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*Blackduck's Diary [#l1a0b426]


**My Profile [#peff1898]
I started D2 as early as 1.00 patch but to be honest the first times I played it more serioysly were at 1.10+ era. At some point I tried Eastern sun thanks to a friend of mine. I fell in love with the mod and thought that I would never return to LoD.

However I was a fool back then and I used to cheat every now and then with the game a little. Out of gold and still want some unique item? Just cheat some gold and gamble it. I didn't do any very big cheats unless doing some infinite rerolling with some uniques by using the read only tag on save files counts as one. In the end I got bored with the game and returned to LoD.

I played few ladders on b.net. After that I was fed up with bots that advertised some item shops and the endless grinding with bots that ran diablo and baal 24/7 and decided to stick with Single Player. That was lots of fun but when I was doing the 200th (or insert any "big" number) Diarun with my cheaply done hammerdin I remembered Eastern Sun and returned to it. I still have my old save files somewhere secured but I decided to start from fresh so I could say that everything is 100% legal.

My favourite class has always been Amazon so I created one. I though of making Dance of Death her main skill but at the end of NM I decided to drop that idea and stick with good old Strafe. I may make another amazon at some point but until I truly have a godly Strafer at my hands I won't be focusing on other characters too much.

**Tradelist [#o554d9e2]
Coming soon.
*** Blues only -ruleset [#c461e7f4]
- Always play with /players 8
- If you die you must save & exit and start all over from the last waypoint
- Only gray/white/blue items are allowed
- Runewords or gemwords are NOT allowed
- Runes, gems and magic jewels are allowed (as long as they don't form a rune- or gemword)
- Charms with sockets are banned except the Noob's or Veteran's Charm
- All quests must be finished including Nihlathak
- D.stoning, gem melding, forging or tinkering is NOT allowed
- Respeccing stats and skills is allowed but only once after finishing Den of Evil quest on each Difficulty (similarly as in LoD 1.13)
- Extra respec is earned after each time you beat Hell Baal

**My Diary [#lbcb6a64]

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***02-16-2013 [#f2ee6537]
After my long hiatus I've been honing my strafer's gear. Her bow now has 900% Enhanced Damage! I'm wondering how the Bonus damage to demons/undead mods work. Bonus on demons might be worth it as at least most of the act bosses are demons. Maybe the bosses in Naraku are too. (Haven't taken a look yet.)

I also remembered why I got bored of ES previously which is the fact that the most efficient way to farm Maple Leaves is to farm gold, gamble rings on a level 1 character, cube the rings into class specific unique rings and then turn those into Devil's Food.

I did farm 300-400M gold already and then I started leveling up another Amazon with my Strafer's gear. Guess that is just something else to do besides farming Dead End.

(I removed the tradelists from this page because they're out of date and I got most of my stuff what I want anyway.)

***04-11-2011 [#y6bffc9c]
I noticed that I had used wrong syntax with my previous entry in the date part. It was DD-MM-YYYY (which actually makes much more sense to me) when all the other entries are MM-DD-YYYY. I think this is just one of those localized things that differ in different countries. I don't know about details but I really hate all kind of crap like this that is not universal across our planet. Even metric system is not adopted in the USA and you never know when you should use "," as a decimal separator or ".". I really really hate things like this.[/whining]

I have slowed down with Eastern Sun a bit. Still I have started that frostmaiden I have always wanted to try out. Thanks to some twinking the game hasn't been too hard yet and she got her first death in the Bookstore Sarina (Nightmare /p8) when she got ambushed by two or three bosspacks and I wasn't interested in escaping by using esc.

In general she has been just as relaxed character as I thought. Most of the time I'm just nuking groups of helpless enemies into pieces. However it hasn't been completely smoothsailing. Single strong targets seem to be very tough with her. I don't really know what skill I should use against them (out of all the synergies) but currently I'm building up Cold Arrow which seems to get much higher damage overall with high enough skill levels. Also I still have some crap quality equipment on her and only few forgings have been done on her items so it shouldn't be that hard to achieve some significant increase in her power. Still I doubt that she won't be even half of a bosskiller as my strafer was with some easier to get equipment she had when she killed Baal on Hell for the first time.

Another issue that I have with her is that she uses so many arrows. With strafe I can play quite a while without running out but with my frostmaiden I have to refill the quiver very frequently. Sure it isn't that big job to cube it alone but it is annoying as hell. I certainly hope that in D3 all the quivers have infinite amount of arrows or bolts. (Yep. Demonhunter shall be my first pick when that game comes out.)

