Eastern Sun 3.00 R3x Install Guide

Updated Jan 09, 2007

updated for patch R3x series

NOTE: ES3.00 R series CAN be installed with LOD 1.11(b), but it is a 1.10 mod. This means no new Uber quest, no special keys, no special torches, etc. This version of ES doesn't care which version of vanilla LoD you have, as long as it is v1.09+. Properly installed, you can still play the latest version of Vanilla on b.net or ES with no conflict (as long as you don't try running both at the same time, that would be bad.)

Before Doing Anything Else

Back up all your characters, Diablo II, ES, and any other mods you run.

(I put mine into separate zip files, one for vanilla Diablo II and one for ES. That makes updating and restoring your character saves easy)

Clean Install OF Diablo II:Lord of Destruction

Skip this if your LoD is already "clean"

  1. Uninstall Diablo II
  2. Delete the Diablo II folder <-To insure a clean install
  3. OPTIONAL: (this will make sure D2 installs all together on your hd)
    1. run Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Systems Tools -> Disk Cleanup with all options checked
    2. reboot computer
    3. run Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Systems Tools -> Disk Defragmenter
    4. reboot computer
  4. Install Diablo II
  5. Upgrade to LoD
  6. run Blizzard's LoD patch -> download from Blizzard here
  7. OPTIONAL: (backup important files for a "clean" vanilla D2)
    1. download & install 1.10 patch -> fileLODPatch_110.exe
    2. create a .zip file (clean110.zip or whatever) containing game.exe, *.dll. & patch_d2.mpq
    3. download & install 1.11b patch -> fileLODPatch_111b.exe
    4. create another .zip file (clean111b.zip or whatever) containing game.exe, *.dll. & patch_d2.mpq

      (Now, if your main D2 gets corrupted, just delete game.exe, *.dll, and patch_d2.mpq and then extract cleanxxx.zip to main D2 dir. instant(almost) clean D2. You can also upgrade by going directly to the battle.net website, or by connecting to battle.net via the game. If you run disk cleanup & defrag on a regular basis, say once a week, it will also make your computer run better in general)

Installing Eastern Sun 3.00

  • Go to tsuru's Eastern Sun 3.00 Database website and download the files you need
    • es300_Rxx_full.zip (Full version) OR es300_Rxx_patch.zip (Patch version)
      For the first time install, you need the full version.
      The patch version requires a specific Full version or later. If you have installed one of the required Full version, you can use the patch version. The patch version may not be available if the update contains many changes.
  • Install of Full version:
    1. unzip the archive into a work folder (any temp folder or a newly created folder).
    2. if this is the update from an older version, run old_file_cleaner.exe first, to delete the old unused files which may cause troubles.
    3. run es300_Rxx_full.exe. change the install path if your D2 folder is different.
  • Install of Patch version:
    1. unzip the archive into a work folder (any temp folder or a newly created folder).
    2. the patch version doesn't contain old_file_cleaner.exe. you must not run it even if you have one, because a patch needs old files.
    3. run es300_Rxx_patch.exe. change the install path if your D2 folder is different.
  • If you have problems downloading from File Planet, read Using File Planet, or try the other link.
  • The "R" series saves ARE NOT compatible with other versions (original, "B", "C" and "N" series), that's why the separate folder

    (I've seen a lot of questions on install directories, drive letters, etc. Here is the definate Answer:


    If your D2 install directory is "E:\DiabloII", you must change the directory location in the patch installer to "E:\DiabloII\es300r". As long as they match, you can install on any drive letter, in any subdirectory.)

Play The Game

  • Use the ES shortcut on your desktop created by the patch installer for ES <-This is a launcher program that keeps the mod separate from vanilla
    • If you do not have an ES 3.00 R Full Screen shortcut on your desk top after installing
      1. Open your ..\es300r folder
      2. Find the file es300r_launcher.exe <-you may not see the .exe, it depends on your folder settings
      3. Right-Click on the file <-this should open an option menu
      4. Move your cursor to "Send To>" <-this should open a sub-menu
      5. Left-Click on "Desktop (create shortcut)" <-this will put the correct shortcut on your desktop
    • You can also copy the ES shortcuts (including the apps mentioned below) from the start menu to the desktop by drag and drop.
  • Use the LoD shortcut created by Blizzard to play vanilla Diablo II (or Battle.net)

Additional Goodies

Check Start -> Programs -> ES 3.00 Patch R for some of tsuru's extras

  • ES 3.00 R preference <- sets default auras, SP map regen, life/mana orb, & /nopickup switch
  • ES 3.00 R full screen <- runs ES in full screen mode
  • ES 3.00 R windowed <- runs ES in a window
    • Both shortcuts can run the 2nd ES. <- now limited to 2 instances at once
  • Gamble Filter <- filter the items shown on the gamble screen by weapon or armor type, or char class
  • patch readme <-hmmm, not sure what this is. maybe you should check it out and see ;)

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