Passive and Magic Skills


Difference from the LoD version
Valkurie: +5% of caster's life
Percentage of caster's life55%+5%
Resist all4%+4% (capped at 85 at slvl 22)
Duration (seconds)10+5
Mana Cost19-0.75 (reaches 0 at slvl 27)

Inner Sight

Difference from the LoD version
Reduces enemy physical resistance and breaks physical immunities.
Stacks together with Necromancer curses, may be used with amplify/decrepify to lower physical resists further, and better break physical immunes, with lifetap for better leeching, with Confuse for better crowd control, or any other curse you may wish to try.
Quickly diminishing returns make large investments in Inner Sight of little value (though investing in its synergies is quite effective). Overwrites and is overwritten by Slow Missiles.
Slow Missiles: -1% enemy physical resistance and -1% enemy defense (up to -25% each)
Critical Strike: -1% enemy physical resistance (up to -30%)
Penetrate: -1% enemy defense (up to -25%)
Enemy defense reduction formula[(slvl * 5060)/(100*(slvl+6))] + 4
Enemy resistance reduction formula(slvl * 3850)/(100*(slvl+6)
Duration (seconds)32+4
Mana Cost5 mana
Enemy physical resistance-5%-9%-12%-15%-17%-19%-20%-21%*-23%-23%*-24%-25%
Enemy defense-10%*-16%-20%-24%-27%-29%-31%-32%-34%-35%-36%-37%
*The formula used by modders predicts 1% more effectiveness (after rounding down) than the skill description shows at the marked levels. Either the formula used by modders is slightly inaccurate, or the calculation used inside D2 is performed differently than the code used to generate the predictions listed here, perhaps due to optimization for speed instead of accuracy. It is, however, possible (though unlikely) that the amount of effect is indeed 1% higher than listed in the skill description at the marked levels.
**Only slvls where the physical resistance value changes are listed. Slvls above 38 are predicted using the formula, a slightly higher level is probably required to reach the listed resistance breakpoints, due to the difficulties in simulating how D2 calculates diminishing returns.

Fire Wall

Difference From Fire Wall
Deals the same damage, but the cast delay is much shorter. Receives synergy.
Good damage. Long duration. (You can do other things while the fire lasts.)
You need to pin the target.
Fire Damage per second70-93+42+66+98+98+98
Cast Delay (ES) (seconds)1.4
Cast Delay (ES) (seconds)0.6
Mana Cost22+1
Immolation Arrow: +5% Fire Damage Per Level
Exploding Arrow: +5% Fire Damage Per Level
Fire Strike: +5% Fire Damage Per Level
Pyre Javelin: +5% Fire Damage Per Level

Frost Nova

Difference from the LoD version
Improved damage.
Attacks and chills the enemies in all directions. Spammable. Multiple missiles hit a large target.
Shorter range. You need to approach the target.
Cold Damage (ES)9-18+9+14+21+28+28
Cold Damage (LoD)2-4+2+3+4+5+6
Missile Range (yards)9.3
Cold Duration (seconds)4+1
Mana Cost (ES)12+1
Mana Cost (LoD)9+1
Ice Arrow: +10% Cold Damage Per Level
Cold Arrow: +10% Cold Damage Per Level
Frost Javelin: +10% Cold Damage Per Level

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