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Well this is going to be a very basic page, so any wiki masters out there please/should edit this asap :P

Well, as has been noted, tsuru has been absent for almost 6 months, and Perfect Cell is very busy, which means no patches :(, but seeing as we have so many community things at our disposal, we should all pitch in to create a "community patch", till tsuru is back or PC gets some time.

we can use this page as a start point for ideas and division of work, as well as assigning those who will oversee the final patch releases.


For me the most pressing things revolve around stability on the Mac OS. R5 and earlier were all rock solid. But, with the introduction of R6 things changed — crashing to the desktop on leveling up, crashing when picking up the Damage Augmentor. These don't happen all the time, but they occur frequently. It seems the more advanced a character is in terms of high-end gear — socketed Unique Charms, tons of plus skills, etc., the more frequent the crashes. (Metro)


*Bug fixes [#b691e99a]
**Highest priority exploit fixes [#z6fc2f9b]
**High priority bug and balance fixes [#ca2e6c4b]
**Medium priority bug and balance fixes [#nfc6456e]
**Low priority bug and balance fixes [#r2461ee1]

*Suggestions for new content, recipes, etc... [#p1dde24b]
*Comments [#ffea9568]
- exploit fixes; shouldnt those just be PM'ed to metro instead of posted for everyoe to see. -- [[153957]] &new{02-18-2009 (Wed) 07:08:20};

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