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*Crystals (Plan) [#qdae201c]

-Dropped as a Chipped Crystal or a Flawed Crystal.
-Higher drop chance in higher difficulties.
-Can be stored in Crystal Can.
-Alternative Plan
--Crystal -> Element or Mineral
--Crystal Can -> Refiner
--Monsters drop a chip of Ore.
--A chip of Ore can contain multiple kinds and various amounts of Elements.
(ex. 3 pts of Elemental B, 2 pts of Elemental C and 1 pts of Elemental G.)
---The possible elementals are mostly determined by the monster but partially random.
---Monsters drop larger ores in higher difficulties.

*Recipes (Plan) [#gc19ef70]
***Blank Rune [#p1a29fda]
-Blank Rune is a rune which is one upper grade of Wo Rune and can be dropped by monsters.
--2 Wo Runes -> Blank Rune
***Kanji Runes [#o7c7d88a]
-Crystals work like Ancient Decals to make Kanji Runes.
--Blank Rune + Perfect Crystal -> Kanji Rune
--Kanji Rune -> Blank Rune + Perfect Crystal
***Golden Anvil [#w7167245]
-Golden Anvil is an upper version of Anvil Stone, and used for Uber Forging.
--1-2 Maple Leaves + Perfect Crystal -> Golden Anvil

***Uber Forging [#w0c1a161]
--Target item + 1-2 Golden Anvils + Chipped Gem

***Crafted Charms [#a250d5fc]
--Magic Charm + Perfect Crystal + D-Stone + Magic Jewel -> Crafted Charm

***OOPArts Base Items [#m974b38c]
--Normal Katana + Perfect Crystal + something -> Normal Tachi
(Automods: Oskill Iaigiri, Oskill Zeal)
--Normal Matriarchal Pike + Perfect Crystal + something -> Normal Naginata
(Automods: Oskill Dance of Death, Oskill Killer Scythe)
--Normal Silvan Chain + Perfect Crystal + something -> Normal Kusari Katabira
--Normal Dwarven Faceplate + Perfect Crystal + something -> Normal Kabuto
--Normal Throwing Dagger + Perfect Crystal + something -> Normal Kunai
--Normal Hemp Band + Perfect Crystal + something -> Normal Blackbelt
(Automods: +1 To Shadow Disciplines, +1 To Passive Skills)
*Crystal List [#tb0a88ca]