***04-01-2011 [#e768bf9f]
I'm into gold finding. Up to this date I've been too lazy to make a gold finder character but today I decided to finally make one. I started levelling up yet another amazon. At level 16 I started hesitating. I just couldn't force myself into playing through normal, nightmare and then hell all over again. I would end up with a level ~80 character with either cheap or mediocre gold find gear and no idea if she would be able to kill efficiently enough for my tastes (at least unless I transfer breeze's bow to her). I started pondering that maybe I should just get another gear set for breeze and use her for gold finding.

- She is level 100 so she gets much better gf from all the x/clvl gf mods
- No wasting time with playthrough and levelling up

- I might not want to respec her skill/stat point for each gearset swap so that part is going to be suboptimal at best
- She must stay in hell difficulty because she has a nice HoD farming map

I left my new amazon to act 1 and started looking the wiki for what I should wear. I ended up with some basic gear directly advertised in the playing tips -page. Thief, 2x Wealth, 2x Goldark's and 2x Elemental Jewel (d.stoned for more gold find). I use the same weapon and the teleport amulet I had. In total this gives me 2200% extra gold. While it is still far from what is the absolute maximum it has to be enough for me as I am not going to do any big investments anymore on that department unless it offers me some very significant benefits.

I did a single cow run. I forgot to change playercount to 7 so I didn't get that much from cows. While my results weren't that bad I was mildly disappointed. I started thinking if The Dead End would give me nice loot.

I wore my original gear back on and headed to Naraku. Teleporting to TDE was fast and painless. Then I swapped my gf equipment and cleared that area collecting around 800k. At that point I realized that I was playing on /p1. I did another run but this time with /p7 and oh boy... this time we are not kidding. In maybe 15 minutes I made more than 4M gold!

All in all I'm now all in for gold finding. At first I'm going to buy a big load of gems and then I'll reroll Jewels until I have filled breeze's mercenary and Lunarpillar with Knowledgeables.
***03-30-2011 [#c86c546b]
I continued my /p8 blues only -challenge. Last night I cleared my way to the point that I had saved Anya in NM. Today I continued and after a long and tedious crawl Nihlathak bit the dust. I skipped the Lister the Revenger due to lazyness and couldn't kill Nikartana because my damage wasn't big enough but gladly they are not a quest bosses so who cares. :P

In general it wasn't that bad. There was few harder parts but generally everything was doable if I just spent enough time on it. Poison sure is a wonderful thing.

I didn't really use my mercenary at all on nm difficulty but since my damage isn't going to rise much anymore I will really need Ancient's Call when I move on to Hell. Too bad I don't have any gear for a barb mercenary so I'll have to do some shopping. Of course I'll have to figure out what I want him to wear too.

Up to this point the rules of my challenge haven't been that hard. In general I like the thing how they make me think what affixes I want because I can't get them all from d.stoning or forging. For example I would never be looking for of Apprentice -suffix that gives 10% Faster Cast Rate but now I'm seriously thinking that X Ring of Apprentice might be one option for the theoritical ideal gear for me. Basically because on Hell teleporting around will be even more important just to stay alive when I'm trying to get through areas where I don't want kill enemies due to their high poison resistances/poison immunities.

Downside with my current ruleset seems to be that it does not limit stacking certain runes/gems/jewels. In hell it might be more balanced but up to this point A Rune (Damage Reduced by 12) has been way op. Also there is no restriction to the usage of Square Charms. One point of my rules is to bring players with different amount of wealth for twinking to the same line and not that many players have inventoryfull of good Square Charms. When keeping that in mind any character that gains damage from skill points would get godly if he had inventory filled with Squares for the right tab and socketed with knowledgeables. I suppose I'll add that line to my ruleset and then quietly remove the single 15 all resistances square charm I have in my inventory... :P
***03-28-2011 [#k4a942a5]
Breeze is now level 100. Thank you everyone who have shared their wisdom and given me advices. Also I'd like to thank you all those I have traded with. Without being able to trade things I wouldn't have had the will to grind her all the way to lvl 100.

