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*Connie - Assassin [#e5b4ce47]
*Bambi - Amazon Strafer [#e5b4ce47]


**Character Intro and Overview [#fa250304]

I did a major re-do of my main strafer.  I decided to ditch my second Zon which was pure GF strafer with 3k to gold find - just not enough power to do hell cows and the Domain. Thus, I needed a replacement gold finder and decided to just re-work Bambi.
This is the 2nd re-do of my domain strafer - I had a day to screw around and make it the way I wanted "pretty much". 

When you have a bunch of characters as I do, you generally play what you enjoy.  Having a powerful strafer is very relaxing, not too much stress.  This is pretty much the ideal farming character IMHO - safe and easy. I'd say that this character has pretty much farmed everything for all my other characters (except for what they accumulated during leveling).

I decided to keep my old character Bambi up in a separate hall of glory as a good template for a cheap strafer.
For those interested, I kept Bambi and Bambi2 up in a separate hall of glory as good templates for increasingly expensive strafers.
**Stats and Attributes [#v1047150]

Summary of major changes from Bambi.

#1 Damage went from (6.4k-43k) to (17k-79).  Better bow, Eagle Eye, Fanat, more strafe synergies since I went back to 1 Valk.  AR went from 23k to 35k.  So, basically a way better killer - about double damage at the end of the day.
A few things I decided to do.  First off, get the damage up by maxing a duel max bow. It was basically a toss up whether to re-roll an ancient bow or the amazon one. 

#2 Emphasing GF over MF.  Gold Find went from 815% to 1630%.  Magic find decreased from 649% to 243%.  Still lots of rares and uniques because of diminishing returns on MF.
I maxed Valk, but only one.  I found this enough with my Act2 Might Merc for the Domain.  I decided to use a BO on switch, thus my life is a very respectful 5300, and my Merc got up to 15,000. It's a lot easier running with this life as opposed to my previous 3200.

#3 I replicated the 3kish life and max resists and max deadly strike and crushing blow.
I added CBF, a luxury on a strafer I know, but I hate being chilled.  I also added 20% fast run.  Both these additions added to the safety of the build.

I added enough IAS to reach the 4,2,2,2 breakpoints using Eagle Eye. I also decided to use Amp instead of Decrepify to get more damage since I already had 50% slow from gloves and level 26 Holy Freeze auora from my Merc.  CB and Deadly striked are maxed.

I could have upped the resists a hair and my defense and DR, but really there was no need, this char plows thru the domain no worries with careful meat shields play.


**Skills [#k4926ca8]

All Dex build as are most strafers. 1 point in all the passives I use except for Valk which I maxed (level 68 in case you wondered). Pierce large charm to save a skill point.
All Dex build as are most strafers. 1 point in all the passives I use except for Valk which I maxed (level 68 in case you wondered). Pierce and deadly strike large charms to save a couple of skill points.

All other points went into Strafe and synergies.
All other points went into Eagle Eys, Strafe and synergies.

Eagle Eye was offset by the level 34 fanat and level 12 Annil.

**Equipment [#ebf5d239]

I Forged all equipment and unique charms +1 to raise the Fanat 0-skill which is at level 34.  I D-stoned Dex into the helm - mainly just to keep the total # of items the same (to avoid the bug).  I added +gold find to the rings and amulets and +resists and life where I could on the Armor, belt, boots.  I obsidian melded the gloves for +%dam and crit strike.
I kept the following from my previous build.

My bow isn't duel max, but it spawned with what I consider the most important stat, the +300% (on level 100) exhanced max damage.  It had 300ish ED on it innately and a few other items. Since I didn't feel the need to spend a lot of resources on the bow it was plenty fine for my uses.  The picture shows the bow socketed and d-stoned with +%damage but un-mapled. I did not go with my best %ED jewels, I threw in a couple I had laying around that had the combination of some AR%, 30%+ ED, minimum damage.
* Atlas Trust Armour [#x4bd7435]
* +11 fanaticism ring [#p8e5e99e]
* Suffication of Indifference Gloves [#i513c990]


My new bow (or should I say my completed bow) He forged.


As suggested in Bambi2 comments I replaced my Thief runeword helm to avoid it overwriting Eagle Eye.  I rolled a nice rare with 3 sockets and used some dex/char level jewels. I added the amount of IAS necessary to reach the 4,2,2,2 breakpoint.


As I decided to ditch my Decrepify belt, I replaced my 2nd fanaticism ring with a amp one I had around.  It was only level 30 so I had lots of dstone room.  I used a low level jewel.


I was left with belt and boots decision.  It was suggested to me to use 3x Suffication of Indifference, but I was happy with my damage and needed some dstone room for resists etc. so I decided to use Goldarks. Instead of my usual dstoning (resist all) I decided to gem meld and that added 14 damage reduction and 3 lighting absorb as a bonus.

**Merc and Merc Equipment [#rc623057]

Same as Bambi except I replaced the Defiance aura with Concentration.  With the 50% slow on the main character's gloves the Merc was hardy enough to survive all but the last few champions in the Realm (where it was 50/50 depending on how I played).
**Comments [#d61c8078]
- I have a dual max bow forged with damage, I'd say they're comparable since dual maxes dont necessarily spawn with ED%, and it seems neither of us have the resources to cap 900% ed anyways -- [[howlinghobo]] &new{10-25-2011 (Tue) 09:55:17};
- You do know that Burst of Speed overwrites Eagle eye I hope, and you should look for a dual max bow. I use a dual max bow, tassel set (belt to gloves) with goldark belt, Ra forged lvl 60 dex jewels of the wererat, hit 17-82k dmg and 2.5k gold find -- [[DKing]] &new{03-26-2011 (Sat) 19:29:56};
- that's one heck of a bow.. did you all-out use forging hammers on that? I'm thinking of moving off the noir's set myself, but that's a diff character entirely.. -- [[psycho2]] &new{08-09-2010 (Mon) 14:02:42};
- Recommend trying out wearing 3x pair of Suffoctions of Indifference? Overall not bad but you should be pushing 100k+ with Eagle Eye + Fanta. -- [[Daishi_GD]] &new{08-08-2010 (Sun) 19:53:03};
Same as Bambi2. With 15k life and maxed resists and 50% life steal, big Defense it is very hardy but I still keep a finger ready on the full renovation potions for the hard parts.

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