*Changes in ES 3.00 R4G [#mb304942]
**Bug Fixes [#fd735ad9]
-Fixed the typos in the strings.
-Fixed the input materials of Secret Recipe 7.
-Fixed the bug that Anvil Stone is shown in the color of the next stored item in Multi Stocker. 

**Recipe Changes [#f049f0f5]
-Added Multi Stocker shortcut recipes.
--Unidentified Ancient Scroll + Multi Stocker -> Reduces 1 Decipherer, Identifies Ancient Scroll
--Multi Stocker + Unique Charm + Key + Any Rejuv Potion -> Adds 1 Maple Leaf 
--Multi Stocker + Perfect Gem + Key -> Reduces 32 Decipherers, Adds 1 Anvil Stone
--Multi Stocker + 12 Perfect Gems + Ancient Scroll 26 -> Reduces 4 Anvil Stones, Adds 1 Maple Leaf
-Upper/Ethereal uniques and set items yield more Decipherer points.
--Multi Stocker + Elite Unique/Set -> Adds 2 Decipherers
--Multi Stocker + Exceptional Unique/Set -> Adds 1 Decipherer
--Multi Stocker + Normal Unique/Set -> Adds 1/2 Decipherer
--If the piece is ethereal, the added decipherers are doubled.
--The old recipe %%%"2 Uniques/Set Pieces + Key -> Decipherer" is abolished%%%.
-Disabled removing Merc Only Conversion applied on Runeworded items, because it destroys runes and corrupts the base item.
(Merc Only Conversion recipe doesn't work on Runeworded items in the current patch, because it proved you need to apply Merc Only Conversion %%%before you make the runeword%%%, or the conversion is lost when you unsocket the runes.)
--This means you can unsocket the rune from Runeworded items you applied Merc Only Conversion in an older version of ES, to reuse the runes and base item, but there is no way to get the Anvil Stone and P-Gem refunded.

**Skill Changes [#ga193cbf]
-The cap of the life reduction effect of Static Field is changed. This is because monster's Static Field is too deadly in lower difficulties.
--In Normal: 10% -> 20%
--In Nightmare: 20% -> 30%
--In Hell: 40% (not changed)

**To Do [#t9c751cc]
-Fix Acid Rain so that the effect +XX% to Poison Skill Damage is correctly displayed.
-Mana Cost bone spirit vengeance
-Hell Spawn
-statsinterface remarks 
-knucklebone soul shiver
-prohibit token reroll
-soulstealer not fixed

-runetool sorrow for weapon EDef -> EDam

***Map Changes [#j0901107]
-Add some shortcut in Naraku?
-Reallocate Nihlathak from Nihlathak's Domain to some easy area?
(Make Nihlahak in Nihlathak's Domain non-quest related like uber Diablo?)
***Monster Changes [#i524dd70]
-Adjust the monsters' level in Act 3 special areas in Normal difficulty.
-Improve the Super Unique in Dark Magician's Chamber.
***Monster Drop Changes [#kdff5ed1]
-Implement the Crystals (the name isn't final) and Crystal Can.

***Skill Changes [#va041f05]
-Merge the states used by passive skills as possible to reduce the total states used, which may reduce the crash in multiplayer games. 
-Improve Inferno Sentry. Replace the skill with Teeth, Hell's Gate or Bone Wave.
-Change the set morph bonuses to oskills like werefroms?
--Allow to use wereform skills when morphed.
--Abolish and refund the morph charms?

***Item Changes [#de4d9ce9]
-Try to fix the wrong total damage display with "Damage XXX-XXX" mod.
//+1 To Chk(skill): +1 To TestStat(stat)
//Chk passive vit-h, -900*(TestStat>1)
//a	1	1-2	1-3	1-6
//b	0	0-1	0-1	0-3
//c	0	0	0-1	0-2
//	1	2	3	6
//	5	5	2	1

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