After all that grinding I wanted to renew her equipment and get rid of the somewhat ugly Eternal Reign and Plague's Last Arrowhead. Sure they both are nice items but somehow I don't like runewords in ES and Plague's is somehow too... bland. First I thought about keeping Plagues and trying to trade LoD unique Atma's Scarab for her. However I found quite nice rare amulet that I had stashed a while back. The aura comes from aura forgings of course.


I don't really like to wait for my mercenary to do debuffing. She does fairly good job with full Waves of Ascension set but still I'd like to have some %CtC Amplify Damage in my own gear. Such a mod can spawn in weapons, rings and amulets so it works perfectly for me. Downside is that only ring in my possession that has such a mod is pretty weak 5% ctc +15 fire resistance magic one. On a good side it has plenty of room for d.stoning since it's level requirement is 10. For the time being I saved my d.stones and I'll try to obtain better CtC amplifier rings. I guess even magical ones would be fine if they had perfect mods which would be +1 All Skills and 6% CtC lvl 5 Amplify Damage.

Body armor was pretty big part too. I had stashed some interesting armors when I tried to roll that 6 socket blue armor with of Aurora suffix. Out of those options I chose 5 socket 7/25 shielding armor. It looks kind of cool (or plain ugly :F) but at least it gives me a nice chance and makes her to stick out in my character screen like a level 100 character should.


In general she got a bit gimped in the process of swapping few items, removing bow&crossbow square charms and totally overhauling her jewels. Strafe max damage dropped from ~51k to 45k and her life dropped from 4.6k to 3.9k. However I'm still quite happy with the outcome as it appears that she is still very strong character and she is now much more easier to equip with some of the final equipment when/if I actually obtain it at some point. I'm especially looking for in getting a body armor I'm happy to stick with so I could d.stone all the essentials into my body armor (mapling is cheaper for body armors since each stoning adds 3 and each mapling removes 2). These essentials include some faster cast rate (so I don't need jewels forged with fcr), +life % and enough resistances so that 10x Nexus Stars are enough with all the other gear to bring my resistances to 95.
***03-27-2011 [#fc83fe4d]
Busy day. Breeze is now well over half way from level 100 standing with 3595M xp. I also spent many hours gambling rings and turning them into Devil's Food and then killing DC over and over again. After 99 kills (I didn't plan on doing exactly that many but I ended up having 498 Devil's Food point in my stocker after I got enough of gambling) I had 10 more Maples to be used into her weapon in addition to many higher quality unique charms.

I was again very lucky with drops since I got around 15 unique charms and roughly half of them were those rare ones (which are now for sale in my trading section). I made an interesting note. While those 99 kills I obtained only 2 rare charms. IIRC they have around 30% drop rate so something was definitely wrong there. Doesn't really matter since the results were so nice for me but bleh. :P
***03-23-2011 [#vf711df3]
I'm doing updates way more often than I thought I would. I'll just have to write it down how nice drops I got from few (3 or 4) Hell /p8 Cowruns. First a perfect 15% Enhanced Defense Ethereal Plated Cuirass dropped. I already have similar Dragon Scale so this wasn't really a needed drop but I still have that much LoD knowledge lingering in my mind that this kind of piece of armor leaves a mark (well of course in LoD it wouldn't be that great armor because there you want to ethbug all ethereal armors but anyway). Sure you can d.stone those gray armors too but still a perfect start point makes me happy. Basically it would be enough in ES to hit a superior ethereal armor with any amount of Enhanced Defense for best results after d.stoning.

Right after finding that I found a plain Knowledgeable Jewel. Then Diablo Clone spawns and drops Yello Jello which nicely turned into yet another Maple Leaf to wait it when I find an Ancient Scroll #50. Well pretty much on the next run that #50 scroll dropped completing my scroll collection. After that I used all my Maples on my dualmax bow and it's damage popped from 74-704 to 106-800 after d.stoning ED with all the newly aqcuired room in Level Required. The effect wasn't as big as I was hoping in the lying character screen where my max damage raised from 42k to 45k. My min damage rised nicely though so I guess it was worth it. Now I just need dozens more of them.

I think that I'll go for the Enchant Sorceress at some point. The consept seems fun enough although I'm a bit worried about getting her damage high enough to fit the description I wrote earlier. I figured out that I can't avoid rerolling for rares with her either. While Demon Machine is a nice piece of equipment it is hardly impressive when comparing to something what a great rare could spawn with. A rare bow should also make her attacks much faster than 11f attack speed with Demon Machine. Some idea what such a bow could spawn with: Fires lvl 16 Exploding Arrows (Demon Machine has just lvl 6), 2-3 gem sockets (Demon Machine has 2) and some other random goodies I haven't really though that much. Only advantage on Demon Machine would be its quite high Pierce (66%) but that can be d.stoned if I can't obtain enough elsewhere.

