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*Runeword Discussion [#va961831]

**Introduction [#w49f882a]
[[LoD Runewords:http://www.battle.net/diablo2exp/items/runewords.shtml]]
[[ES Runewords:http://homepage3.nifty.com/miyoshino/es/es3runew_n.htm]]
[[ES Runes:http://homepage3.nifty.com/miyoshino/es/es3gem_n.htm#run1]]
-In this page we discusss following articles.
--Rebalancing existing Runewords
--Suggesting (and criticizing) new Runewords
-How to make a Runeword
--Determine the base item (ex. Body Armor, Melee Weapons).
--Determine the socket number and runes.
(Translation section will help if you search a Japanese word)
--List up the mods from the runes. 
--Determine 1-7 bonus mods. All Resist is one mod, for example.

**LoD Runewords [#w36ba681]
***Ancient's Pledge (example) [#ta83ac3f]
Ral + Ort + Tal 
3 Socket Shields
 +50% Enhanced Defense
 Cold Resist +43% -> 200%
 Fire Resist +48% -> 200%
 Lightning Resist +48% -> 200%
 Poison Resist +48% -> 200%
 10% Damage Goes To Mana
 +7 To All Skill Levels (new) 

- A+A 30% mana regen +5% lightning damage +1 lightning +2 static field -- [[Valor]] &new{04-26-2010 (Mon) 20:29:18};
- A+A+A 3 soc armor +50% mana regen +10% lightning damage +1 chain lightning +1 lightning +3 static field -- [[Energizer]] &new{04-26-2010 (Mon) 20:27:06};
- anxqXnULIQftO -- [[lrluhwtnr]] &new{05-04-2009 (Mon) 21:53:30};
- zCaKLdkns -- [[tqkoqvbnqdi]] &new{04-07-2009 (Tue) 23:53:28};
- ZTurAYOFbT -- [[irxbqypz]] &new{03-27-2009 (Fri) 10:53:54};
- yeah, right...-.-.... but consider "+xxx to all resistances" is capped at +150 ;) -- [[diablo888]] &new{09-26-2007 (Wed) 21:04:14};

**ES Runewords [#ha8311b7]
***SCHISM [#l121e49c]
6 socket weapons
Nu Fu Ko Ith Fal Cham -ES Ko rune used
 (3/clvl)+3-300% enhanced max damage
 (2/clvl)+2-200 max damage
 (4/clvl)+4-400 to attack rating
 5% chance to cast lvl40 fissure on striking
 -40-60% enemy fire resistance
 +1 to static field
 +1 to defiance
 +10 to all attributes
 freezes target +4
 +25 to strength
 +9 to max damage
 increase max life -15%
***REFORMATION [#f4b58bcf]
6 socket weapons
Wo Zod Ma Lem Ra Tal
 (2.5/clvl)+2-250% enhanced max damage
 (1.5/clvl)+1-150 max damage
 (3/clvl)+3-300 to attack rating
 +1 to aura of divinity
 +5 to holy shock
 +10 to holy freeze
 +15 to holy fire
 +20 to prayer
 +30 to holy bolt
 (1/clvl)+1-100 to life
 125% extra gold from monsters
 +75 poison damage over 5 sec
 increase max life 10%

***REFORMATION (Alt.) [#n5028a1d]
Wo Zod Ma Lem Ra Tal
6 socket weapons
 (2.5/clvl) +2-250% Enhanced Max Damage
 (1.5/clvl) +1-150 To Max Damage
 +20 To Prayer
 25% Chance to Cast Level 30 Holy Bolt on Striking
 4% Chance to Cast Level 8 Ancient's Call
 +20-25% To Magic Skill Damage 
 +2 To All Skill Levels
 (1/clvl) +1-100 Life
 75% Extra Gold From Monsters
 50% Extra Gold From Monsters
 +75 Poison Damage Over 5 Seconds

-All Skill Bonus would make this RW also attactive for Magic Damage casters.
-Making this for 4 socket weapons would be an idea, so that Berserker Fury Barbs can use it.

***Dignity [#l121e49c]
3 Socket Body Armor
I Fu U

 +2 to All Skill Levels
 +50 to Life
 Increase Maximum Life +10%
 Increase Maximum Mana +10%
 +3 to Defiance
 Cold Resist +40%
 Fire Resist +40%
 +30 Defense (I Rune)
 Cannot be Frozen (Fu Rune)
 7% Increased Chance of Blocking (U Rune)

-Thinking mid-level melee armor here, potentially. Could probably use a bit of tweaking, but a rough idea is there.

***Light [#l121e49c]
3 Socket Helms/Shields
Hi Ka Ri

 +1-2 to All Skill Levels
 +150-200% Damage to Undead
 +150-200 to Attack Rating Against Undead
 Increase Maximum Life +25-30%
 Hit Blinds Target +5
 Lightning Absorb +20%
 +30 to Energy
 (1/clvl) +1-100 to Mana (Hi Rune)
 +45 Defense vs. Missile (Ka Rune)
 Lightning Resist +35% (Ri Rune)

-Idea for a nice all-around helm here. Damage to Undead fits with the theme, as does the Lightning Resist, Absorb, and Hit Blinds Target.

