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Connie - Assassin : Elemental Martial Arts
KoalaCookie - Amazon : Gold Finder Strafer
DemonsDeath - Assassin : Samurai
PandaCookie - Assassin : Shuriken
Ayumi - Assassin : Tiger strike and Dragon Tail
Ibuki - Assassin : Samurai R6D


Boobers - Sorceress : Blizz Orb
Grica - Barbarian : Concentrate
Mjolnir - Paladin : Holy Shock


KnoX - Paladin? : Fist of Heaven
HypnoX - Necromancer? : Hell's Gate
VenoM - Druid? : Creeping Doom
Arctos - Amazon? : Frost Nova


Bambi - Amazon : Domain Strafer


Daishi_GD - Barbarian : Whirlwind/Tank
Aku - Druid : Charged Claw Werewolf
Hentai_GD - Assassin : Samurai
FreezingSorc - Sorceress : Cold Sorceress
Dynast - Paladin : Static Field Zealot


UG_WindZorZForU - Druid : Elemental
UG_WindZorZForU - Druid : ShapeShift --> Werewolf


Zaramoth - Druid? : Sandstorm


Omen - Necromancer : Gold Find Golemancer


Wiz_Kid - Barbarian : SuperVita Wizard Barb (TS/Nova)


Old Chars:
Anduriel - Gameface Assassin : Iaigiri (R5)

Current Chars(R6):
Ama - Goldfind Zon : Multishot
Blitzbear - Charged Claws Druid
Lucky - Necrobarb : Double Throw
Cownibert - Caster Paladin : Fist of Heavens
Matsukaze - Summoner Assassin : Shadow Master/Shuriken
Soso - Exploding Arrow Enchantress
Orochimaru - Hydra Summoner


ES_Dru - Druid : Wind Druid


Lemmesee - Paladin : Zeal/Fana Paladin


MetalShadow - Necromancer : Killer Scythe
Lorelai - Sorceress : Melee Enchantress

Metropolis Man

Sub_Zero - Druid : Winter Fury


Mellisan - Sorceress : Lightning Sorceress


Zinwrath - Paladin : Holy Fire/Zeal


Larazon - Druid : Wind Druid
Temari - Assassin : Samurai
Kaorinite - Assassin : Trapsin
Carrie - Assassin : Samurai


Wind Druid - Druid : Wind Druid


BurningSorc - Sorceress : Immolation/Time Stop Sorceress


Henry Handsmek - Paladin? : Sacrifice/Defensive Auras (Martyr)


Treehugger - Druid : Experimental Creeping Doom Druid


Chill-Dude - Sorceress : Blizz FO

Stingray ( The PK Pikachu )

To Mount Arreat?: Home of the Barbarians
To The Underworld?: Home to Necromancers
Division of the Mage Clans?: Shelter to Sorceress's
To Heaven: Land of the Ascended Paladins
To The Forest: Refuge to Druids
To The Amazonian Towers?: Kingdom of Amazons
To Shadow Mountain?: Retreat for Assassins
To The Champion Arena?: Let the Tournaments begin
To The Cheaters Den: Despicable Cheaters Are Banished Here

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