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First I would like to thank Tsuru and others for creating in my opinion the best mod for Diablo 2. It revived my interest in this wonderful game, so I decided to contribute something and made images of several new items in ES. I'm sorry for saying so if anyone is offended, but many of them looked little off considering overall great quality of mod.

**Changes [#b1649ed0]
-Obsidian gems look too similar to diamonds. I often mixed them up in stash.

-I took liberty of making new blemished gems so they look more consistent with vanilla ones.

-Better body parts of Griswold, Radament, Treehead and Hephasto.

-New gem can.

-Other items, from left: can opener, rerolling orb, randomize stone, socket donut and green version of it, soul and green version of it.

-Arm weapon(forgot name). My impression of it was that it looked like someones severed arm in stash. My version looks more like a weapon.

This is how it looks like in game:

**Download [#m77e4e97]

Feel free to use it in this or any other mod. I'm open to suggestions and comments but remember that I'm by no means proffesional artist :).

Thanks - Dacus

PS. I just saw there is R5 already :O. I will check if it works in that version later.

**Comments [#ha9eaf6b]
- Thank you for your suggestions. Looks like I will have to make new crystal can as well :P. What swords precisely do you mean. I remember one axe(ancient or sth?) caught my eye that may need some work. -- [[Dacus]] &new{07-04-2007 (Wed) 09:22:11};
- I checked the images in game. Everything looks great. I have only one suggestion: could you make the gem can image just a little bit smaller? It hardly fits in 1x1 space. -- [[Easytough]] &new{07-03-2007 (Tue) 17:53:14};
- Wow. These images look great. Gem can, orb and donuts look more like 3D images which is great. I am two hands for using these instead of the current ones. I like the old Battering Arm though,  the concept is that it is worn over character's arm and this one doesn't look like it.  Dacus - good job! maybe you could improve the images of certain swords. Their images were created even before Blizzard introduced their own elite items, but many of those images are a little off. -- [[Easytough]] &new{07-03-2007 (Tue) 15:16:34};

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