay.

Some times it seems you can cast these skills without delay, two meteors in a row, for example. But one of them is a fake which is displayed only at the client side, and has no actual effect.

In ES, Cast Delays are generally eased. But when you play multiplayer games, please keep it in mind that these skills may cause a heavy lag for other players.


Crystals are new items that are used to cube Uber Organs and Kanji Runes. They are found in Ores which serve as a container for them. Crystals are extracted by cubing the ore with itself. More information here.

Crystal Can

The Crystal Can is one of the stockers, which can be purchased from Gheed. It stores crystals and keeps them organized. Crystals are stored as a number of points and may be extracted in chipped quality (1 point) and normal quality (100 points) by using the Can Opener (also available from Gheed). More information here.

CtC Spell

See Procing Spell.




D-Stoning is enhancing an item through the use of Dragon Stones and other cubing materials. D-stoning recipies add beneficial modifiers to the item, and also adds +2-4 (2 for weapons, 3 for body armor/helms/shields, 4 for other gears) to the item's level requirement. D-stoning recipies can be found at the ES Database.

Devil's Food


Devil's Foods are the trigger item to cause the World Event in ES. In LoD, the trigger item is Stones of Jordan, and in the older versions of ES, The One Rings. Devil's Foods can be made of any Unique Rings and Amulets via Rerolling Orb, and much cheaper than these rarest Unique Rings. (Diablo Clone is toned down in ES, both in life and drop, so a cheaper trigger item is used.)
Selling an SOJ or One Ring doesn't always trigger the World Event, but selling a Devil's Food always does. (The World Event doesn't occur in Mac version.)

  • You can make a Devil's Food from 5 Devil's Food points stored in Rerollng Orb.
    • Level 10 Unique Ring/Amulet: 1 Devil's Food point
    • Level 20 Unique Ring/Amulet: 2 Devil's Food points
    • Level 30 Unique Ring/Amulet: 3 Devil's Food points
    • Level 40 Unique Ring/Amulet: 4 Devil's Food points
    • Level 50 Unique Ring/Amulet: 5 Devil's Food points
    • Level 60 Unique Ring/Amulet: 6 Devil's Food points
    • Level 75 Unique Ring/Amulet: 7 Devil's Food points
    • Level 45 Class Unique Ring/Amulet: 3 Devil's Food points
    • Level 60 Class Unique Ring/Amulet: 5 Devil's Food points
    • Level 75 Class Unique Ring/Amulet: 7 Devil's Food points

Diablo Clone

Diablo Clone (AKA Uber Diablo) is the special monster spawned in the World Event. He looks like green colored Diablo and uses the same attacks and spells, but is much stronger.
Diablo Clone's life is fairly reduced in ES, though, which is because his huge life can cause rollover in high players setting and results one-hit kill.
He always drops an Annihilus Unique Charm in LoD. In ES, he has 10% chance to drop a random Unique Charm, 30% chance to drop a rare charm and 60% chance to drop a magic charm. (The size of the charm is random.)

Diminishing Return

It generally means the output per input which decreases as the input increases.
For example, the resist bonus of Natural Resistance is a typical diminishing return. It increases by 9% when the slvl increases from 1 to 2, but increases by 7% when the slvl increases from 2 to 3. And in higher slvls, it needs several slvls to attain the next value.
In Diablo II, following formula is used to determine a diminishing return value from the skill level, min and max (internal values).

((110*level) * (max-min))/(100 * (level+6)) + min
  • The value at slvl 1 is always slightly higher than the "min".
  • The value reaches "max" at slvl 60.

In the skill pages of this Wiki, the important diminishing return values are fully listed. (Even 1% skill IAS of Fanaticism and Annihilation can affect the IAS breakpoint, for example.)
The less important diminishing return values are listed like "diminishing return (10-100)", which means it starts at slightly more than 10, and is capped at 100 at slvl 60.