|Crystal|Chipped|Perfect|Dropped by|Area|Chance|h
|Crystal A|&ref(./red_s.gif);|&ref(./red_l.gif);|Nihlathak|Nihlathak's Domain|high|
|~|~|~|Fatalstorm|Nihlathak's Domain|low|
|~|~|~|Factory Director|Moonshine Distillery|low|
|~|~|~|Factory Director|Moonshine Distillery|low|
|~|~|~|Dark Planter|Poppy Farm|low|
|Crystal B|&ref(./red_s.gif);|&ref(./red_l.gif);|Baal|Wordstone Chamber|high|
|~|~|~|Baal's Bodydouble|Wordstone Chamber|low|
|~|~|~|Lister the Tormentor|Throne of Destruction|low|
|~|~|~|Lister the Revenger|Nihlathak's Domain|low|
|Crystal C|&ref(./red_s.gif);|&ref(./red_l.gif);|Diablo|Chaos Sanctuary|low|
|~|~|~|Diablo|Throne of Destruction|low|
|~|~|~|Diablo Clone|Random Area|low|
|~|~|~|King Leoric|Chaos Sanctuary|mid|
|~|~|~|Hell Spawn|Chaos Sanctuary|mid|
|~|~|~|Warlord of Blood|Chaos Sanctuary|mid|
|Crystal D|&ref(./red_s.gif);|&ref(./red_l.gif);|Mephisto|Durance of Hate Level 3|low|
|~|~|~|Mephisto|Throne of Destruction|low|
|~|~|~|Knuckle Baller|Bill Roper Memorial Ballpark|low|
|~|~|~|Named Councils|Durance of Hate Level 3|mid|
|Crystal E|&ref(./red_s.gif);|&ref(./red_l.gif);|Duriel|Duriel's Lair|high|
|~|~|~|Duriel|Throne of Destruction|low|
|~|~|~|Duriel|Marsh of Pain|very low|
|Crystal F|&ref(./red_s.gif);|&ref(./red_l.gif);|Andariel|Catacomb Level 4|high|
|~|~|~|Duriel|Throne of Destruction|low|
|~|~|~|Duriel|Andariel's Dressing Room|low|
|Crystal G|&ref(./red_s.gif);|&ref(./red_l.gif);|Reporb|Bill Roper Memorial Ballpark|mid|
|~|~|~|Hephasto the Armoror|River of Flame|low|
|~|~|~|Dark Clone|Harpie's Nest Level 2|low|
|Crystal H|&ref(./red_s.gif);|&ref(./red_l.gif);|Magmajuggler|Nihlathak's Domain|low|
|~|~|~|Summoner|Arcane Sanctuary|high|
|~|~|~|Dark Magician|Dark Magicians Chamber Level 2|low|
|Crystal I|&ref(./red_s.gif);|&ref(./red_l.gif);|Reziarfg|GFraizer Dome|mid|
|~|~|~|Radament|Act 2 Sewer Level 2|high|
|~|~|~|Sorrow Summoner|Harpie's Nest Level 1 & 2|low|
|~|~|~|Chaos Summoner|Dark Magician's Chamber Level 1|low|
|Crystal J|&ref(./red_s.gif);|&ref(./red_l.gif);|Metalspark|Nihlathak's Domain|low|
|~|~|~|Dark Clerk|Fake Note Factory|low|
|~|~|~|Dark Clerk|Poppy Farm|low|
|Crystal K|&ref(./red_s.gif);|&ref(./red_l.gif);|Treant King|Naraku Level 1|mid|
|~|~|~|Treehead Woodfist|Dark Wood|mid|
|~|~|~|Dark Crasher|Blood Raven's Workshop Level 1|low|
|Crystal L|&ref(./red_s.gif);|&ref(./red_l.gif);|Nikartana|Nihlathak's Domain|low|
|~|~|~|Battlemaid Sarina|Bookstore Sarina Level 2|mid|
|~|~|~|Sarina's Maiden|Bookstore Sarina Level 2|low|
|~|~|~|Blood Raven|The Graveyard|mid|
|~|~|~|Blood Raven|Blood Raven's Workshop Level 2|low|

//-I like to make the drop chance of the original Act Bosses high, and that of the cloned  
*Random notes for upcomming Crystal Recipes [#b1b78477]

Crystals are new cube materials which only drop in the special areas like Cow Level, Lost Farm and Marsh of Pain. (Not implemented yet.)
Please add your ideas what they spawn.

**OOPArt Base Items [#d028e00c]
-[[OOPArt:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OOPArt]] means an archaeological object found in a very unusual location.
-OOPArt Base Items are the special weapons and armor with unusual base damage or base defense, which can't be dropped by monsters or gambled.
-It would be fun to give OOPArt items some drawback, like only 1 socket is allowed.

***OOPArt Base Item Examples [#je30088b]
-Kodachi (norm) - Tachi (exc) - Oodachi (eli)
--Non class specific version of Assassin Katana.
--Has slightly better dase damage than Katana. Or the same base damage would be OK because Katana already has better base damage than other 2H weapons.
--Automods: Oskill Iaigiri, Oskill Sword Mastery
-Naginata (norm) - Serpent Blade (exc) - Dragon Blade (eli)
(These names had been used for the abolished Assassin Spears.)
--Non class specific spear or polearm class weapon.
--Slightly better dase damage than Pike - Lance - Impaler.
--Automods: Oskill Whirlwind, Oskill Spear Mastery
-Apprentice Mantle (norm) - Sage Mantle (exc) - Heavenly Mantle (eli)
--Automods: Oskill Soul Shiver, Oskill Elemental Masteries

