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*Freezer - Paladin [#kfb72e2a]
*Moiraine - Sorceress [#kfb72e2a]


**Character Intro and Overview [#b86f928e]

I have tried pretty much all the various Paladin builds and have found this to be the most effective. The elemental auras just didn't cut it for me and I prefer zeal vs single attacks.
I fully intended to make an immolation/time stop Sorc, but decided to level up as a Melee Sorc and kept with it because it was interesting.  I have avoided any elemental end-game characters to this point in my ESun career because lowering resists is a pain, but because I have a lot of resources playing on and off for 3+ years I finally saved up enough crystals to get a conviction Merc weapon to stick on Offensive Ancient's Call Barb. This allowed me to concentrate on the fire tree only.

There are a number of good reasons to use this build. First, I was not forced to use any of my +1 skill jewels or forgings since I use all Paladin skills except for shock armor. That saves resources. I also was able to use a few of my uniques that I had lying around like the shield, boots, gloves & belt. I only had to re-roll the uniques a couple of times to get good enough mods. I had some excellent rare jewelry ready to go and had an interesting weapon (not uberific, but good and as of now I have not used any maples yet on it). Thus, I had the build ready to go and could use my armor I had been building forever on it.
Frankly, the God Weapon only provides about -50 of my -171 to fire resist so it wasn't as all powerful as I thought.

About two years ago I decided after reading the forums and thinking about how I like to play the game I decided that maples would be best spent on an Eternal Reign that I can pass to my various melee characters if needed. I play quite a bit, do a lot of jewelry gambling, kill uber Diablo on p7 with my strafer super easy.  I have literally hundreds of SA's since I am a pack rat and runes drop like crazy. Anyway, I read that you could dstone before applying the runeword, so I hacked away at it over time - first with the Defense, then resists, then hit recovery, and then %life. I should have done DR% also but I got impatient and wanted to get this done.  I had a 91 Pally that was an old character so I didnt have to level another one.
I first put the weapon on my trap Sin Merc, but I really didn't enjoy the playstyle - too passive.  I figured that an immolation Sorc charging into battle and using timestop and lower resists would be more fun, but there were a couple of ones in the Hall already and I have a bit of a different twist to my Melee Sorc compared MetalShadow - who has a very nice one also.

For a Merc, I tried my geared cold rogue first but it was taking too much attention and I really didn't need the freezing.  I settled on a defensive Barb which is a good choice for the Battle Orders and stuns. He is very stout and helps a bit with killing.
Anyway, the following will describe my character, which I just completed Hell with but without the extra D-stoned life to be able to complete the realm. As you can see immediately below the 1500 life isn't going to cut it although the 5k mana shield is sufficient until a mobs dispells it. I went against my vow of not using a battle orders weapon switch and threw on a +15 one on switch. The Character only has 970 life without it, and I was doing P7 the entire way in hell - that's how strong this build is.    

I figure that 3k life with a quick trigger finger on my Renovation Potions will suffice end game similar to MetalShadow.  Also, I intend to increase the DR to 50%.

The real beauty of this build is the very good aoe which brings down the non-fire immune mobs pretty much without having to hit them due to the immolation and fireball procs and the Holy Fire Aura which pumps out 1.5k/second. Since my char and the merc have -171 to fire resist I am guessing the aura packs more of a punch then is listed since I am amazed at the Aura even at P7.

The Fire Armor pumps out 5k/hit and basically in the harder parts of Hell I chip away at the Fire Immunes until the Merc casts Ancient Call - Everything else dies to the AOE.  I get a little life and mana return from the physical damage and I have significant passive health and mana return. With maxed block, maxed hit recovery, maxed fast blocking and 170kish Defense, 36% DR, 47 damage reduce you don't even notice the mobs at all with the 5k energy shield intact and have time to spam regen pots when it goes down.

Moiraine is one of the hero's of the Wheel of Time books in case you wondered.
**Stats and Attributes [#kffe454b]

Most points in strength, just enough in Dex to max blocking.
All stats into Energy.

