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*Hawkmana - Amazon [#g9c19820]


**Character Intro and Overview [#s3f7468c]

Hawkmana, sister to Hawkman and Hercules, has survived more than six years imprisonment in the Sharval Wilds. When captured she was stripped of all gear and jewelry, thus depriving her of any hope of conquering her guardians. In addition, she was fitted with an enchanted eye mask which cannot be removed by whoever wears it, thus she was blinded. Six months later, after her captors were through interrogating her about the whereabouts of Hawkman and Hercules, she was taken to the Dead End Dungeon. As all conquerors of the Realm know, she had only two ways out of the Dungeon. Find the upstairs to the Naraku 3 level or find the hidden stairs to Nowhere. Even if she found either of them, how was she to fight her way to freedom? How could she possibly find the hidden stairs when blind? Thank the Lords of the Realm for Madoka, Hawkmana's faithful guardian, wife of Magnus the Barbarian, guardian of Hawkman the Invincible. Madoka, waited for word of Hawkmana for six months. Only by accident did she receive word of Hawkmana's whereabouts from Ormus who dispatched Meshif with the word that Hawkmana was imprisoned in the Dead End Dungeon. Fighting alone, with less powerful skills and gear, Madoka slowly but surly fought her way from the Rogue Encampment, through Lut Gholein, through Kurast, through the Pandemonium Fortress, through Harrogath, and then down through the three levels of the Naraku, to rescue Hawkmana six years after beginning her quest. Returning to her home, north of the Rogue Encampment, Hawkmana found it destroyed and all of her possessions stolen. With only what she and Madoka wore on their backs, they set off for the Barbarian stonghold in Harrogath. Word was that Hawkman was there and that her other brother Hercules was enroute. Hawkmana soon discovered that the Realm had again been overrun with hordes of Evil Minions. Now, six months later, she has been reunited with her brothers in Harrogath. Madoka is overjoyed to find Magnus alive, but the fact that he is mute and somewhat disoriented at times, brings sorrow to her heart.
**Stats and Attributes [#e8a138eb]

&ref(./Hawkmana Character.JPG);

Since nearly all of Hawkmana's Stats and Attributes can be seen on the Screenshots provided on this posting or by accessing the attachments below, only highlights need be addressed. As with all of King James' Characters (Hawkman, Hercules posts), first and foremost came Gambling for end game gear, then Gem Melding/Dstoning them to obtain 2,000% Magic Find and 2,000 Extra Gold From Monsters. Once one has these attributes, rivers of gold will flow and multitudes of Magic Set gear will drop. This applies to Madoka as well. Those rivers of gold buy Perfect Gems and those Set items convert into Ancient Decipherers, then to Dragon Stones. Perfect Gems and Dragon Stones convert to Maple Leafs. Using the formulas for obtaining the next higher or lower Runes, one can produce SA Runes. Adding Secret Scroll 50 to these takes you to Gem Melding/DStoning Heaven.

Slain Monsters Rest In Peace, added to all weapons, using Secret Recipe 38 is a no brainer. Some would say that 360% Increased Attack Speed and 200% Damage Reduction is overkill. However, Hawkmana does not have Cannot Be Frozen nor does she have Half the Freeze Duration and some Evil Minions have Slows Target. She can be slowed, therefore IAS is 360%. Evil Minions have Amplify Damage, therefore 200% Damage Reduction.

Finally, take a few minutes to view all of the Attachments and posted Screenshots. Please note the double emphasis. Attributes that keep Hawkmana alive, attributes that make Evil Minions dead.

**Skills [#k4c938a9]

Once the Soul Stinger Impaler was obtained, Hawkmana was trained in Spear and Javelin Skills as follows:

Jab: 28 Lessons
Fire Strike: 19 Lessons
Fend: 19 Lessons
Viper Bite: 19 Lessons
Lightning Strike: 19 Lessons
Shadow Strike: 19 Lessons

Hawkmana's amulet grants +3 to Valkyrie as a Skill. We have three in our party all the time. Hawkmana often experiments within these Skills with pleasing results. In the near future, she hopes to find a Bow. Much training in Bow Skills will follow.
**Equipment [#t11f16e5]

Souls Stinger Impaler: While this impaler is indeed awesome, a Dual Max Rare Ethereal impaler with Repairs 1 Durabilty Every 33 Seconds would be better because you could forge 62 to Max Damage rather than two Wo Runes to make it Indestructible.