**Set Stones [#rbb53173]

**Charm rerolling recipes [#sb423107]
-with a bonus mod like absorb, ctc skills, etc.
-class Crafted charms. EXPENSIVE. Carry one check: +1 class skills and other mods for class; knockback or freeze target for Zon, -%enemy resist for sorc, CtC skills, etc.; plus the potential random mods (logger120)
-charm (D)stoning; life, mana, FHR, FRW, IAS, FCR, DR/MDR, etc. with +level req penalty. only for specific charms (not all), odd charm or crafted charm? (logger120)

**Crafted Charms [#e4af642a]

**Forging [#i7e1914a]
-Oskill Teleport Forging
-Oskill Conviction Forging (to add alternatives for ArchDimeron; -Jodwin)
-Other Oskill forging. Maybe one or two 'power' skills from each class. BO, Summon Elemental, Fade, Zon passives, etc. all come to mind. (logger120)
-CtC on Striking Forging for both weapon (inluding bows) and non-weapon items to allow for a greater diversity of builds. Such things as Amp Dmg, Decrepify, Lower Resist, Frost Nova, Charged Bolt, and Immolation come to mind.(angiras)
-lvls for oskills and %chance and lvl for CtC determined by number and quality of crystals

**Kanji Runes [#ef9e2f59]
-Kanji is Chinese characters also used in Japanese mixed with Hiragana. 
-Kanji (uber) runes make new runewords combined with Hiragana (conventional) runes.

|Meaning|Kanji|Rune Name|Bonus (Plan)|h
|Moon|月|getsu|Assassin +1|
|Fire|火|ka|Fire Damage Bonus|
|Water|水|sui|Cold Damage Bonus|
|Tree|木|moku|Amazon +1|
|Metal|金|kin|Barbarian +1|
|Earth|土|do|Druid +1|
|Sun|日|nichi|Paladin +1|
|Thunder|雷|rai|Lightning Damage Bonus|
|Wind|風|fuu|Sorceress +|
|Dragon|竜|ryuu|Physical Damage Bonus|
|Life|生|sei|Life Bonus|
|Death|死|shi|Necromancer +1|
|Heaven|天|ten|All Skills +1|
|God|神|shin|Experience Bonus|

