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**Daishi_GD [#t07a16d0]
[[Aku - Druid>Hall_Aku]] : Charged Claw Werewolf

**Character Intro and Overview [#ydc7d683]
Aku is easily one of the strongest characters I have ever made. Hell difficulty in a 1-8 player game felt no different then Normal in a 1 player game. It got very boring very fast honestly.
With blinding attack speed and massive damage this druid with Charged Claws is a berserker to be feared on the battle field.

**Stats and Attributes [#r6fb0e71]

100 Strength base
The rest went into Vitality.
**Skills [#wcc0880d]
Base Skills:
Iron Claws: Base 25
Fire Claws: Base 25
Charged Claws:Base 20
Werewolf: 1 Point
Elemental Form: 1 Point
Winter Fury: 1 Point (Level 48)
Arctic Blast: 1 Point
Cow Balloon: Base 30
Oak Sage: Base 13
Heart of Wolverine: 1 Point
Spirit of Barbs: 1 Point
Conviction oskill: +10 ArchDimeron Gemword. (Level 37)
Shadow Master oskill: +3 Smiffstone Unique Jewel (Level 30)
Valkyrie oskill: +3 Larias' Licentious Lament Jewel (Level 30)
**Equipment [#t3b89b2c]
Saiyajin+Tortured Souls in off hand purely for teleport.
Jewels in my Gear+Charms:
6x  -5% Sescheronya's Spark Unique Jewel
1x Larias' Licentious Lament Unique Jewel
1x Smiiiff Stone Unique Jewel
1x Jindujun Unique Jewel
5x +4% to Lightning Skill Damage Magic Jewels.

Hail of Bolts was easily the weapon of choice for this druid. The low level requirement and super fast speed made me extremely fast with his claw swipes. 
A level 0 +11 magic jewel is inside the Hail of Bolts. Just so I could forge it with +1 Shapeshifting Skills without adding more levels to the Lvl 1 Hails of Bolts.
Stormshield has Jindujun Unique Jewel for damage, and a +4% Lightning Damage Skiller.

The Beast Loop rare ring is a very important item to this build seeing as Lightning Mastery added at least 30k more damage.

Gloves + Boots + Belt are all the same.
I would exchange Zeus for Rumors of Pain now*
&ref(Zeus.jpg); &ref(ArchDimeron.jpg);
**Merc and Merc Equipment [#zafdb318]
Act5 Offensive. Ancients Call mercenary are priceless. 
Also Iron Thimble/Ring of Vengeance/Beads of Guardian
Herculean Grip gloves. Girdle of Giant Strength. 
Rare boots with CTC level 25 Shiver armor for defense.

**Comments [#r1c8d37b]
- thx for guide enjoying the char -- [[Willson]] &new{04-23-2015 (Thu) 13:12:53};
- ZmwRaJLbeMKueOq -- [[hdqqzhentgf]] &new{02-06-2014 (Thu) 12:52:30};
- Minor Edit. Changed images to host off Miyoshino -- [[Daishi_GD]] &new{10-29-2009 (Thu) 19:52:03};

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