Dragon Stone

Dragon Stones are cubing materials dropped by monsters in every area of the game. They are used for a large number of cube recipies, and are also used for d-stoning existing items.
Dragon Stones have seven differnt forms, each of which is mildly associated with a specific class and gem type: Dragon Stone (Assassin/Ruby), Holy Symbol (Paladin/Diamond), Blackmoor (Necromancer/Skull), Forging Hammer (Barbarian/Amethyst), Crushed Gem (Sorceress/Sapphire), Spider's Silk (Amazon/Emerald), and Tyranium Ore (Druid/Topaz).
Any form of Dragon Stone can be transformed into the others via right-click.

DualMax Weapon

A DualMax weapon is a rare weapon with both Screaming ((3/clvl) +3-300% Enhanced Max Damage)and Fool's ((2.5/clvl) +2-250 To Max Damage) mods. Unlike straight Enhanced Damage %, these properties cannot be dstoned, hence items that have both mods are considered very valuable. The word 'DualMax' was coined by Goeido, and he is the rightful copyright owner. :)



EIAS is an abbreviation for 'effective increased attack speed'. IAS granted by items is subject to diminishing returns, and is converted into EIAS in the game using a diminshing return formula. Skill-based IAS and weapon speed modifiers are not subject to dimishing returns, which can make it possible to reach attack speeds unatainable with item IAS.

Using the following table, you can find out how much effective IAS you gain from items. If you then subtract the WSM and add the amount of IAS gained from skills, you will have your total effective IAS, which can be compared with an EIAS breakpoints table for the skill you are using to tell you your effective attack speed.

EIAS/IAS Conversion Table


  • Eastern Sun
  • Energy Shield


Fire Skills

The term Fire Skill in +X to Fire Skill Levels (the mod on Magefists, etc.) means the skills that deal fire damage, and includes following skills.

Amazon: Fire Strike, Pyre Javelin, Fire Wall, Immolation Arrow, Exploding Arrow
Assassin: Fist of Fire, Dragon Tail, Wake of Fire Sentry
Druid: Volcano, Moltem Boulder, Firestorm, Fire Claws
Paladin: Holy Fire
Necromancer: Fire Golem, Hydra, Corpse Explosion
Sorceress: All skills in Fire Spell tree except Fanatic Swing and Fire Mastery

Note: Dragon Tail and Corpse Explosion are included although most people don't think they are fire skills.
Note: Protection From Fire and Fire Mastery aren't included because they deal no fire damage.
Note: Vengence isn't included because it deals fire damage in a special way. This is the only exception.


Forging is an item enhancement frequently used as well as D-Stoning. Forging adds much better bonus than D-Stoning and no penalty, but you can apply Forging only once per item. You can remove the applied Forging from the item to apply another Forging. Most part of the materials are refunded.
Also see Forging (Item Enhancement).


Gem Can

The Gem Can is one of the stockers, which can be purchased from Gheed. It stores gems for future use, and helps keep them organized. Gems are stored as a number of points, corresponding to how many chipped gems it would take to cube them, and may be extracted in any quality (if sufficient points exist) using the Can Opener (also available from Gheed).



See the Hamachi page.


Half Freeze Duration.

  • HFD doesn't stack. More than one HFD is meaningless.
  • Cold Resistance also reduces Freeze Duration, and HFD works with Cold Resistance.
    (ex. 75% Cold Resist cuts Freeze Duration down to 25%, and HFD cuts it down to 12.5%.)

HoD Run

HoD is an abbreviation of Halls of the Daed, in Dry Hills, Act 2. The super unique Pantherwoman nearby the Horadric Cube chest drops a Forging Hammer (50% chance in Normal, 75% chance in NM and 100% chance in Hell). Killing her repeatedly is an effective way to collect Dragon Stones, and called HoD Runs.



Jewelry may be a confising word for non English speaking people. Jewelry usually means the accessories with jewels, not the jewels themselves. So Jewelry means Rings and Amulets in D2, and Jewels are not Jewelry. Jewelry is an uncountable noun and cannot be used in plural. ("Jewelries" is wrong.)


