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//BananaSlurpee's Diary
*BananaSlurpee's Page [#ada44269]

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**BananaSlurpee's Profile [#w87094e3]
-This is my Diary, I've been playing ES for a while now and am soon going to put my main character BananaSlurpee a cold sorc that's basically what I've put all my time into into the hall of glory so look for it. I've been sort of bored so i decided i will make a diary, have fun reading, I guess. Make sure to comment, or make suggestions.

**To Do List [#r5845a6d]
-Upload BananaSlurpee to the Hall of Glory
-Gear up SolarBoy
-Make a FT list
-Grush ShawtySnap
-Decide Specs for SolarBoy and ShawtySnap
-Update every day (or at least each Important day)

**FT List [#u92230a8]
***Haves [#s33bf0e9]
-all high end currencies, maples leaves, all runes and decals etc.
-lots of skiller GCs (w/o other mods, mainly just skill)
-lots of medium uniques
-upload more later

***Wants [#i2b5525c]
-Good Akaran Targe/Sacred Targe with +3 HS +1-3 Redemption and +2-3 Concentration/Fanaticism
-LC with 1 of Holy Shield or 1 of Redemption or both.
-At least 1 The Unknown Hero

**BananaSlurpee's Characters [#c51b480c]
-BananaSlurpee - Level 93 Cold Sorceress
-SolarBoy - Level 68 (Unknown Spec) Paladin
-ShawtySnap -Level 15 (Unknown Spec) Assassin

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**BananaSlurpee's Diary [#tbecb3ec]

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***March 09 2010 [#cff485cc]
Made a 1st version of FT list, nothing whatsoever on ES.

***March 08 2010 [#l105313b]
Made a To Do List, and a My Characters List, other than that I did nothing on Eastern Sun.

***March 07 2010 [#z65097c8]
Okay first day of writing a diary so here goes. Haven't been doing much today just been rushing a pally, SolarBoy, started fresh and got him all the way to hell baal.

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