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*Diary_WIAL [#ob012df5]

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**Profile [#n41b3c22]
-I'm old D2 user. I've spent many hours playing Zy-El, Warcraft 3 and poker last years. Now when I dont have so much free time, I promised that i will try another mod. Easter Sun is the chosen one now.

**Characters [#h9686014]
-First I read the Classes/skills here on wiki and realised what is different. My first choice then was elemental Boulder/Firestorm druid. Then after I spent like three days by rushing experiences a realised this mod(like Zy-El) needs lots of crafting and ele druid will need lot of items. So i stopped playing my druid and make new sorceress. Inspired by Hall of Glory I will try to make serious swinger. 

***Active characters [#w1f319cd]
Swinger - 57sorc enchant swinger
FireFoko - 76druid ele 
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**Equipment [#d33eb66e]
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**Progress [#v0ffa569]

***04/26/2011 [#i39a878c]
So i beat NM Baal at level 70. Now im HELL Act2 on 81. The main problem is that i was leveling and rushing quests and i didnt focus on items. So now i got just two +1soc skills forged items. Thats all my crafting. Still using DEF barb he tanks well. But what is rly big problem is the ability of my sorc to die pretty quickly. The main playing strategy is to separate melee units, kill them and tele + timestop/staticfield ranged troops. Still comitting suicuide very often. I got belt with -12% fire resist and -72% fire resist making immunes vulnerable with 15K swing dmg. Amount of dmg is OK but my ability to tank dmg sux. I changed my weapon. Now wearing one hand orb with +1soc skills and +3fire skills because i needed some resistances. I will try to reach act 3 and do mass mef runs or something. 
***04/21/2011 [#w0c26d58]
Level 55 act3 NM completed - now im doing like 9-11Kdmg by swing.
I've changed my amulet from Eye of etlich to Talisman of Fukurokuju - its almost same but whatever. I equipped my helm with ChinaGW to improve my enchant boost. In legend on nifty.com is +10enchant but i received only +3. Can u tell me why? Then i got one Rune jackpot from Radament but some crap runes only. 
Then i've found Rumour of Pain with -11% enemy resistance and +1skiller. so cool. 
As staff im using magic staff what i found with +4fire skills 3socketed with +fire dmg jewels. But im rly missing the anihilation aura+battle cry. My AR sux now. I will see at act 4. I did some mef runs but just rare crap drops.

***04/19/2011 [#a1a70afc]

My swinger reaches level 42 and passed to NM. 
And what is totally the best:D i learned how tu usefully use Rerolling orb, multistocker,cans and rest of stockers :D
I started moving equip from my druid to sorc. This swinger seems like more fun for me, she is fragile but does lot of damage. Its totally different way how to play that char. No spamming firestorm, no keeping your summons alive in front of you. The play have to be more tricky(but still enough vanilla, looking forward hell). With like two hits by static field she kills everything in one shot now(around 2k-3.5k dmg actI nm) and if there are monsters being able to be time stopped - its rly easy going. Right now she is accompaned by def barb actV with some set items.
One point in timestop+energyfield+staticfield+firemastery and rest enchant+fanaticswing(fire shield).

Actual equip: 
RING - uniDragon Eye (10%fireskilldmg) - nothing cool, will change for any +1soc skiller 
RING - rar+1soc skiller with some +life
AMULET - uni+2allskills, Socketed
HELM - uniRaging Wolf +1allskills and +3battle cry - battle cry with some + skills is rly cool for me. The -defense is rly cool to hit by swing after static field
CHARMS - Lothar's Will - my best charm for now then some large charms with +life and some rare grands with +life, atack rating... could be better
ARMOR - some exceptional 4socket armor socketed with IlustriousRW - Mind blast, 40%deadly strike,+2allskills and many more
GLOVES - gemword - two blemished ametysts - but i dunno how amplify dmg workds with fire dmg - is it doubled? Doesnt matter now, i kill hard yet.
BOOTS - some uniq crap
BELT - uniHarnes of the Gods - +1allskills +crap
WEAPON - staff with ComposureRW - +1Anihilation when equipped. Its rly not bad early game aura for melee sorc and it still helps my merc to hit the beasts.

What am i planning to change today: 
change the crap uni ring
HELM - i found 3socketed exceptional cap, so im thinking about socketing Russia or China gemword OR PsychicRW - +2allskills and +30telekinesis > synergy for energyshield
ARMOR - i have some new runes, so i will check new runewords/gemwords
GLOVES - i still dunno if amplify dmg works for my enchantress well, if yes, i will make two perfect ametysts gemword or RainRW +2MeteorShowr,+1AllSkills and some CTCs
BOOTS - everything would be better, mb just some mass socketables and +STR jewels to be able to wear better armor,
BELT - good enough for now
WEAPON - another runeword i think or maybe RuinGW - 3Perfect obsidians making 9% static field CTS .. or SkullsGW or just mb some uniWeapon but as i see the best right now will be MemoryRW +4soc skills,+40%max mana

**Comment [#t008b54c]
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- Feel free to hop over my Hamachi. -- [[Exar Kun]] &new{05-03-2011 (Tue) 14:27:06};

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