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*Changes in ES 3.00 R5G [#ecb3175c]


**Bug Fixes [#da8fb9e9]
-Removed the walkable flag from the tiles in Nihlathak's Domain (at Malah's shop), which would prohibit Nihlathak from escaping into the unreachable area.
-Fixed the typo in the skill descriptions of Dodge, Avoid and Evade (animatin -> animation).
-(jp) Unified the translation of the word "Enigmatic" in "Enigmatic Cinnabar" and "Chipped Enigmatic Cinnabar".
-Fixed the bug that no socketable can be inserted into the socket of LoD unique elite gloves, belts and boots.
-Fixed the bug that the lightning damage of Death Sentry doesn't increase by slvl.
-Fixed the bug that the corpse explosion radius of Death Sentry doesn't increase by slvl.
-Removed the unnecessary magenta dots on the gem can graphics in Act 5.
-Removed the wrong RIP bonus from Motoko Set's full set bonus, which had been changed to the regular mod of the amulet.
-Fixed the errors in the skill description of Fade (12% seconds -> 12 seconds).
-Fixed the bug that Sightless Archer (Unique Faceguard), Zan-Esus' Commitment (Unique Coronet) and Lunar Charm (Unique Tiara) can't be rerolled.
-Fiexd the bug that Life and Mana can be D-Stoned only once per item.
--This is because of an LoD bug (LoD doesn't report the correct Life and Mana on an item.) The recipe no longer checks the cap for Life and Mana. Please check it for yourself. 
-Fixed the bug that Runeword Stone, Void, Forefeel, Gold, Fog, Moon, Sin and Rhino don't accept the extra jewel.
-Fixed the map tiles in River of Flame, Moonshine Distillery, Fake Note Factory and Poppy Farm, in which monsters are wrongly spawned on lava. (This is a bug of D2 itself.)
-Fixed the bug that Sacred Piercer's passive pierce bonus doesn't work.
-Reduced the mana costs of Shock Web, Teeth, Volcano, Poison Slash, Charged Bolt and Ice Bolt as announced in R5F.
-Fixed the mana cost of Arctic Blast, which was lower than anounced in R5F.
-Fixed the bug that Rune Forging on gloves can't be removed.
-Fixed the bug that Poison Explosion doesn't show the physical damage and explosion radius.
-Fixed the skill description of Killer Scythe (Polearm -> 2H Melee Weapon.)
-Fixed the bug that Fanatic Swing's weapon damage was wrongly set to 5/4.

**System Changes [#bcee93da]
-Generally reduced the experience gain in Normal and NM.
-Eased the experience penalty between character level 90 and 95.
-CtC mods of following skills %%%spawned in R5G and later%%% use a special version of the skill that has no casting delay. Existing items aren't updated until rerolled.
--Bone Wave, Hydra
--Fist of the Heavens
--Flame Wave, Meteor, Lightning Hydra, Blizzard, Frozen Orb

**Reported Bugs [#v09410de]
I had a busted Portal Shrine in Act III Sewers last night. Portal sound went off (you know.... bsshhhhhwwwiinnngg (TM)!!) and the words "The freedom to go home" or whatever it says came up, but no portal ever appeared. 

**Skill Changes [#heb80f26]
-Made Flame Wave and Cold Wave assignable to the left mouse button.
-Improved the physical damage of Lightning Inferno.
(Lightning Inferno is supposed to deal the same physical damage as its lightning damage, but Lightning Mastery hadn't worked for that.) 
--Old: Physical Damage = Lightning Damage before applying Lightning Mastery * (100 + Wind Mastery) / 100
--New: Physical Damage = Lightning Damage before applying Lightning Mastery * (100 + Wind Mastery + Lightning Mastery) / 100
(Here "Lightning Mastery" includes "+XX% to Lightning Skill Damage".)
-Improved the physical damage of Arctic Blast.
(Arctic Blast is supposed to deal the same physical damage as its cold damage, but Cold Mastery hadn't worked for that.) 
--Old: Physical Damage = Cold Damage before applying Cold Mastery * (100 + Wind Mastery) / 100
--New: Physical Damage = Cold Damage before applying Cold Mastery * (100 + Wind Mastery + Cold Mastery) / 100
(Here "Cold Mastery" includes "+XX% to Cold Skill Damage".)
-Increased the missile ranges of Nerco Vampires (20 -> 26.66 yards).
-Reduced the exlosion radius (yards) of following skills.
--Corpse Explosion: 2.66 + 0.22/lvl -> 2.66 + 0.16/lvl
--Death Sentry: 2.66 + 0.22/lvl -> 2.66 + 0.16/lvl
-Greatly Improved Poison Explosion.

**To Do [#xd1e3737]
|Physical Damage (Old)|12-24|+6|+9|+12|+18|+18|
|Physical Damage (New)|24-48|+12|+24|+36|+48|+48|
|Radius (yards) (Old)|>|>|>|>|>|4|
|Radius (yards) (New)|>|>|>|>|>|16|

Move a few more Waypoints into fixed locations. This is mostly to help players in no-rerunning tourneys. The most important one would be to move the Black Marsh WP to the entrance (like Cold Plains). The same for Stony Field would also be good. That would cut the very long stretch of Act 1 into manageable portions. 
Offhand I can't think of any other Act that needs this as bad, most others are already divided nicely. Maybe move the WP in the Far Oasis close to the exit (to Lost Farm). 
-Increased the aura damage of Protection From Evil. This is because PfE pulses only once in 3 seconds while Holy Auras pulse every second.

The new colored indication for Forging is great, this could be extended a bit. I would also like to have the affixes resorted a bit so the most important ones are at the top. Suggestion: 
Move the "Carry One" check line to the next spot (after Forging) and make it red. 
Next should be oskills, +to All Skills, +to Class Skills, +to Skilltab and +to Individual Skill(in that order). 
|Aura Magic Damage (Old)|2-6|+1.5|+3|+6|+12|+12|
|Aura Magic Damage (New)|3-10|+2.5|+5|+10|+20|+20|

I don't know if that is possible, but putting the Ancient's Way WP close to the Nakaru entrance or the Nakaru WP in a fixed location would be good. 
-Improved Enchant so that the enchanted units show an overlay animation.
(Enchant no longer turns the weapon red, because not all weapons can change the color, and changing some and not changing others is confusing.)

I remember reading that Mac user can't pick up a second unique charm (of the same type) because one can only pick up the second by puttingthe first in the shared stash. Would it be possible to make a tokenizing recipe that turned unique charms into a token (non-functional as a charm) and removed the carry 1 check?

***Crystal Recipes [#q9870502]
-Improve the stats of Kanji Runes.
(Add auto repair?)
-Kanji Runewords
-Kanji Rune Forging
-Increase the drop chance of Null Rune?
-Uber Forging
--Golden Anvils
-Oopart base items
-Crafted Charms
-Crafted Jewels
-Crystal socketable, morph
***Others [#x381bb5a]
:|(You can always know whether minions, mercs and characters are Enchanted,