*Carried over to R4G or later [#r7097f2e]
**To Do [#t9c751cc]

***Map Changes [#j0901107]
-Add some shortcut in Naraku?
-Reallocate Nihlathak from Nihlathak's Domain to some easy area?
(Make Nihlahak in Nihlathak's Domain non-quest related like uber Diablo?)
***Monster Changes [#i524dd70]
-Adjust the monsters' level in Act 3 special areas in Normal difficulty.
-Improve the Super Unique in Dark Magician's Chamber.
***Monster Drop Changes [#kdff5ed1]
-Implement the Crystals (the name isn't final) and Crystal Can.

***Skill Changes [#va041f05]
-Merge the states used by passive skills as possible to reduce the total states used, which may reduce the crash in multiplayer games. 
-Improve Inferno Sentry. Replace the skill with Teeth, Hell's Gate or Bone Wave.
-Change the set morph bonuses to oskills like werefroms?
--Allow to use wereform skills when morphed.
--Abolish and refund the morph charms?

***Item Changes [#de4d9ce9]
-Try to fix the wrong total damage display with "Damage XXX-XXX" mod.
//+1 To Chk(skill): +1 To TestStat(stat)
//Chk passive vit-h, -900*(TestStat>1)
//siro sash up dekinai?
//cpn ucha drop
//wiki skin naosu
//a	1	1-2	1-3	1-6
//b	0	0-1	0-1	0-3
//c	0	0	0-1	0-2
//	1	2	3	6
//	5	5	2	1

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