&ref(./Hawkmana Impaler.JPG);

Valhalla's Pendant Amazonian Pin: Speaks for itself. Note 400% MF and EXGFM.

&ref(./Hawkmana Amulet.JPG);

Dfuzzz's Fingerguard Amazonian Loop: Wonderous boost to Skill Levels. Note 400% MF and EXGFM.

&ref(./Hawkmana Ring.JPG);

Military Guards of Frozen Armor: Any Character's dream gloves.

&ref(./Hawkmana Gloves.JPG);

In summary, please note that Hawkman's gear has both +200 Strength and +200 Dexterity which allows her to maximize damage whether she uses a javelin, spear or bow. I pity the Evil Minions when they do succeed in striking Hawkana for her gear has the following attributes:

12% CTC Level 25 Ice Nova When Struck
15% CTC Level 15 Ice Nova When Struck
9% CTC Level 15 Shock Armor When Struck
9% CTC Level 15 Immolation When Struck
12% CTC Level 25 Shiver Armor When Struck
2% CTC Level 50 Blizzard When Struck

You can view her Spearmaiden's Ethereal Crown, Jeweler's Archaic Armor, Godly Sharkskin Belt, and Sharkskin Boots by referencing attachments below. All gear is Forged to add +1 All Skills or +62 Max Damage. I believe you would enjoy seeing Hawkmana, Madoka and the Valkyrie in action against the most powerful Evil Minions Diablo has to offer.

As to Charms, in addition to the Unique Charms forged to add +1 Javelin & Spear Skills, she has the Veteran's Charm with three Max Damage/Strength Jewels Forged with +1 Javelin & Spear Skills, ten Assailant Charms socketed with Max Damage and/or Strength Jewels Forged to add +1 Javelin & Spear Skills. 

**Merc and Merc Equipment [#nbe0b5f9]

&ref(./Hawkmana Madoka.JPG);

Madoka has trained since her youth in improving her Dexterity since her tribe consists of bowazons. Since she is a ranged warrior, rather than a melee master, she does not have Fire, Cold, or Lightning Absorb. She does not have Damage Reduction, Damage Reduction %, or Magic Damage Reduction since she is able to Dodge, Sway and Burst Speed to avoid being hit. Madoka has forged her equipment with either +37 Dexterity or +62 Max Damage. She has 19 Sockets at her disposal. Her 19 Jewels add Enhanced Damage, Bonus To Attack Rating and/or +62 Dexterity; all Forged to add +12 Dexterity. Her equipment has been Gem Melded/DStoned in a similar manner to Hawkmana's except Dexterity was emphasized rather than Strength. She is a gold digger (2,000% Extra Gold From Monters) and Magic Finder (2,000% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items).

Blood Quill Ancient Bow: Hawkmana and Madoka are still searching for Rare Ethereal Dual Max Ancient Bows.

&ref(./Hawkmana Madoka Bow.JPG);

Madoka is wearing a complete set of Revivification equipment to include:

Ethereal Crown Of Revivification
Jeweler's Archaic Armor Of Revivification
Battle Gauntlets of Revivification
Sharkskin Belt Of Revivification
Sharkskin Boots Of Revivification

This set adds to her already awesome rejuvenation abilities by Replenishing Life 360.

Her jewelry:

Collar Of Minotaur: Adds Might Aura
Zodiac Band Rings: Add Prevent Monster Heal and plus to Skills

One really has to pity the Evil Minions of the Diablo Realm now that Hawkman, Hercules, Hawkmana, Magnus and Madoka have been reunited. Consider that they all can and will be fine tuned and improved by King James as resources and newly found, gambled for or rerolled equipment is added to their Tribal Armory. Bring on the "One" and Diablo III. We believe that we are ready. If not ready, then we are willing to engage any and all who spew forth from the Hordes of Hell.


King James: This completes the trilogy of Characters that I envisioned when the story line for them began to grow in my mind. They are built to show how I enjoy building Barbs and Zons with unlimited resources. Hope you enjoy all three Uber Characters. 

King James: to Xc0n Please read my Comments on Hercules and Hawkman posts in Hall and you'll understand.

- its easy to use the shared stash to dupe maple leaves. But even duping maple leaves it would take hours and hours to use the recipe over and over.  -- [[goeido]] &new{07-27-2008 (Sun) 12:37:14};
- How many time did you spent on gathering all this ? jesus or you hacked or i dont know thats pretty awesome but never the less you used alot of resources on this. -- [[Xc0n]] &new{07-26-2008 (Sat) 22:56:18};

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