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*CruxVV's Out of Order [#radba760]

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**Profile [#j34aac85]
Been playing Diablo 2 on and off for about 7 years.  I tend to play in spurts, then go cold-turkey, but I always come back.  Hence why BattleNet is not for me.  I got really frustrated with expiring characters, so went to single player.  ES spices things up and I frankly doubt that I will ever return to vanilla.
As for me personally, 20-something accountant at a small company.  Likes include animals, video games, outdoorsy stuff, disc golf, House, and various other things.  Dislikes include drugs, booze, people who can't admit they're wrong, and probably a few more things that I can't think of right now.  That's all you need to know.  :P

**Character List [#jdc77461]
-Lvl 90 GF Bowazon "IGotShot"
-Lvl 93 Wolf/Elemental Summoner Druid "ES-Bob"
-Lvl 29 Thunder Barb "IiiiiHateRap"
-Lvl 40 Golemancer "Golbash" [for gambling CtC Amp rings for the Bowie]
-Lvl 20 Paladin of which I forget the build  -_-  "CreativeName"

-No Tournament Chars at this time, if ever.  [Rarely have the time to spend on them.]

**To-Do list. [#fd054aa8]
-Improve damage/playability of Druid Summoner
-Improve Bowazon's equipment to the point of safe running in Hell diff [Needs Res & Life for starters]

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***07-28-2008 [#j2bafcef]
Just creating a diary for now.  I'll be slowly adding things here when I think of them.

**Comment [#e40b398a]
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