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*Runeword Discussion [#va961831]
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**Introduction [#w49f882a]
[[LoD Runewords:http://www.battle.net/diablo2exp/items/runewords.shtml]]
[[ES Runewords:http://homepage3.nifty.com/miyoshino/es/es3runew_n.htm]]
[[ES Runes:http://homepage3.nifty.com/miyoshino/es/es3gem_n.htm#run1]]
-In this page we discusss following articles.
--Rebalancing existing Runewords
--Suggesting (and criticizing) new Runewords
-How to make a Runeword
--Determine the base item (ex. Body Armor, Melee Weapons).
--Determine the socket number and runes.
(Translation section will help if you search a Japanese word)
--List up the mods from the runes. 
--Determine 1-7 bonus mods. All Resist is one mod, for example.

**LoD Runewords [#w36ba681]
***Ancient's Pledge (example) [#ta83ac3f]
Ral + Ort + Tal 
3 Socket Shields
 +50% Enhanced Defense
 Cold Resist +43% -> 200%
 Fire Resist +48% -> 200%
 Lightning Resist +48% -> 200%
 Poison Resist +48% -> 200%
 10% Damage Goes To Mana
 +7 To All Skill Levels (new) 

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- shi U N --  &new{12-14-2013 (Sat) 20:09:11};
- A+A 30% mana regen +5% lightning damage +1 lightning +2 static field -- [[Valor]] &new{04-26-2010 (Mon) 20:29:18};
- A+A+A 3 soc armor +50% mana regen +10% lightning damage +1 chain lightning +1 lightning +3 static field -- [[Energizer]] &new{04-26-2010 (Mon) 20:27:06};
- anxqXnULIQftO -- [[lrluhwtnr]] &new{05-04-2009 (Mon) 21:53:30};
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- yeah, right...-.-.... but consider "+xxx to all resistances" is capped at +150 ;) -- [[diablo888]] &new{09-26-2007 (Wed) 21:04:14};

**ES Runewords [#ha8311b7]
***SCHISM [#l121e49c]
6 socket weapons
Nu Fu Ko Ith Fal Cham -ES Ko rune used
 (3/clvl)+3-300% enhanced max damage
 (2/clvl)+2-200 max damage
 (4/clvl)+4-400 to attack rating
 5% chance to cast lvl40 fissure on striking
 -40-60% enemy fire resistance
 +1 to static field
 +1 to defiance
 +10 to all attributes
 freezes target +4
 +25 to strength
 +9 to max damage
 increase max life -15%
***REFORMATION [#f4b58bcf]
6 socket weapons
Wo Zod Ma Lem Ra Tal
 (2.5/clvl)+2-250% enhanced max damage
 (1.5/clvl)+1-150 max damage
 (3/clvl)+3-300 to attack rating
 +1 to aura of divinity
 +5 to holy shock
 +10 to holy freeze
 +15 to holy fire
 +20 to prayer
 +30 to holy bolt
 (1/clvl)+1-100 to life
 125% extra gold from monsters
 +75 poison damage over 5 sec
 increase max life 10%

***REFORMATION (Alt.) [#n5028a1d]
Wo Zod Ma Lem Ra Tal
6 socket weapons
 (2.5/clvl) +2-250% Enhanced Max Damage
 (1.5/clvl) +1-150 To Max Damage
 +20 To Prayer
 25% Chance to Cast Level 30 Holy Bolt on Striking
 4% Chance to Cast Level 8 Ancient's Call
 +20-25% To Magic Skill Damage 
 +2 To All Skill Levels
 (1/clvl) +1-100 Life
 75% Extra Gold From Monsters
 50% Extra Gold From Monsters
 +75 Poison Damage Over 5 Seconds

-All Skill Bonus would make this RW also attactive for Magic Damage casters.
-Making this for 4 socket weapons would be an idea, so that Berserker Fury Barbs can use it.

***Dignity [#l121e49c]
3 Socket Body Armor
I Fu U

 +2 to All Skill Levels
 +50 to Life
 Increase Maximum Life +10%
 Increase Maximum Mana +10%
 +3 to Defiance
 Cold Resist +40%
 Fire Resist +40%
 +30 Defense (I Rune)
 Cannot be Frozen (Fu Rune)
 7% Increased Chance of Blocking (U Rune)

-Thinking mid-level melee armor here, potentially. Could probably use a bit of tweaking, but a rough idea is there.

***Light [#l121e49c]
3 Socket Helms/Shields
Hi Ka Ri

 +1-2 to All Skill Levels
 +150-200% Damage to Undead
 +150-200 to Attack Rating Against Undead
 Increase Maximum Life +25-30%
 Hit Blinds Target +5
 Lightning Absorb +20%
 +30 to Energy
 (1/clvl) +1-100 to Mana (Hi Rune)
 +45 Defense vs. Missile (Ka Rune)
 Lightning Resist +35% (Ri Rune)</