***Word List [#k7f753d0]
|Runes (jp)|Runes (en)|Runeword|Pronunciation|h
|月のめ神|getsu No Me shin|Artemis|Tsuki no Megami|
|月こう|getsu Ko U|Moonlight|Gekkou|
|月あかり|getsu A Ka Ri|Moonlight|Tsukiakari|
|まん月|Ma N getsu|Full Moon|Mangetsu|
|しん月|Shi N getsu|New Moon|Shingetsu|
|みか月|Mi Ka getsu|Crescent Moon|Mikazuki|
|月しよく|getsu Shi Yo Ku|Lunar Eclipse|Gesshoku|
|月よう|getsu Yo U|Monday|Getsuyou|
|火えん|ka E N|Flame|Kaen|
|火竜|ka ryuu|Fire Dragon|Karyuu|
|しこくの火|Shi Ko Ku No ka|Hell Fire|Jigoku no Hi|
|きつね火|Ki Tsu Ne ka|Will o' Wisp (lit. Fox Fire)|Kitsunebi|
|おに火|O Ni ka|Will o' Wisp (lit. Demon Fire)|Onibi|
|しらぬ火|Shi Ra Nu ka|Will o' Wisp (lit. Unknown Fire)|Shiranui|
|えるもの火|E Ru Mo No ka|St. Elmo's Fire|Erumo no Hi|
|火のあらし|ka No A Ra Shi|Firestorm|Hi no Arashi|
|火せい|ka Se I|Mars|Kasei|
|火よう|ka Yo U|Tuesday|Kayou|
|こう水|Ko U Sui|Flood|Kouzui|
|水雷てい|sui rai Te I|Torpedo Boat|Suiraitei|
|せん水かん|Se N sui Ka N|Submarine|Sensuikan|
|水しようき|sui Shi Yo U Ki|Vapor|Suijouki|
|水天くう|sui ten Ku U|Shrine of Water God|Suitenguu|
|水しふき|sui Shi Fu Ki|Splash|Mizushibuki|
|水もん|sui Mo N|Watergate|Suimon|
|水めん|sui Me N|Water Surface|Suimen|
|水たまり|sui Ta Ma Ri|puddle|Mizutamari|
|水せい|sui Se I|Mercury|Suisei|
|水よう|sui Yo U|Wednesday|Suiyou|
|木こり|moku Ko Ri|Lumberjack|Kikori|
|まつの木|Ma Tsu No moku|Pine Tree|Matsunoki|
|やしの木|Ya Shi No moku|Palm Tree|Yashinoki|
|くち木るきあ|Ku Chi moku Ru Ki A|Shinigami|Kuchiki Rukia|
|天ねん木|ten Ne N moku|Natural Wood|Tennenboku|
|木めん|moku Me N|Cotton|Momen|
|とろいの木は|To Ro I No moku Ha|Trojan Horse|Toroi no Mokuba|
|木のほり|moku No Ho Ri|Tree Climbing|Kinobori|
|木せい|moku Se I|Jupiter|Mokusei|
|木よう|moku Yo U|Thursday|Mokuyou|
|金そくかこう|kin So Ku Ka Ko U|Metal Craft|Kinzokukakou|
|し金せき|Shi kin Se Ki|Touchstone|Shikinseki|
|金こうせき|Ko N kin Se Ki|Diamond|Kongouseki|
|金しとう|kin Shi To U|Pyramid|Kinjitou|
|金ほし|kin Ho Shi|Unexpected Victory|Kinboshi|
|おお金もち|O O kin Mo Chi|Millionaire|Ooganemochi|
|金せい|kin Se I|Venus|Kinsei|
|金ようひ|kin Yo U Hi|Friday|Kin'youbi|
|りよう土|Ri Yo U do|Domain|Ryoudo|
|土しやくすれ|do Shi Ya Ku Su Re|Mudslide|Doshakuzure|
|土竜|do ryuu|Maul|Mogura|
|土つかす|do Tsu Ka Su|Unbeaten|Tsuchitsukazu|
|こきようの土|Ko Ki Yo U No do|Homeland|Kokyou no Tsuchi|
|土せい|do Se I|Saturn|Dosei|
|土よう|do Yo U|Saturday|Doyou|
|日き|nichi Ki|Diary|Nikki|
|日やけ|nichi Ya Ke|Suntan|Hiyake|
|日こう|nichi Ko U|Sunlight|Nikkou|
|日ほん|nichi Ho N|Nippon|Nippon|
|きゆう日|Ki Yu U nichi|Holiday|Kyuujitsu|
|たんしよう日|Ta N Shi Yo U nichi|Birthday|Tanjoubi|
|日のまる|nichi No Ma Ru|National Flag (of Japan)|Hinomaru|
|日しよく|nichi Shi Yo Ku|Solar Eclipse|Nisshoku|
|日よう|nichi Yo U|Sunday|Nichiyou|

**Level 88 Areas [#keddd3e3]
() means they aren't the special areas.
[] means they are unfinished.

***Act 1 [#a09280d7]
The Secret Cow Level
Blood Raven's Workshop 1-2

***Act 2 [#fe371fed]
Dark Magician's Chamber 1-2
Andariel's Dressing Room
Lost Farm
(Maggot Lair)

***Act 3 [#qda4e1cc]
Marsh of Pain
Bookstore Sarina 1-2
Harpie's Nest 1-2
(Sewer 2)
(Temple 4, 5, 6)
//(Temple 1=sarina2)
//(Dungeon 1a=sarina1, 1b=harpy1)
//(Spider 1=harpy2)
//(Jungle 2=marsh)

***Act 4 [#f5bd402a]
(River of Flame)
(Chaos Sanctuary)

***Act 5 [#d50afdc4]
Moonshine Distillery
Fake Note Factory
Poppy Farm
Naraku 1-3
GFraizer Dome
Bill Roper Memorial Ball Park
The Dead End
Nihlathak's Office
(Worldstone Keep 1-2)
(Throne of Destruction) 
(Worldstone Chamber)

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