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*Changes in ES 3.00 R6 [#q238d811]


**Plans [#m18d46b4]
***Master Ancient Scroll [#o3d3d435]
-Sold at Gheed.
-An '''Master Ancient Scroll''' (MAS) has a property of '''Scroll Level 0''' at first.
-You can increase the Scroll Level of an MAS by 1, by cubing with an Ancient Scroll (AS) of one higher number than the Scroll Level. The AS is consumed.
(Ex. An MAS of Scroll Level 0 requires AS #1 to be upgraded to Level 1. You can't skip a certain level. If you have no AS #2, you can never upgrade your MAS to Level 2.)
-In Secret Recipes, you can use an MAS as an any AS lower than or equal to its level. An MAS of level 49 can substitute for all AS but AS #50, for example.
-Once your MAS hit level 25, you don't need to carry Ancient Tome #1-25. Once your MAS hit level 50, you don't need to carry Ancient Tome #26-50. This saves the time to put in and take out the Ancient Scrolls when you use Secret Recipes, and discarding Ancient Tomes will prevent the "Too Many Items" error.

***Barbarian Skills [#xad37868]
-Integrate Sword/Axe/Mace/Pole/Spear Masteries into Barbarian Melee Mastery (or Closed Combat Mastery).
-(New) Bow Mastery(?)
-(New) Thunder Strike: A Level 1 skill. A Lightning version of Fire Strike. A prereq of Streak Wave.
-(New) Streak Wave: A level 12 skill. A Lightning version of Flame Wave and Cold Wave. A prereq of Nova.

***Bookmarks [#u01bc7d9]

Damage Augmenter for each class
New Skills
Unique Items

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