If someone has done calculations on how high the explosion (fire) damage could get with such a sorceress with each arrow/bolt I'm certainly interested in hearing those. Basically she would have lvl 99 Enchant, lvl 99 Fire Mastery, maxed synergies, Protection from Fire (Greiz Legion / Fire Mage Mercenary), Holy Fire (lvl 16 if passively active from gear or *pretty high* if activated with RMB) and of course 400% Fire Damage from weapon + some bonus from Energy.

Edit: I did some Square Charm rolling after writing all the previous things. First charm needed 8 rerolls and I got a plain Passive & Magic which is exactly what I was looking for. Second Square needed ONE (1!) reroll and I got another Passive & Magic charm with a minor +0.5/clvl to Life side mod. At this point I was literally very excited about my luck. Third charm needed again just ONE reroll in order to spawn as a skiller (Necromancer Summoning so nothing too sweet but a skiller with one reroll is a skiller with just one reroll!). Fourth Square ate 20+ rerolls and I got one more Fire skiller for my Enchanter. Today is apparently a good day to spend all my wealth! Gladly I still have some points remaining. :)
***03-22-2011 [#n5f7b142]
Rolled 6 Square Charms. I still have few thousand gempoints and around 1.8k AD points remaining but I would have to do a lot of Tristram runs for Wirt's legs (6 for each charm) and also obtain magic jewels. Usually I just put them into my rerolling orb right away in order to reroll them into uniques (since I still need a lot of them). Converting 3->1 from magic points is of course possible since I could say that I'm trying to roll Knowledgeables but meh. Normal Cow level with my Holy Fire -sorceress tends to give me 3-4 jewels each run but I'm lazy.

I've been thinking that I could create a destruction machine at some point. Strafer is nice already though I'll still keep honing her for a long time. I'm eager to create something that doesn't strike too many hits but each of them would make a difference. Earth would shake on her (or his) steps and enemies in the whole screen will get obliterated when she releases her wrath. Is there such a build?

Elemental damage is a bit turn off but I suppose it is inevitable to use it if I want to do proper aoe damage. I can remember that I read some sort of kicker guide a long time ago and she was something I'm looking for (oneshotting big heaps of enemies with every buffed kick). Only problem is that I want her to be somewhat universal and Dragon Talon suffers badly from Physical OR Fire Immunes. All in all my options after going through all the skills listed on wiki:
- Dragon Tail assassin
- Freezing Arrow amazon
- Enchanter sorceress with Demon Machine (LoD unique)
- Fist of Heavens paladin

I'm not interested in:
- Casters (pretty much any other sorc than chanter, caster barbs, necromancers... Nova based builds might be ok but I doubt their damage potential is high enough even after very serious building up)
- Druids (they look silly imo)
- Trappers (too boring)

***03-21-2011 [#r623aa96]
Yesterday I spent a lot of time by doing Diaruns with my strafer. I realized that those weren't that bad for my xp although Baalruns would have granted better xp/time ratio. I've always liked Diaruns a lot more so just for the pure enjoyment they were a blast. Finally after hours of playing she heard that beloved sound that echoed across seas and mountains. She dinged 99. Just one more to go. I'm not going to plan when she claims that last powerup but I could imagine that 2-3 weeks is not too bad guess.

Now I have 2417 Ancient Decipherer and 17883 gem points (divided across all the different gem types). Let's see how many Squares I score with them. ;) I'm a bit tired though since I had to wake up pretty early this morning due to my studies so some of the rolling job might be saved for later.
***03-19-2011 [#w5ef19db]
Nihlathak went down  in normal so I started working on NM. I had a fun death at Radament. He poisoned me and the poison was so strong that it kept my health at 1 even if I drank potions. Unfortunately I had no purples on my belt. I was running away few monsters with one hp for quite a while until I met an unkilled skeleton mage who finally got me. It was pretty hilarious. Maybe I should finally put Tome of Town Portal under some hotkey.

