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*Connie - Assassin [#c1c36c51]
*Carrie - Assassin [#c1c36c51]


**Character Intro and Overview [#e9e4e275]

Carrie was my character for the Obsession II tournament on the forums, and all the effort I put into her build really paid off, netting me a second-place finish in the event. She was my most powerful character even before the tournament ended, and now she's become even stronger thanks to the lack of restrictions. I've poured a ton of wealth into making this character, and it shows - she has conquered everything in the game in Hell without a single death, Domain included, on P8.

**Stats and Attributes [#i4196324]
The stats are very simple - every stat point went into Strength because of tourney restrictions. This gave her a huge Strength score end-game, and I worked hard to boost her Life immensely too. Fully buffed, she's got nearly 11k Life all total and is pushing 150k damage.


**Skills [#ref18b19]
(All points are base values.)
Blade Shield: 30
Blade Sentinel: 25
Cold Blast: 8
Dragon Blade: 25 
Melee Mastery: 30
Shuriken/Iaigiri: 1

Carrie's skills are simple and to the point - damage, and lots of it. Dragon Blade's hitting close to 150k after buffs, and Blade Sentinel hits around 9 - 25k. That, combined with ridiculous life leech, means that I can essentially walk into 99% of mobs and just start swinging without worry.

**Equipment [#fc75de54]


Big life, because I needed it. That was the whole reason behind this choice.



Man, did I get lucky with this rare. +3 Shadow Disciplines AND Amplify Damage? The only thing that would've made it better would've been +1 All or +2 Assassin.



Love the 150% damage from Tasselhoff's - it's just one great reason of many to pick this set.



Oh boy, is this thing great. This weapon had everything I wanted, and the fact that it was self-found and made makes it even sweeter.



Just something to fill in the gaps. I have a great love of these gloves for the massive life steal and other mods.



Killjoy's fits the bill here - both my rings are Killjoy's, in fact. The mods were just too good to pass up, even for a good rare or craft, considering that survival came first.



Tasselhoff's for the set. Nothing more to say here.



Same as above.



Lots of nice charms here - I spent a lot of Elixirs making these charms for the sockets, and I don't regret it at all.


**Merc and Merc Equipment [#mc5046c8]
Coming soon...

**Comments [#l236f822]
- hell yeah... i may try some different items from tasselhoff's, but it won't match up to this vivacious vixen. -- [[will]] &new{02-15-2009 (Sun) 06:06:10};
- A great character, Nightfire and a nice, new entry to the Hall of Fame. -- [[Metro]] &new{02-02-2009 (Mon) 18:04:25};

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