Kanji Rune

Kanji Runes are the highest 14 runes which use Chinese characters. They can't be dropped by monsters, but can be cubed from a Null Rune and crystals.


Knuckles are the new weapon class added in patch R3D, which use the bare-handed attack animation. They have a very short range, but the animation speed of the bare-handed attack is pretty fast. 2H knuckles also exists.
Knuckle class weapons have the properties of blunt weapons and claws at once. They receive the bonus from Mace Mastery and have +50% Damage to Undeads. Assassins can dual-wield 1H knuckles (or a 1H knuckle and a claw), and use the claw only skills with knuckle(s).

  • 1H knuckles: Brass Knuckle - Tekko (exc.) - Raging Knuckle (eli)
  • 2H knuckles: Battering Arm - Rock Buster (exc.) - Wrecking Arm (eli)


Light Radius

This mod makes your sight blighter and yourself more noticeable for monsters. If the value is negative, your sight gets darker and yourself gets less noticeable. Giving a negative Light Radius to melee mercenaries makes them less aggressive and live long.

Light Radius on an item is capped at +11 and lower capped at -5. According to the Arreat Summit, more than +5 Light Radius is meaningless because the default Light Radius is 13 yard and the possible Light Radius in the game is 18 yard. Even if this description is true, I believe it works up to +8 Light Radius because all radii are internally multiplied by 2/3 in D2 (i.e. +1 radius stands for +2/3 yard).


  • Lower Resist
  • Light Radius



  • Abbreviation for Modification (of a PC game). Eastern Sun is one of the Mods of Diablo II.
  • To make a Mod. (ex. Modding, a Modder, heavily Modded, etc.)
  • AKA property or magic property, the magic bonus on items, like life, strength and enhanced damage. Similar to Affixes (Prefixes and Suffixes), but Affixes are the groups of mods gererated on Magic Items and Rare Items. An Affix can have multiple mods (ex. King's has two mods, Enhanced Damage and AR bonus).


The multi-stocker is one of the Stockers which is used for storing cubing materials, including Maple Leaves, Dragon Stones, Decipherers, and Organs. The stored quantity of each item is listed in the stocker's description. Note that D-stones are stored as 8 decipherers, and cost 8 decipherers to withdraw.


Next Delay

Next Delay is an internal parameter of skills like Cast Delay. If a skill with Next Delay damages an enemy, it doesn't take more damage from that skill for a specific period. For example, Shock Web has a Next Delay of 25 frames (1 second).

Null Rune

Null Rune is needed to cube Kanji runes. It requires 2 Wo runes and can be stored in Rune Stocker.



Ores serve as containers for crystals. All monsters have a chance to drop an ore, but some bosses have a better chance to drop an ore with particular crystals. An ore first needs to be identified in town or with a Scroll of Identify, and then cubed with itself to extract crystals. Once all crystals are extracted, an ore has no further use. More information here.


Organs are the cubing materials dropped by the monsters. Specific monsters have roughly 1/100 ~ 1/200 chance to drop a specific organ. Used for Tinkering and other recipes. Also known as "monster's body parts".

  • Hearts
    (Dropped by Fallens, Bigheads, Rogues, Maggots, Scarabs, Gargoiles, Swamp Dwellers, Evil Mothers, Siege Beasts, Blood Lords, Putrid Defilers, Succubi, Succubus Witches, Black Knights, Over Lords, Barbarians)
  • Souls
    (Dropped by Skeletons, Skeleton Mages, Zombies, Wraithes, Goatmen, Lesser Mummy, Greater Mummy, Hiddens, Undead Fetish, Rot Walker
  • Fangs
    (Dropped by Orcish Soldiers, Vipers, Spiders, Baal's Minion)
  • Sculps
    (Dropped by Brutes, Ghoul Lords, Pinheads, Dome Knights, Sinister Knights)
  • Tails
    (Dropped by Foul Crows, Sabre Cats, Slingers)
  • Quills
    (Dropped by Quill Rats, Quill Bears, Thornked Hulks, Death Maulers)
  • Brains
    (Dropped by Fetishes, Sand Leapers, Imps)
  • Jaw Bones
    (Dropped by Skeleton Archers, Rogue Archers)
  • Spleens
    (Dropped by Zealots, Corpse Spitters, Over Seers)
  • Eyes
    (Dropped by Zakarum Priests, Finger Mages, Golems)
  • Horns
    (Dropped by Pit Lords, Rhynos, Blowpipe Fetishes)

Following materials aren't organs but are often treated like organs.