&ref(./Pally Stats ALL.jpg);

&ref(./Moiraine Stats.jpg);
**Skills [#p4818e7c]

Level 68 Fanaticism on right mouse
Level 2 Might on equip
Level 6 Concentration on equip
Level 12 Aura of Divinity on armor
Level 16 Shock Armor
Fire Skills (Melee Synergy)

Merc has level 4 Anniliation on equip
Enchant - 96
Fanatic Swing - 91
Meteor Shower - 86
Fire Mastery - 85
Fire Armor - 80

3 Prereq points to get to Meteor Shower which are synergies for Immolation Proc

1 Hard point each in Soul Shiver and Aerial Guard

Large Charm with Energy Shield skill

Level 39 Holy Fire (from +13 on Amulet and plus skills)
Level 10 Defiance Aura on Equip from Amulet

Merc has level 20 Conviction on equip and Level 5 Concentration from Amulet


**Equipment [#ge82ea0f]

The weapon isn't duel max but I think the might on equip makes up for it.  Note the dstoning of the armor before I put on the runeword.
I have Eternal Reign Runeword Armor, Runefusion Gloves, double Rumour's of Pain. I was finally able to use my Zodiac Band rings on a build. The rings allowed me to wear the Armor (strength requirement), get max blocking (dex requirement) and a little life and mana. The only gear D-stoned are the gloves with Ruby Melds (+life/kill and fire damage), the weapon with 48% fire damage and the armor I share with my Pally which was d-stoned with resists and +armor% pre-rune word.

&ref(./Pally Weapon&Armor.jpg);
All gear except the runeword is tinkered with fangs for +fire and I still have 50 left since I have accumulated them for 3 years. All items have Salamander jewels in the sockets except for the helm which has +1 all skill and 12% +life.

Excellent rare helm and 3 uniques (good to use them!) I had never used the belt before in any build, but the more I thought about it the better it sounded. The belt helps to reach a fast block breakpoint and the additional blocking frees up some Dex points. The rest of the stats are good enough since belts are a weak spot as far as uniques go. 
I rerolled a couple of rare wizard blades to get the immolation proc, this one shown has +sorc skill, 3 sockets and some fire damage.  The other one had 60% IAS and +2 Firestorm. Not too long to roll them and pretty cheap with 2x flawless rerolls.  The proc on striking obviously comes up a lot since it didn't take that long to get two, and I saw 4 9% chance to proc level 30 meteor ones.

I generally use magic 0skill gloves for melee characters, but since the (fanat) 0skill is capped at 3 on a Pally the unique makes good sense. 
In case you are interested, you can get 2 proc on striking effects on the rares.  I got 4 I believe during my re-rolls including the one I really wanted which is immolation and meteor procs (unfortunately at the lower proc %'s and levels).

&ref(./Pally GBBH.jpg);

As mentioned in the comments, Amp is a must and it is difficult to get a rare that can compete with the set amulet. You can see I have Dstone room on the rings, and I'll be adding life and also getting deadly strike rating up to 100%.
&ref(./Moiraine Gear.jpg);

&ref(./Pally R&A.jpg);
Notice the "almost perfect" Zodiac Band - that's been in my stash for 2 years and was a drop!

I have a bunch of runeword shields that I thought about using but this is a winner.  I would have used the LOD version if I needed resists.
&ref(./Moiraine Gear2.jpg);

&ref(./Pally Shield.jpg);

Lastly, I have all the unique charms forged with +Pally. No re-rolling on the charms or sockets yet.  I have 9 nice rare grand charm skillers.
I have all the unique charms forged with +Sorc. I socketed my Odd Charm and forged it +skills.  I have 14 nice rare grand charm Fire skillers and the before mentioned energy shield rare large charm which saved a few pre-reqs.

I have 11 perfect Salamander Stone Unique Jewels for 88% chance of level 18 fireball on striking. It wasn't really that bad getting the Jewels since I basically decided only to keep the fire and lightening Uniques, so I had all my other unique jewels to use the 3 in the cube re-roll.  Also secret recipe 30 is useful to obtain additional unique jewels.  The reroll to perfect wasn't so horrible, if I recall about 4-5 started out as perfect and it took about 6 jewels x 3 reroll average x 2 perfect gems = 36 Perfect gems approximately.

**Merc and Merc Equipment [#d8d0dc14]

My standard 2x ring of vengeance, The Eye of Etlich Amulet setup.  I like Hermes Gift boots for the life and fast run.  I put on a rare +4 close combat mastery glove obsidian melded, and threw on a band of constriction belt as a lazy way of getting +100 resist all.

Nothing is d-stoned except for the gloves and some +life% on the amulet.

&ref(./Moiraine Merc.jpg);
**Comments [#t31a57aa]
- Band of War is a very good amulet if you decide on using a good pair of gloves, because of the Amplify Damage :) You have one exceptional character here; my work has been cut out for my next pally it seems -- [[psycho2]] &new{07-15-2010 (Thu) 11:35:16};
- MfMqTvdnmNbhvFANv -- [[swvkoyjcn]] &new{01-18-2009 (Sun) 08:33:07};
- bGvVHLULPYgANLC -- [[nhfxeh]] &new{10-08-2008 (Wed) 16:03:09};

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