***Dark Angel[#l121e49c]
6 Socket Weapons
Ya Mi No Te N Shi

 +2 to All Skill Levels
 +215-275% Enhanced Damage
 +5-10 to Hell's Gate
 +1 to Pierce Flesh and Bone
 -50-75 to Life
 +50-75 to Mana
 Magic Damage Taken Reduced by 30
 7% Life Stolen Per Hit (Ya Rune)
 Adds 4-20 Cold Damage (Mi Rune)
 (0.375/clvl) +0-37 To Dexterity (No Rune)
 (0.375/clvl) +0-37 To Vitality (Te Rune)
 -25% Target Defense (N Rune)
 +3 to Mana After Each Kill (Shi Rune)

-Sort of a theme weapon here. Hell's Gate and Pierce F&B oskills keep with the theme of darkness, and the Life Steal and -Target Defense just add to the evil, on top of the nice damage and +skills.

- i was wondering if u could make a runeword with a decent lvl oskill prayer that was in a shield or gloves... this would alow you to make use of insight and arthurs (cleansing and meditation) healing properties without being a pally -- [[KeZiA]] &new{04-03-2009 (Fri) 05:35:26};
- ed can be dstoned on reformation, as can ias, magic skill dmg, dmg to demons/undead etc. The un-dstonable max/max bonus still makes it at least a competitior for all but the highest of the high dualmax eth rares. As crazy as it sounds, in my experience it's far easier to find 2 Wo and a Zod decal than it is to roll a perfect eth dualmax. That Light rw is quite nice, and i'd love to make a Reformation/DarkAngel dual-wield barb -some nice possibilities there hehe -- [[Parabola]] &new{10-01-2007 (Mon) 18:08:45};
- Imo Reformation is underpowered to its cost, any d-max rare wep will outrank it easily. No IAS and no ED. Any alternative to DECEPTION armor for warriors? But i like DIGNITY as mid-range armor for casters. -- [[WWer barbie]] &new{10-01-2007 (Mon) 13:54:49};
- Excellent idea Blinn. Additionally, the idea of "mixed" es/lod runewords as mentioned over at the forums sounds good, but ultimately i don't see how it could fit in to the es rw naming scheme. Unless some of the lod runes are found in japanese, like ko. -- [[Parabola]] &new{10-01-2007 (Mon) 00:08:49};
- would it be a good idea to have a list on this page of only runeword names?  Then someone can make the translation to Japanese and assign the runes accordingly.  Then other players could look at that list and suggest complete runewords accordingly. -- [[Blinn]] &new{09-29-2007 (Sat) 22:43:21};
- ....would prefer to keep it as 6socket, but if 4s is a better idea then i guess it could lose the tal and ma, keeping the goldfind. Not sure. Also, i changed the rune order in Schism to more accurately reflect the idea of "schism" -- [[Parabola]] &new{09-29-2007 (Sat) 10:09:05};
- Thanks for the tip tsuru, cleaned it up a bit :) I like the revised reformation a lot, the magic dmg additions are a great idea. My only issue with it now is that i feel it needs a new name to reflect the combination of religion and magic themes. I suggest RAPTURE or SUPERNATURAL. Ascension would have been nice, but that name is already being used in es :p -- [[Parabola]] &new{09-29-2007 (Sat) 10:02:56};
- Texts would be better than an image. You can copy and paste the texts from the database, RW page. Inserting three asterisks before the RW name makes a headline, and Inserting a space before a line gives that line a blue background. -- [[tsuru]] &new{09-28-2007 (Fri) 14:31:29};
- Yes, the bonus mods have the cap, but it's 7. Slow will work fine with CtC Fissure imo. :) I suggest specializing REFORMATION for Magic Damage. Players would like to see the new mod +X% to Magic Skill Damage on a Runeword. CtC Pierce Bone & Poison or CtC Ancients Call would be nice, too. -- [[tsuru]] &new{09-28-2007 (Fri) 14:03:47};
- Fair enough. Like i said, just posted a couple to get the discussion going. Was gonna put conversion in there somewhere, but went with some of the other many "holy" skills. -- [[Parabola]] &new{09-28-2007 (Fri) 11:22:44};
- AFAIK a runeword can only add 6 mods in addition to the ones from the runes, so I think these RWs are not possible like this. Any such "religios" themed RW should have Conversion as oskill or CtC. And maybe Attract as well. -- [[Nameless]] &new{09-28-2007 (Fri) 05:55:29};
- Yeah i'm not too keen on static field on schism anymore, should replace with another skill with a "divisive" type theme. Confuse maybe lol. Went a bit nuts on the reformation oskills just cos i wanted a heavily religious-themed runeword hehe. Pick your holy aura and run with it, opens up a few more strange builds also. 6 oskills is a lot, but i had the scepter of the sorcerer kings in mind as some sort of precedent. Obviously masteries are a little different from auras, but what the hell :) -- [[Parabola]] &new{09-27-2007 (Thu) 17:35:14};
- schism isn't too overpowered. i think the 2 oskills are a bit much and the CtC Fissure might be better as CtC Enchant. Reformation is way to oskill crazy. 6 oskill on 1 item is way too much. Besides those aren't even good oskills for a eth melee weapon. I would try an oskill attack or ed% aura -- [[logger120]] &new{09-27-2007 (Thu) 09:18:56};
- Obviously, schism is non-ethereal and can be used by fire casters too, and reformation is ethereal, but i tried to take a bit off the total max damage. Straight enhanced damage can be dstoned if desired. Not 100% happy with the stacked indestructible mod, but i wanted both wo and zod in there together. It's not like