*Changes in ES 3.00 R4G [#mb304942]
-If you have any &color(red){Moprhing Charms};, please see [[here:http://miyoshino.la.coocan.jp/eswiki/?ChangesInR4G#ka278a69]].
-If you have any &color(red){BlackMage's Knucklebones};, please see [[here:http://miyoshino.la.coocan.jp/eswiki/?ChangesInR4G#g7fa5ca6]].
**Bug Fixes [#fd735ad9]
-Fixed the typos in the strings.
-Fixed the input materials of Secret Recipe 7.
-Fixed the bug that Anvil Stones are shown in the color of the next stored item in Multi Stocker.
-Fixed the bug that some cube recipes accept some unintended inputs.
-Fixed the description of Runetool about RW Sorrow on weapons (EDef -> EDam).
-Cleaned up the death animation of Knuckleballer.
-Updated RW Soul Stealer (+500 To Mana -> (6/clvl) +6-600 To Mana) which was announced but not implemented.
-Prohibited rerolling tokens because rerolled tokens can't be untokenized.
-Fixed the bug that Iaigiri's damage bonus doesn't work correctly.
-Removed the walkable areas behind the northeast town wall of Nihlathak's Domain, so that monsters won't teleport there.
-Removed Pitching Machines in Bill Roper Memorial Ballpark, because they seems bugged and sometimes resurrect for unknown reasons.

**Recipe Changes [#f049f0f5]
-Added Multi Stocker shortcut recipes.
--Unidentified Ancient Scroll + Multi Stocker -> Reduces 1 Decipherer, Identifies Ancient Scroll
--Multi Stocker + Unique Charm + Key + Any Rejuv Potion -> Adds 1 Maple Leaf 
--Multi Stocker + Perfect Gem + Key -> Reduces 32 Decipherers, Adds 1 Anvil Stone
--Multi Stocker + 12 Perfect Gems + Ancient Scroll 26 -> Reduces 4 Anvil Stones, Adds 1 Maple Leaf
-Upper/Ethereal uniques and set items yield more Decipherer points.
--Multi Stocker + Elite Unique/Set -> Adds 2 Decipherers
--Multi Stocker + Exceptional Unique/Set -> Adds 1 Decipherer
--Multi Stocker + Normal Unique/Set -> Adds 1/2 Decipherer
--If the piece is ethereal, the added decipherers are doubled.
--The old recipe %%%"2 pieces of Unique/Set + Key -> Decipherer" is abolished%%%.
-Disabled removing Merc Only Conversion applied on Runeworded items, because it destroys runes and corrupts the base item.
(Merc Only Conversion recipe doesn't work on Runeworded items in the current patch, because it proved you need to apply Merc Only Conversion %%%before you make the runeword%%%, or the conversion is lost when you unsocket the runes.)
--This means you can unsocket the rune from Runeworded items you applied Merc Only Conversion in an older version of ES, to reuse the runes and base item, but there is no way to get the Anvil Stone and P-Gem refunded.
-Added a recipe to remove socket from Unique and Set Jewelry. This is because Unique and Set Jewelry if it has a socket.
--Unique/Set Jewelry with a socket + Socket Donut + Thawing Potion -> Romoves the socket (Soket Donut is refunded.)
-Added following recipes. These recipes don't work for Cow King Set.
--3 Set Weapons/Armor of the same base item -> Unique item of the same base item
--3 Unique Weapons/Armor of the same base item -> Set item of the same base item
-Added a refund recipe for Mophing Charms which were aboloshed in this version.
--Morphing/Broken Charm -> Perfect Gem

