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**Concept [#ca1bab3f]
The Bowler/Summoner is basically a caster who uses molten boulder to deal damage, but invested some points in Raven to get a lot of summons. Oak Sage and Battle Orders make himself and the summons even tougher. The summons are not expected to do much damage, but having Annihilation aura of course helps. The Bowler/Summoner also uses Elemental Form and Shapeshifting Mastery to get more life. 

This concept isnt new, the newest description on the phrozenkeep ES forum about this build is the Uber Druid from Logger120. 

**Base Stats [#zc93c092]
Its possible to invest points in str and dex for items and block, but its better to get str and dex from items. 

**Skills [#qcad3a82]
Its necessary to get all summons up to Summon Elemental and Oak Sage, Shapeshifting Mastery and Elemental Form, but since these skills are not required as synergies, its possible to get them from items. Another useful druid skill to get from items is Cyclone Armor. 
Elemental skills
:Volcano 30
:Molten Boulder 25
:Firestorm 20
Summoning skills
:Raven 24

remaining points can be invested in the following skills: 
Summons (Spirit Wolf, Dire Wolf, Elemental, Oak Sage)
Cow Baloon (for more Oak sages)
Fire Maul and prereqs

**Equipment [#u73749a9]
The most important stats for equipment are stats which boost the damage of molten boulder: +all skills, +druid skills, +elemental skills, +fire skill damage, -fire resist.
Other desirable mods are fast cast, +life, +summoning skills. 
as Oskills, the most important ones are Fire Mastery, Conviction, and Battle Orders. 
as Aura on equip, Annihilation helps the summons most, either Aura forge the ammy or give the merc a weapon with Annihilation on equip. 

:Weapon1|Druid Elemental starter weapon, dstoned with +fire skill damage 	
:Weapon2|Druid Summoning starter weapon 
:Helm|ArchDimeron gemword 	
:Shield|Rare or druid craft reflection shield with +all skills and increased block chance
:Gloves|Runefusion or Hearthrand Gauntlets

**Hirelings [#c432ff74]
Mercs should get most Aura on equip gear and some gear with ctc curses (Amplify damage or Decrepify). 
:Type|Act 1 Rogue (Fire) Can activate CtC curses and slow effects best
:Type|Act 2 Desert Mercenary (Conviction) Frees the helmet slot
:Type|Act 3 Iron Wolf (Fire) PfF Aura increases fire skill damage

**Strategy & Tips [#na0a027b]
The +summoning skill weapon slot is used to cast all the summons in town, the other weapon slot is used to cast elemental skills. 

Molten Boulder can be used while in Elemental Form, which provides a big life/def boost. 

Volcano is a good skill to cast when there are monsters on the other side of an obstacle or a river. 


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