  • Flags
    (Dropped by Fallen Shamans, Fetish Shamans)
  • Steaks
    (Dropped by Cows)
  • Cookbooks
    (Rarely dropped by Succubus Witches)
  • Player's Ears
    (Can be get by launching 2 instances of ES and killing a dummy charater in a TCP/IP game)


Oskill means the skill point bonus that works for any character classes. "O" isn't the number zero, but is the letter "O". There have been made several assumpitions what "O" means, an abbreviation of "off-class skill" for example, but the Arreat Summit doesn't refer to its derivation.

"+X to All Skill Levels" bonus can increase the skill level of an oskill, but the class specific bonuses like "+X to Sorceress Skill Levels" can't. Therefore, All Skill bonus is more precious than Class Skill bonus, especially in ES, where various oskill items are available.

Recently it proved the individual skill bonuses like "+X to Fire Ball (Sorceress Only)" also WORK for other classes as long as the character has the oskill of that skill.

Oskill bonus is capped at 3 for the original class it belongs to. According to the Arreat Summit, this is an intentional limitation. It can be confusing that this limitation is not per item but per character. For example, if a Barbarian equips three items with oskill BO, the cap is not 9 but still 3.

In LoD, rares are no match for uniques, sets and runeworded items. But sometimes rares can be indeed godly in ES, thanks to the suffixes of useful oskills and auras.

Oskill suffixes (of Skill Master) are found at Suffixes page of ES database.



  1. Player Killer.
  2. The Phrozen Keep, a D2 mod community where Eastern Sun Forum is hosted.


Poison Length Reduced.

  • Poison Length Reduced is capped at 75%.
  • +50% Poison Length penalty exists in NM and +100% Poison Length penalty in Hell.
    (You need 175% PLR to keep 75% PLR in Hell.)


Private Message. An e-mail like communication method used in PK.


Prevent Monster Heal.

  • This mod stops the life regeneration of the monster.
  • This mod doesn't prevent the heal ability of monsters (ex. Councils' healing themselves and Zakarum Priests' healing minions).
  • You need to physically hit the target. This mod doesn't work with damage spells.
  • This mod doesn't work when equipped by a mercenary.

Procing Spell

Procing Spells are spells that are triggered when you are hit by a monster or when you hit/attack a monster. "6% Chance to Cast Level 5 Fire Ball On Striking", for example. Also known as CtC spells (CtC is an abbreviation of "Chance to Cast").

  • On Striking: Works only when you actually hit a monster. Works for both melee and ranged attacks.
  • On Attack: Works when you swing a weapon, even if you miss the monster. But doesn't work for ranged attacks.
  • When Struck: Works when you are struck by a monster.
  • As an exception, On Striking and On Attack mods don't work with Whirlwind and Dance of Death. When Struck works though, and is a viable option for WW/DoD builds.
  • When Struck mods aren't so good when you have too good defense (ie. Concentrate Barbs and Iaigiri Sins).
  • Procing Spells aren't affected by any skill bonuses. But are affected by the synergies, Elemental masteries and +XX% to Elemental Skill Damage mods.

CtC suffixes (of Fire Ball, etc.) are found at Suffixes page of ES database.



Transmuting junk items into a new item, like cubing 3 Magic Rings into a Magic Amulet in the original D2. The name comes from "rolling the dice again".
There are many reroll recipes in ES, and you can reroll magic rings into rares and rares into uniques, for example. All junk rings, amulets, jewels and charms are generally worth picking up in ES (unless you are super rich).
You can of course reroll as soon as you get 3 or 7 junks, which would be helpful especially when you play untwinked. But the ilvl of the output depends on the character level, so you may like to reserve most of the junks for the future. Rerolling Orb can store such junks as rerolling points and prevents your stash from being messed up.