I also grinded Baal a bit and my strafer is now nicely over halfway from level 99. Only 104M xp to go! After I got tired of Baal I farmed some Halls and ended up having around 1.6k decipherer points in my multistocker. I suppose that I'll make new Square Charms at some point to burn those points.

***03-18-2011 [#j09464bc]
Main thing: I updated my tradelist by adding some more charms for sale and adding some jewels on my needlist.

It has been a bit calm for me in the D2 world. I've been busy with other things and Dragon Age 2. Pretty much all I've done is few Baalruns and I've kept the game on for DC walks.

Before I started this slower period I got a bit tired of playing my strafer. Not too tired but I was in need of something new. I was resistant to start another character as (s)he would inevitably eat some resources. In the end I came up with a somewhat challening game mode to play with. I'm not familiar with all the tournaments that are held at the Phrozen Keep but I believe that at least to some extend this is a bit similar thing but without scores of any kind.

Anyway. Here is what I came up with:
- Always play with /players 8
- If you die you must save & exit and start all over from the last waypoint
- Only gray/white/blue items are allowed
- Runewords or gemwords are NOT allowed
- Runes, gems and magic jewels are allowed (as long as they don't form a rune- or gemword)
- All quests must be finished including Nihlathak
- D.stoning, gem melding, forging or tinkering is NOT allowed
- Respeccing stats and skills is allowed but only once after finishing Den of Evil quest on each Difficulty (similarly as in LoD 1.13)
- Extra respec is earned after each time you beat Hell Baal

With these rules in mind I created an Amazon. Restriction of blues should keep me from burning too much decipherer points into her. I was able to beat Baal on normal but when I ventured to Naraku I was getting rather cold welcome there. I had to use my first respec at that point. I swapped to Viper Bite / Plague Javelin. With these Reziarfg was easy but the witches (or whatever they are called) slaughtered me and I was too tired to try again. I've earned some life charms after that so I suppose that I could try again...

Till the next update.
***03-05-2011 [#u7abacc0]
I thought that I could do some rerolling since I figured out yesterday that I want to wear more rares with oskills and auras. I burned all what my gemcan contained and got an ugly rare with +4 to Oak Sage. I decided to put it to test. Before wearing it I did all the preparations: unsocket and unforge my old belt etc. When I tried to do sockets to that belt I was stunned. It only got 1 socket! Quickly I headed to the ES database to check if I did some sort of error with the recipe and found out that rare belts only get one gemsocket.

I thought that a good magic with two sockets can easily beat bad rares with just one. So I headed to act 1 where Charsi was eager to serve me. I ended up hitting +14 to Shadow Master and +7 to Oak Sage belts which both I must test out later. Oak Sage would be nice but if they die too easily then I'll definitely want to go with a Shadow Master that would grant me slightly more safety by being a third melee tank. Not really needed but whatever.

So now that I was in the world of magic items I started checking the padded armors and other act 1 items that Charsi has to offer. Slowly I got an idea: I could buy those hard to get of Aurora -items by buying them from vendors!

First of all the main idea was to buy some lightweight low strength requirement armor and helm with four gem sockets and one of the following auras: Defiance, Cleansing and Vigor. If I would scrap Sorrow body armor I could use my own body armor and helm slots for these aura items. Also my mercenary's helmslot was occupied by Animal Friend so it could be replaced with something else as well. With these three auras I could drop Hermes' Gift and get something else instead of it. I don't know really what but something.

After a bit of teleporting around Charsi I had this idea of having Titania Crown as the base item for my helm so I could get some extra staffmods along the sockets and aura. I started checking different vendors and finally the second last npc to check had Titania Crowns for sale. Even better he stood right next to town entrance so rerolling his stock was easy. After a short while I was breathless. No. I did not find 4 socket, lvl 12 Defiance, +3 Valkyrie, +3 Strafe, +3 Slow Missiles Titania Crown. I saw Jewelers Archmage Robe with 5 empty gem sockets.

Quick look at database revealed that some armors can indeed spawn with 5 sockets. Actually some can spawn even with SIX sockets! After this shocking finding I spent like 7 hours trying to find 4s helm or 6s body armor without being that lucky. I picked up some almost nice plain lvl ~10 aura items which I now wear. In the end my ISO list is a bit more cooler with few Magic items.

***03-04-2011 [#qfd7df5d]
Created this file, wrote some stuff to my profile and went to bed. It was 5:14 am after all. =.=

**Comment [#wcdbd870]
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