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*Annihilus - Sandstorm Druid [#y3380f3c]


**Character Intro and Overview [#e9fcc4f5]
(Picture taken while Annihilus was Act 2 Hell)

Annihilus is a sandstorm/tornado druid. Playing the druid is kinda like using an Immolator or a bonemancer specializing in Hell's Gate. However, sandstorm is wind damage -- read, physical -- so the only problem you'll run into are unbreakable physical immunes. A mercenary stacked with physical resistance-lowering CtCs (Amplify Damage, Decrepify) can only do so much since you're waiting for that moment where it happens.

In this case, I have an Amplify Damage ring to cast the curse on-demand, and it makes things a little easier.

**Stats and Attributes [#oc3d34ac]
-70 Strength
-30 Dexterity
-rest Energy

 Energy is important since not only does it boost wind damage, this class is heavy-demand on mana.

Level 89
168 Strength - mostly from attribute bonuses
120 Dexterity - same
115 Vitality - left alone
505 Energy - yeah

3769 life, 1811 mana before battle orders.
5196 life, 3195 mana after.

151% to Wind Skill Damage - mostly from energy and d-stoning weapon.

Tornado 22853-23102 per missile
Sandstorm 16441-16736 per missile

**Skills [#lff3570f]

-20 Sandstorm - First skill.
-25 Tornado - Secondary, and LMB skill. Useful even though it is slow because it reaches further than Sandstorm and often does a little more damage against small targets.
-30 Winter Fury - You'll need this in Hell. Unbreakable physical immunes? They'll slowly die from the cold damage.
-30 Cyclone Armor - Another necessity in Hell. Most monsters will do elemental damage so you will need something that will soak it up.
-rest Arctic Blast

**Equipment [#i16f6cbc]
 Weapon: +2/1 Starter Elemental Druid shaman wand, 2x socketed +1 elemental-tab forge jewel
 Forged +1 all skills
 Shield: Rare +1 all skills shield with +36 resists, d-stoned resists, socketed wind skill damage jewels
 Forged +1 all skills
 Armor, Boots, Belt: Tasselhoff's all forged +1 all skills
 Armor socketed with life jewels, forged faster cast
 Boots socketed with life jewels, one has resists, forged +% life
 Belt socketed with 1 life/res jewel, 1 +druid/life jewel, forged +% life
 Gloves: Runefusion, socketed with a +5% Wind jewel (Intensifying jewel of emphasis) forged +%life
 Forged +1 all skills
 Helm: "Placidity" (He I Se I) totemic mask, d-stoned +% life
 Ring1: Zodiac Band, socketed wind damage jewel forged +% life
 Forged +1 all skills
 Ring2: +1 Druid rare ring with +7 oskill Amplify Damage, socketed wind damage jewel forged +% life
 Again forged +1 all skills
 Amulet: Beads of the Guardian, no socket, forged 20% FCR, d-stoned 15% extra FCR

 Lothar's Will, Yello Jello forged +1 druid skills
 Noob's charm with a perfect amethyst for strength and Weaken when struck.

**Merc and Merc Equipment [#c7dbf9c7]
 Act 2 Nightmare Meditation
 Mercenary's H Set
 Weapon Ya-forged with 3x Wa runes
 Armor Ni-forged with 3x Ni runes
 "Mighty" gloves
 LoD String of Ears with 15% DR, socketed with Ni rune
 Hermes' Gift gladiator boots for Vigor on equip (so he can keep up with me)
 2x 9% lifesteal rings
 Band of War amulet

**Last Words [#ofb0b346]
This guy needs faster hit recovery and more life. But he's beaten Hell and is actually doing well in the special areas save Naraku.

**Comments [#ged5a4b7]

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