Chill-Dude - Sorceress

Character Intro and Overview

I have been playing D2 for a long time, I remember that I even checked out Eastern Sun years ago, I think it was in 1.03 or something like that. After years of playing D2 on the Battle.Net it held no secrets anymore for me, so I searched around for mods. TFW and similiar in .09. I got back into mods now with 1.11, the new stuff from 1.10 wasn't new anymore and I am rich on by any standards, it just wasn't challenging anymore.

So I found Eastern Sun. After 2 characters who ended up not cutting it in Hell I decided to start my favorite class of 1.09, a FO Sorceress. I decided to make her a pure Frost build for damages sake with one point in Immolation and one in Fire Mastery, even though I never really used those skills. I hate skill redestribution so I kept those points where they were.

Surprisingly Chill-Dude was able to survive in Hell and even kill Baal on /players 4, mainly because of her Barbarian Merc with Conviction Aura and her Static skill, which really every sorceress should use.

There is still much to be done on Chill-Dude, lots of tinkering, D-Stoning and Forging, I am also still looking for something with Lower Resist, and my two rings from Normal just aren't that great anymore :) But she was a pretty cheap built and turned out great.

Stats and Attributes

Nothing special here really. Well maybe that my Chill-Dude nearly managed to kill Baal at level 86 but was stopped in the Worldstone Chamber by a nasty pack of ghosts and Council members.



Nothing really special here either, except the two points spent into Fire Skills without really needing them. I think I'll put some more skills into Frozen Armor or something similiar, not sure yet what to do with the last few levels.



Yeah this baby is mainly un-D-stoned, tinkered, or even forged. I revised my gear (runewords) at level 86. Pretty cheap and successfull build.


Merc and Merc Equipment

Nothing too special here either, except his weapon. Oh yeah I am proud of this baby, Ethereal and 3 Conviction, upgraded and merc crafted. Oh and Iron Timble makes a difference of 10k def, so I didn't ditch it yet. Maybe later on.



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