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*FreezingSorc - Cold Sorceress [#d221c557]


**Character Intro and Overview [#wb7ba9b7]
Two friends and I thought it would be a cool idea if we'd all make a sorceress of each element to run around together. I picked Cold because I've always liked this element. 
This character is paired with Rychveldir/Firesnake BurningSorc. Regretfully ShockingSorc bailed on us but Rychveldir and  myself ended up with very cool sorceress from it! 

My main idea behind this character was Blizzard. But seeing as Ice Nova is a far faster spell I would use Ice Nova as a my primary and Blizzard for any bosses.

Something important you might notice that most sorceress use and I don't is an Act5 Offensive Merc but a Act3 Cold merc. Reason for this being I wanted to try to be putting out as much cold damage as possible. Which worked out awesome because I'd pretty roll over everything with only Lower Resist and I would find myself needing Ancient Call at all. In the odd occurring of a high level Cold Immune I put a point into Immolation to blow them up. 
**Stats and Attributes [#i2b4207e]
http://i173.photobucket.com/albums/w73/Daishi_GD/Stats2-1.jpg http://i173.photobucket.com/albums/w73/Daishi_GD/SkillDamage.jpg
Base Stats:
25 Strength
30 Dexterity
285 Vitality
260 Energy
(I think for stats I was doing 3 Vit - 2 Engy every level for the most part.)
(Also it doesn't show it here. But my 80 Soul Shiver adds 978% Mana Regenerate. So that's 1278% Mana Regen Total! Which made me immortal with Energy Shield!!)
(I use Aerial Guard if anyone is wondering how I have 435% FBR and 494% FHR.)
**Skills [#k34b727d]
Other Base skills:
Lightning Mastery: 1 point base (Level 56)
Teleport: 1 point base (Level 56)
Telekinesis: 1 point base (Level 56)
Static Field: 1 point base (Level 56)
Energy Shield: Large Charm base (Level 56)
Immolation: 1 point base (Level 56)
Fire Mastery: 1 point base (Level 56)
Lower Resist: +7 Killashandra Ree's Black Crystal Sorcerer's Band (Level 40)
Battle Command: Call to Arms (Level 33)
Battle Orders: Call to Arms (Level 36)

If I remake this Sorc(which is should have) I would have NOT maxed Glacial Spike but only it at 18-20 points.

**Equipment [#uc2e6b34]
I hold Call to Arms + Rift in my offhand for buffing.
Jewels in my Gear+Charms:
10x -5% Cold Icestorm Shard Unique Jewels
5x +1 All Skill Jewels
2x Jindujun Unique Jewel
Nightwings - All skill forged with 2x Ice Storm Shards. D-Stoned with Max Life. 
Eternal Reign for +6 All/Defense/Resist. D-Stoned with +Life.
Winter is very straight forward for a Cold Sorceress. D-Stoned with + Cold Skill damage.
The StormShield has the 2x Jindujun jewels in it for max 75% Chance to Block.
D-Stoned with +Life
Jewelery D-Stoned with Faster Cast Rate to get 210%.
All 3x Rumors of Pain and Veterans Odd charm have Icestorm Shard Jewels.
Belt+Boots are D-Stoned with Max Life. 
Gloves are D-Stoned Max Life and Gem Meld Perfect Ruby for +14 Life After Each Kill[2x]

**Merc and Merc Equipment [#ze39a5d2]
As I mentioned before. I use an Act3 Cold Damage Merc for the Protection from Cold aura he has.
The Merc gear is Forged with +1 All Skills. 
He is wears full Tasselhoff's Traveling Gear set. Including Belt-Gloves transformation.
One Ring and Zodiac Band for rings.
11x +1 All skill jewels.
3x 4% Cold Skill damage jewels.

http://i173.photobucket.com/albums/w73/Daishi_GD/Merc.jpg http://i173.photobucket.com/albums/w73/Daishi_GD/Merc2-1.jpg

**Comments [#n099cf74]
- Do you mean converting it to gloves and boots. There are ancient scrolls that allow you to convert belts to gloves and so on the number of scrolls would be in the range of 31 to 36.  -- [[Hans]] &new{08-07-2009 (Fri) 22:04:30};
- How did you make Rumour of Pain anyway Daishi? -- [[Frozen-Blood]] &new{08-07-2009 (Fri) 21:38:48};
- I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure you'd get better damage if you left Cold Mastery at 1 hard point and put the extra points into other cold skills for the synergy. Unless, of course, you also used Twister for unbreakable CI monsters. -- [[Nameless]] &new{08-04-2009 (Tue) 06:45:34};
- Thanks Daishi, Very helpful.  When I get off work I'll see what I can create.   -- [[Frozen-Blood]] &new{08-01-2009 (Sat) 17:44:13};
- http://homepage3.nifty.com/miyoshino/es/es3cube_n.htm#for Here's a link of Forging Frozen-Blood. Just scroll down and you'll find D-stoning too. -- [[Daishi_GD]] &new{08-01-2009 (Sat) 03:14:56};
- I like your equipment choice, I've been trying to figure out how to d-stone and forged, i play hardcore and would be a lot of help lol -- [[Frozen-Blood]] &new{07-31-2009 (Fri) 23:10:07};
- i like the way u choose your equipment! very nice :-`)´ -- [[cpt_chaos]] &new{07-30-2009 (Thu) 09:34:47};
- Ya as MetalShadow said. Envy doesn't say it can be done in shields. But as far as I could remember it always could be. I play on a server also by the way so I'm not sure if editing files would register on the servers?? -- [[Daishi_GD]] &new{07-26-2009 (Sun) 20:41:29};
- Actually, Envy can be used in shields. I'm not really sure whether it's supposed to be possible or not, but it definitely is; either its database entry is wrong, or an accident was made in Runewords.txt that allowed Envy to be used in shields. -- [[MetalShadow]] &new{07-26-2009 (Sun) 18:39:57};
- Envy runerowrd - 4 Socket Body Armor, so i assume u have ur own edited version of es then? -- [[lol]] &new{07-26-2009 (Sun) 14:38:22};

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