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//BananaSlurpee's Diary
*BananaSlurpee's Page [#ada44269]

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**BananaSlurpee's Profile [#w87094e3]
-This is my Diary, I've been playing ES for a while now, and I'd say I'm pretty good at it. I've been sort of bored so i decided i will make a diary, have fun reading, I guess. Make sure to comment, or make suggestions.

**To Do List [#r5845a6d]
-Gear up SolarBoy
-Grush ShawtySnap
-Decide Spec for ShawtySnap
-Update every day (or at least each Important day)
-Get a The Unknown Hero

**FT List [#u92230a8]
***Haves [#s33bf0e9]
-all high end currencies, maples leaves, all runes and decals etc.
-lots of skiller GCs (w/o other mods, mainly just skill)
-lots of LoD Uniques
-loads of ES Uniques
-All Sets that require Lvl 1-55

***Wants [#i2b5525c]
-Good Akaran Targe/Sacred Targe with +3 HS +1-3 Redemption and +2-3 Concentration/Fanaticism
-LC with 1 of Holy Shield or 1 of Redemption or both.
-At least 1 The Unknown Hero
-Good Akaran Targe/Sacred Targe with +3 HS +1-3 Redemption and +2-3 Concentration/Fanaticism (I can do without the Redemption now, I will pay higher for it though.)
-LC with 1 of Holy Shield or 1 of Redemption or both. (I have a plain 1 to Redemption, but more will be appreciated, we can work out a price)
-More Elite Unique Charms, (Preferably Unknown Heros for other chars, as I have quite a lot of others, where do you think I get my maples) We can do some unique for unique charm swaps if you like, or we can work another price out.

***Items for free [#w5b0b78b]
I can usually give some pretty cool stuff to some low levels, or people new to the game, or just some people who just want some easy cheap equipment. I can give some cool equipment to use, and stuff like that, just leave a comment, and you can be on your way to a better character.

**BananaSlurpee's Characters [#c51b480c]
-BananaSlurpee - Level 94 Cold Sorceress
-SolarBoy - Level 90 FoH Paladin
-ShawtySnap -Level 15 (Unknown Spec) Assassin

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**BananaSlurpee's Diary [#tbecb3ec]

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***May 22 2010 [#t4c65fe5]
Today I decided I would start playing ES again, after playing a year straight on the same char, it had gotten kind of boring, during the last 2 months I've been playing a little bit but not much, I saw that people said I was cheating and crap on my Hall page (how do you cheat Eastern Sun?, I thought Hero Editor didn't work, and something about maple glitching) you would think if the makers found a glitch they would fix it, right? Anyway, I'm only going to be updating my FT lists from now on, and anyone who wants free stuff can still ask, as long as it's not anything uberly good that I would want to give up. I still don't see how people find getting maples so hard, but w/e. Updated FT lists, for basic needs ATM.

***March 13 2010 [#m9f512fe]
Today was super lucky, I did 15 Uber D runs, on run 7 I got an Unknown Hero :) on run 13 I got another one :O , then I got one last one by trading with a guy on Phrozen Keep, 3 Unknown Heros, in one day, how lucky! Today was one of my best days of my ES career, I'm planning on changing my hall of glory page to show the differences tomorrow, so check it out.

***March 12 2010 [#l9ed7f87]
Did lots of baal runs today, got about half a level on sorc which is alright, afterwards I started doing some Cow King runs, for set pieces and specifically Cow King's Steels and Uber D runs at the same time, not all that great of Uber D runs, Runs 1-25 a P Comb and Yello Jello, some lame set pieces that weren't elite, so i tossed them. Runs 25-47 still no Cow Kings and some lame set pieces, got a few level 60 set pieces i didn't have before though, no level 70 pieces. Another Yello Jello, a Perfect Cell, and a Something Wicked, A Elemental Skills, and Defensive Auras dropped too.

***March 11 2010 [#n633b4cc]
Did lots of baal runs today with my paladin and BananaSlurpee (who leveled :) ) and got the pally up lots of levels, i haven't quite geared him yet, but I have a few items, I haven't forged equipment or socketed it, didn't do so to his charms either. I gave him all the unique charms except for the Unknown hero. I also did 10 Uber D runs, and got a Yello Jello and a Perfect Cell, not bad, still would have liked to get the higher Uniques and I'm still awaiting a The Unknown Hero. Updated some of the stuff on my diary like my character list and FT list, which is sort of in a beginner stage still, but thats all right. So today has been pretty filled with things I'm hoping to do some straight up Uber D runs with plenty of Devil's foods to get The Unknown Hero so hopefully I'll have some luck.

***March 10 2010 [#t26a94b6]
Finally Uploaded my Character to the hall of glory, took about 2-3 hours or more, uploading pics and finding out how to emb them took a long time and there were a lot of errors, finally got it done though, so I hope you enjoy, if I forgot any items, tell me at the Hall of Glory Page, or here, thanks everyone, comment if you like it or just feel like commenting, make suggestions, whatever you want, Thanks for viewing. :)

***March 09 2010 [#cff485cc]
Made a 1st version of FT list, nothing whatsoever on ES.

***March 08 2010 [#l105313b]
Made a To Do List, and a My Characters List, other than that I did nothing on Eastern Sun.

***March 07 2010 [#z65097c8]
Okay first day of writing a diary so here goes. Haven't been doing much today just been rushing a pally, SolarBoy, started fresh and got him all the way to hell baal.

**Comment [#qfc26883]
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- Well I was planning on getting my sorc on the hall today, since I have free time, however I dump all base stats into energy for the extra damage through damage augmentor, check out my cold sorc later -- [[BananaSlurpee]] &new{03-10-2010 (Wed) 23:59:13};
- hey can you post stats until you get pics up? I'm currently making a cold sorc, shes lvl 97 atm. I'm curious to see where you're dumping stats and why. -- [[yurmy]] &new{03-10-2010 (Wed) 21:18:19};

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