Freezer - Paladin

Character Intro and Overview

I have tried pretty much all the various Paladin builds and have found this to be the most effective. The elemental auras just didn't cut it for me and I prefer zeal vs single attacks.

There are a number of good reasons to use this build. First, I was not forced to use any of my +1 skill jewels or forgings since I use all Paladin skills except for shock armor. That saves resources. I also was able to use a few of my uniques that I had lying around like the shield, boots, gloves & belt. I only had to re-roll the uniques a couple of times to get good enough mods. I had some excellent rare jewelry ready to go and had an interesting weapon (not uberific, but good and as of now I have not used any maples yet on it). Thus, I had the build ready to go and could use my armor I had been building forever on it.

About two years ago I decided after reading the forums and thinking about how I like to play the game I decided that maples would be best spent on an Eternal Reign that I can pass to my various melee characters if needed. I play quite a bit, do a lot of jewelry gambling, kill uber Diablo on p7 with my strafer super easy. I have literally hundreds of SA's since I am a pack rat and runes drop like crazy. Anyway, I read that you could dstone before applying the runeword, so I hacked away at it over time - first with the Defense, then resists, then hit recovery, and then %life. I should have done DR% also but I got impatient and wanted to get this done. I had a 91 Pally that was an old character so I didnt have to level another one.

For a Merc, I tried my geared cold rogue first but it was taking too much attention and I really didn't need the freezing. I settled on a defensive Barb which is a good choice for the Battle Orders and stuns. He is very stout and helps a bit with killing.

Stats and Attributes

Most points in strength, just enough in Dex to max blocking.

Pally Stats1.jpg
Pally Stats2.jpg
Pally Stats3.jpg
Pally Stats4.jpg


Level 68 Fanaticism on right mouse
Level 2 Might on equip
Level 6 Concentration on equip
Level 12 Aura of Divinity on armor
Level 16 Shock Armor

Merc has level 4 Anniliation on equip


Pally Armor.jpg
Pally Weapon.jpg
Pally Helm.jpg
Pally Belt.jpg
Pally Boots.jpg
Pally Ring1.jpg
Pally Ring2.jpg
Paly Ammy.jpg

Merc and Merc Equipment


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