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*Unique Item Overhaul [#y8ea1b67]


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**Unique Armor [#i44a8135]

***Unique Rings [#od9dc008]

-Fallen Star
 +20-30 Mana 
 +20-30 Health 
 +24-30% Magic Find
 +4-8 Reduced Magic Damage 
 +15-30 Resist All 
 -15 Resist Poison 
 30-90 Attacker Takes Lightning Damage 
 Monsters Slain Rest in Peace (50% chance)

-Dragon Eye
 +0-10 To All Stats
 6% CtC Lvl 12 Fire Ball On Attack
 6% CtC Lvl 12 Lightning On Striking
 6% CtC Lvl 12 Ice Nova When Struck
 -(0-10%) To Enemy Fire Resistance
 -(0-10%) To Enemy Lightning Resistance
 -(0-10%) To Enemy Cold Resistance

-Ring of Vengeance
 Piercing Attack 25%
 +15% Enhanced Damage
 (0.75/clvl) +0-75 To Max Damage
 30% Bonus To Attack Rating
 5-10% Life Stolen Per Hit
 (1/clvl) +1-100 To Life
 Attacker Takes Damage of 75-150
 (3/clvl) Attacker Takes Damage of 3-300

-Elemental Jewel
 +2 To All Skills
 Adds 30-90 Fire Damage
 Adds 1-120 Lightning Damage
 Adds 10-15 Cold Damage 20 Sec Duration
 +5-7% To Max All Resistances
 All Resistances +30-40
 50-150% Extra Gold From Monsters

-Iron Thimble
 +3 To Combat Masteries (Barbarian Only)
 +7-10 To Concentrate
 +1-3 To Iron Skin
 (5/clvl) +5-500 Defense
 +30-40 To Life
 All Resistances +10
 Damage Reduced By 25-35
 +12-18 Life After Each Kill
 (6/clvl) Attacker Takes Damage of 6-600

-Zodiac Band
 +3 To All Skills
 20% Faster Run/Walk
 20% Increased Attack Speed
 20% Faster Cast Rate
 Prevent Monster Heal
 +30-40 To All Attributes
 +15-20 Mana After Each Kill
 +15-20 Life After Each Kill

-The One Ring
 +4 To All Skills
 Drain Life -30
 Increase Max Mana 15%
 All Resistances +30
 Damage Reduced By 10-20
 Magic Damage Reduced By 15-20
 50% Better Chance of Getting Magic Item
 Attacker Takes Damage of 500
 Attacker Takes Lightning Damage of 500
 Fade (Cosmetic Effect)

- one ring doesnt seem overpowered. remember that it can't be cubed and must be found or gambled (good luck doing it!) -- [[seamonster]] &new{03-09-2008 (Sun) 11:54:56};
- The One Ring/Zodiac Band looks a tad overpowered? -- [[fates]] &new{03-09-2008 (Sun) 06:24:15};
- I think the unique rings were already quite good before, and dont really need a skill boost. Especially zodiac band and elemental jewel seem a bit overpowered now.  -- [[goeido]] &new{03-08-2008 (Sat) 10:00:23};
- anni isnt a ring, but a charm....... -- [[mysterious]] &new{03-06-2008 (Thu) 22:22:56};
- Whoops! -- [[Stabby]] &new{03-06-2008 (Thu) 06:47:16};
- I think that's all STATS, not all SKILLS, Stabby. ^_^;; -- [[Nightfire]] &new{03-06-2008 (Thu) 04:01:42};
- You should drop Dragon Eye to +0~5 All skills. It's a common ring and having +20 All Skills is WAAAAY over powered. -- [[Stabby]] &new{03-06-2008 (Thu) 03:18:45};
- The class specific rings as well as some circlets include a bonus to experience gained, so this item property is used sparingly on other item types -- [[Perfect Cell]] &new{03-05-2008 (Wed) 20:49:44};
- THERE IS NO RING WITH 1 TO 10% MORE EXPERIENCE LIKE ANIHILUS, could you provide one -- [[ROCCHA]] &new{03-05-2008 (Wed) 20: