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*Diabola - Lightning Sorceress with oskill Firestorm [#xc7a99b4]


**Character Intro and Overview [#m0c968e1]
Screenshots were uploaded first. Descriptions will be added later.

**Stats and Attributes [#gdf53a41]
With all buff/aura activated:

All points into energy.

**Skills [#c3abba2e]
***Hardpoints [#wb384bdb]

***Skill levels with equipment [#h3b2da61]

***Oskills [#e827ad26]

''Level 31 Lower Resist''
Lowers 60% Fire/Cold/Lightning resist of enemy, radius 24 yards. 

''Level 30 Battle Orders''
Increases 122% maximal life & mana.

''Level 28 Oak Sage''
Increases 182% maximal life.

''Level 26 Valkyrie''

**Equipment [#h8d457a2]


''Weapon Switch''
&ref(./Weapon Switch.jpg,nolink);

''Shield Switch''
&ref(./Shield Switch.jpg,nolink);





Oskill Oak Sage & shielding mod.




Veteran's Odd Charm: Runeword "Diablo", +1 All skill, +28 Firestorm, reduces enemy Fire/Lightning resist, all are essential for this build
Damage Augmenter
All unique charms except for Vlad Tepe's Sustenance.
Skiller charms: +Lightning tab magic odd charm*7, +Fire tab rare grand charm*2, +Staffmod(Lightning Mastery & Ice Nova) magic large charm*1

**Merc and Merc Equipment [#rb19a286]
Since Diabola herself deals Lightning & Fire damage and doesn't have to worry much about immune problem, Act2 Prayer Merc is chosen to improve survivability. His 
own Prayer synergize on-equip Meditation & Cleansing, providing tripled healing efficiency. He also carries Conviction to further lower reduces enemy resists. Besides, he also has several CtC equipments to help him stopping/slowing enemy. 

-Weapon: LoD Runeword "INFINITY"
Level 12 Conviction Aura.
-Armor: Runeword "Eternal Reign"
Aura of Divinity grants further +2 All skills.
-Helm: Arthur's Crown
Level 12 Cleansing Aura.
-Gloves: Shiva's Touch
20% CtC Level 10 Glacial Spike on striking.
-Belt: Blustone's Belt
40% CtC Level 5 Ice Nova when struck.
-Boots: Hermes' Gift
Level 6 Vigor, synergized by Prayer, increase movement speed and maximal life%.
-Amulet: Eye of the Beholder, Aura forged with Level 7 Meditation 
20% CtC Level 3 Glacial Spike when struck & on striking.
-Ring1: LoD Unique Ring Carrion Wind
8% CtC Level 13 Creeping Doom on striking

**Comments [#e98aa5b9]

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