**Skill Changes [#ga193cbf]
-The cap of the life reduction effect of Static Field is changed. This is because monster's Static Field is too deadly in lower difficulties.
--In Normal: 10% -> 20%
--In Nightmare: 20% -> 30%
--In Hell: 40% (not changed)
-The cap of the duration of Time Stop is changed (11 -> 10 seconds).
-Reduced the bonus of Elemental Masteries for actual points (75 -> 55%).
-Increased the missile speed of Druid Firestorm by 50% (8 -> 12). This also increases the missile range.
-Reduced the synergies of Pyre Javelin, Frost Javelin and Plague Javelin by 2%.
-The Poison Length of Viper Bite is fixed at 2 seconds.
-Rebalanced the mana cost of following skills:
--Jab: 2 + 0.25/lvl -> 3 (fixed like other fast attack skills)
--Fend: 5 -> 4
--Dragon Talon: 6 -> 4 (equal to Fend's mana cost)
--Psychic Slash: 10 -> 8 + 0.25/lvl
--Fists of Fire: 3 -> 2 + 0.125/lvl
--Claws of Thunder: 4 -> 2 + 0.125/lvl
--Blades of Ice: 2 -> 2 + 0.125/lvl
--Cold Wave: 16 + 1/lvl -> 18 + 0.75/lvl (equal to Flame Wave's mana cost)
--Double Swing: 1 - 0.125/lvl -> 1
--Frenzy: 1.5 -> 2 (equal to Dragon Claw's mana cost)
--Concentrate: 2 -> 2 + 0.125/lvl (equal to Iaigiri's mana cost)
--Winter Fury: 30 + 2/lvl -> 30 + 1.5/lvl
--Killer Scythe: 5 -> 4 (equal to Fend's mana cost)
--Bone Spirit: 16 + 2/lvl -> 16 + 1/lvl
--Hell's Gate: 25 + 1.5/lvl -> 20 + 1/lvl
--Poison Nova: 20 + 0.5/lvl -> 14 + 1/lvl
--Bone Wave: 32 + 2/lvl -> 32 + 1.5/lvl
--Zeal: 2 -> 4 (equal to Fend's mana cost)
--Charge: 9 -> 6
--Holy Bolt: 2 + 0.0625/lvl -> 2
--Vengence: 4 + 0.25/lvl -> 4
--Arrow of Confession: 1.5 + 0.125/lvl -> 2
--Sacred Piercer: 2.25 + 0.125/lvl -> 2 + 0.125/lvl
--Summon Anointed Bear: 40 + 2/lvl -> 40 + 3/lvl (equal to Summon Water Elemental' mana cost)
--Twister: 7 + 1/lvl -> 7 + 0.5/lvl
--Frozen Orb: 25 + 0.5/lvl -> 21 + 1/lvl
--Chilling Armor: 11 -> 11 + 0.5/lvl
--Shock Armor: 11 -> 11 + 0.5/lvl
--Fire Armor: 11 -> 11 + 0.5/lvl
--Fissure: 15 -> 13 + 0.5/lvl
--Fanatic Swing: 2 -> 4 (equal to Fend's mana cost)
--Teleport: 12 - 0.375/lvl -> 12 - 0.125/lvl
-Increased the fire damage of Wake of Fire Sentry by 33%.

|Fire Damage (R4G)|8-16|+4|+8|+12|+18|+18|
|Fire Damage (R4F)|6-9|+3|+6|+9|+12|+12|

-Improved Steam Sentry. Changed the damage calculation from per second to per hit.

|Magic Damage %%%per hit%%% (R4G)|10-20|+5|+10|+15|+20|+20|
|Magic Damage per second (R4F)|9-18|+9|+18|+27|+36|+36|


-Changed following Druid melee skill names back to the LoD one.
--Double Smash -> Maul
--Fire Maul -> Fire Claws

-Allowed Druid melee skills to be used in more forms.

|Skills|Allowed forms to use the skill|h
|Iron Claws|All (including human form)|
|Fire Claws|All (including human form)|
|Charged Claws|All (including human form)|
|Feral Rage|Werewolf, Trent, Waves Mage|
|Fury|Werewolf, Trent, Waves Mage|
|Maul|Elemental, Trent, Diablo|
|Shock Wave|Elemental, Trent, Diablo|
|Rabies (not changed)|Werewolf|
|Hunger (not changed)|Werewolf, Elemental|

**Item Changes [#ud924939]
-Gambling Chits now show the output ilvl.
-Ancient Coupons now show the correct socket/skill bonus.
-Made Devil's Food cheaper (6 -> 5 Devil's Food points).

**Set Item Changes [#ka278a69]
 Set bonus changes are also applied to existing items, but individual bonus changes aren't.

-Added an oskill for morphing as a full set bonus of each morphing sets.
--&color(red){The morphing charms no longer work. You get refunded the P-Gem by cubing the charms.};
--These skills work like Druid Werewolf and Elemental Form.
--The duration is fixed at 20 minutes.
--The animation speed is improved. (Faster run, walk, attack, cast, etc.)
--The bonuses haven't been finished. As a placeholder, "Increase Max Life 20%" is given to each form.
--Now you can lay traps in some morphed forms.
--Now you can use some Druid wereform melee skills in some morphed forms.
--Changed the graphics of Waves Set to Female Vampire.
--Changed the graphics of Danarak Set to Treant.
--Changed the graphics of Arion Set to Komusume.
--Added the morphing bonus to Griffith Set (Green Knight).

|Set Name|Graphics|A1|A2|SC|GH|BL|WL|RN|Trap|DruSkill|Remarks|h
|Diablo Set|Diablo|16|20|-|-|9|16|22|yes|some||
|Waves Set|Female Vampire|16|16|16|6|-|18|10|yes|some||
|Ihsan Set|Black Izual|16|16|16|6|-|10|10|yes|||
|Kain Set|Black Knight|16|16|-|6|-|13|10||||
|Sarevok Set|Black Knight|16|16|-|6|-|13|10||||
|Danarak Set|Treant|15|15|-|10|-|20|10||some||
|Nature Set|Treant|15|15|-|10|-|20|10||some||
|Lich Set|Lich|16|16|14|7|-|18|14||||
|Brother Set|Goat Lord|16|16|-|5|-|18|10||||
|Griffith Set|Green Knight|16|16|-|6|-|13|10||||
|Jade Set|Stygian Fury|16|16|-|5|-|9|9||||
|Arion Set|Komusume|16|16|-|8|-|11|10||||
|Cow King Set|Cow King|18|18|-|5|-|11|8||||
|Elemental Form||14|14|17|6|6|12|17||||