Staffmods are the random bonus to individual skills on specific items. Staves are spawned with Sorceress' staffmods, for example. Unique items and set items can't have staffmods. A staffmod adds +1-3 To a skill, and an item can have up to 3 staffmods. In ES, staffmods are a bit screwed up, to avoid another more important problem. Please see these two FAQs for details.


Stockers are the items to store multiple items in 1x1 space. They are implemented for Mac users who can't use the multiple stash of PlugY, but also useful for Windows users. Also useful for trading dozens of gems, etc.
Stockers can be purchased from Gheed.

  • Gem Can: Stores gems.
  • Crystal Can: Stores crystals.
  • Multi-Stocker: Stores Dragon Stones, Organs and many other misc items.
  • Rune/Decal Stocker: Stores Runes and Ancient Decals. To store a LoD rune, cube it to separate it into an ES rune and a Decal.
  • Tome of Ancient Scrolls: Stores Ancient Scrolls.
  • Rerolling Orb: Stores Rings/Amulets/Jewels/Charms/Quivers for rerolling.
The cap of each item stored in stockers
Gem Can4194304
Rune/Decal Stocker16384
Tome of Ancient Scroll256
Rerolling Orb65536



A competition among Diablo II single players, introduced by diabloii.net SPF members. Usually some restrictions, special scoring rules and the playing term are determined in advance. The host player opens a dedicated thread in the forum. The participants declare their entry there, and report their score and stats by updating the character table.

"How do we know if someone is cheating?"
"We're all adults and we're on the honor system here." - Metropolis Man


Uber Diablo

See Diablo Clone.

Uber Organs

Uber Organs are used in certain tinkering recipes. They can't be dropped by monsters. They are cubed from crystals instead.

Unique Stone

Unique Stones are the cubing materials Anya gives as the reward of rescuing her. You can make a unique item by a Unique Stone and a no socket white weapon or armor. Like Charsi's imbue, superior and low-quality items can also be used, but unlike imbue, ethereality is gone.
There are three grades of Unique Stones, (nor), (exc) and (eli), and they make normal, exceptional and elite uniques respectively.
If your character's level is enough high, she gives an exceptional one in NM and an elite one in Hell. Otherwise, she gives a normal one. You can see the condition here.


Twinking is giving a low-level character items found or created by a high-level character, in order to beef them up. Playing untwinked means restricting yourself to using items found by your character, without trading or twinking, and without using any items from the shared stash.



"Vanilla LoD" means the original LoD with no MOD installed. This is the association of the plain ice-cream with no special flavor being called "vanilla ice-cream". The original LoD is also called as "Plain LoD", "Unmodded Game", etc.


World Event

The realm (Battle Net) only event implemented in the first season of LoD 1.10 Ladder. Randomly the message "Diablo walks on earth" is displayed with an earthquake, and the first super unique monster you encounter turns into the Diablo Clone.
Selling the trigger item (SOJ in LoD, and Devil's Food in ES) makes the event happen sooner.
Though this is the realm only event, the utility plugin PlugY emulates this event in single games in ES. This event doesn't occur in Mac version, which doesn't have PlugY.


Weapon Speed Modifiers affect the speed at which a weapon can attack. After applying diminishing returns to your item-based IAS, the WSM is subtracted from your EIAS. A positive WSM can therefore make much larger amounts of IAS necessary to reach a high attack rate, while a negative WSM can greatly reduce your need for IAS. Typically, weapons with high WSMs have higher damage per attack to make up for their slower attack rate, while faster low-WSM weapons do less damage.

Since skill-based IAS is not subject to diminishing returns, it is possible to make up for a low WSM weapon by using a skill that grants IAS.

You can find the WSMs of all weapons in ES on the weapons page at the ES database.

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