*Changes in ES 3.00 R4D [#b384e652]
**Bug Fixes [#k7056292]
-Fixed the bug that no Fire and Lightning Vampires are summoned.

**To Do [#hfe6eb44]
***Balance Changes [#wc25b0c6]
-Reduce the number of Tatarashi and Matagi in a group.
(Slightly ncrease the damage of Firestorm of Tatarashi.)
-Reduce the chance for monsters in GFraizer Dome to use Charge.
-Reduce the AR bonus of monster's Charge.
-Prohibit PI monster bosses from having Stone Skin property.

***Monster Drop Changes [#n44300bd]
-Make the drop of 5 super uniques in Nihlathak's Domain as good as Baal's.
-Implement the Crystals (the name isn't final) and Crystal Can.
(Most of Crystal recipes will be implemented in R4E or later, but you can start to collect Crystal.)

***Skill Changes [#ka9bbdf8]
-Merge the statuses used by passive skills as possible to reduce the total statuses used, which may reduce the crash in multiplayer games. 
-Improve Inferno Sentry. Replace the skill with Teeth, Hell's Gate or Bone Wave.
-Change the set morph bonuses to oskills like werefroms?
--Allow to use wereform skills when morphed.
--Abolish and refund the morph charms?

***Item Changes [#bf7aeef1]
-Try to fix the wrong total damage display with "Damage XXX-XXX" mod.

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