--A1, A2: Base frame for Attack1 and Attack2. Smaller is better.
--SC: Base frame for Spell Cast. If none, (perhaps) A1 is used.
--GH: Base frame for Hit Recovery. If none, the unit doesn't get into Hit Recovery.
--BL: Base frame for Blocking. If none, the unit doesn't show Block Animation.
--WL, RN: Base frame for Walk and Run.

-Removed RIP from the full set bonus of Motoko Set and added RIP to Motoko's Power (Amulet), so that players can remove it.
-Changed following partial (gold) set bonuses.
--Planet Set: "+50% Enhanced Damage" (4 item bonus) -> (3 item bonus)
--Waves Set: "8% Mana Stolen Per Hit" (4 item bonus) -> (3 item bonus)
--Wrathamon Set: "+20 Life After Each Kill" (4 item bonus) -> (3 item bonus)
--Kain Set: "Magic Damage Reduced By 10" (4 item bonus) -> (3 item bonus)
--Darkshade Set: "(6/clvl) +6-600 To Attack Rating" (4 item bonus) -> (3 item bonus)
-Added socket(s) to following low level set shields.
--Stormshield: Gem Socket (1)
--Kain's Sentinel: Gem Socket (2)
--Hsarus' Iron Fist: Gem Socket (1)
--Milabrega's Orb: Gem Socket (1)
--Tara's Mirror: Gem Socket (1)
-Lowered the level and level requirement of some generic sets.
--Diablo Set: req lvl 30 -> 25
--Planet Set: req lvl 40 -> 35
--Waves Set: req lvl 50 -> 45
--Shepherd Set: level 70 -> 65

**Unique Item Changes [#g7fa5ca6]
-Replaced "+10-13 To Soul Shiver" on BlackMage's Knucklebone (Unique Necromancer's Stone) with "+10-13 To Fire Armor".
--Oskill Soul Shiver no longer works to avoid a bug of D2.
--&color(red){You can reset the oskill bonus of your BlackMage's Knucklebone by cubing twice.};
---The first time all oskills are removed.
---The second time "+10-13 To Fire Armor" is added.
---This recipe works only once per item.
---This recipe also works with a new BlackMage's Knucklebone spawned with oskill Fire Armor. (This behavior isn't intended, but you can expliot it to reroll the level of oskill Fire Armor.)
-Unique Stag Bows, Ashwood Bows and Matriarchal Bows now show the oroginal inventory graphics. This is because the unique Short War Bow graphics (2x3), which Blizzard assigned for the unique Matriarchal Bows, is too small for Stag Bows (2x4).

**Runeword Changes [#madc9e18]
 Runetool doesn't contain the Runeword changes in R4G. I'll update when I can borrow MS-Access. :) 
**Suffix Changes [#cc0daf2c]
-Prohibited all CtC on Striking suffixes on staves and wands.
-Prohibited life bonus suffixes on blunt weapons other than staves and wands.
-Allowed "of the Tank" suffix to rares.

**Monster/Drop Changes [#x0557b76]
-Chaos Sanctuary seal bosses and seal monsters are changed as follows:
--Renamed Hellspawns as Hell Rockers.
--Renamed Hellspawn boss as Black Jade.
--Renamed Death Knights as Warlord of Blood.
--Renamed Death Knight boss as Sir Gorash.
--Replaced Hiddens with Leoric's Knight (non-boss King Leoric).
--All non-boss seal monsters drop up to 3 items of semi-boss quality.

**Map Changes [#u31cbf49]
-Teleport is prohibited in some areas.
--Forgotten Tower Level 5: No Teleport across the walls.
--Catacomb Level 4: No Teleport across the walls.
--Hall of the Dead Level 2: No Teleport across the walls.
--Durance of Hate Level 3: No Teleport across the walls.
--Chaos Sanctuary: No Teleport.

**Misc Changes [#e8eb3c29]
-Changed the remarks in statsinterface.txt from Japanese to English.

**To Do [#t9c751cc]
-Implement the Crystals (the name isn't final) and Crystal Can.

***Monster Changes [#i524dd70]
-Adjust the monsters' level in Act 3 special areas in Normal difficulty.
-Improve the Super Unique in Dark Magician's Chamber.

***Skill Changes [#va041f05]
-Merge the states used by passive skills as possible to reduce the total states used, which may reduce the crash in multiplayer games.

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